LUMS Accepting GAT for MBA Admissions


LUMS Accepting GAT for MBA

A good news for aspirants of LUMS (Lahore University of Management and Sciences) admissions is that LUMS is now accepting NTS GAT (General) for admission in MBA, EMBA and PhD in Management programs. Previously, it was accepting only GMAT or GRE test that were not only quite expensive, but also very difficult. Recently, LUMS admission committee has decided to accept NTS GAT (General) test score in replacement to GRE or GMAT. So, you don’t need to take GRE or GMAT any longer, if you have excellent score in NTS GAT (General). After this good announcement, many questions may come in mind of an applicant. In this page, we will try to address those questions.

Why LUMS is accepting GAT for MBA?

Basically, the aim is to encourage people from middle-class and lower-class to apply at LUMS confidently. Although its MBA program fee is beyond the purchasing power of middle class or lower class people, LUMS offers 100% need based scholarships for its students who cannot afford the academic fee. This means that people from low background can apply at LUMS confidently. GAT test fee is approximately 30 times less than GRE test fee, that encourage people from middle class to apply at LUMS with financial-aid. In fact, approximately 80% of its students get need-based scholarships or interest free loan to finance their academic fee. Secondly, the aim is to enhance the applicants pool, which helps the admission committee to short-list candidates who have leadership potential, irrespective of their financial position.

Moreover, GRE and GMAT tests are quite difficult and require more stamina to attempt. GRE and GMAT test are continuously 4 hours long tests that has discouraged thousands of people to take GRE or GMAT and apply for LUMS admission. However, after this announcement of accepting NTS GAT score, almost all interested people can apply for LUMS admissions. GAT (General) test is relatively less difficult and requires less stamina. GAT test is only 2 hours long, which is quite manageable. Furthermore, GRE preparation or GMAT preparation is much hectic as compared to GAT preparation.

Finally, GAT (General) is the most recognized and famous test in Pakistan for admissions in Masters or MPhil program. Additionally, its credibility has improved in recent year that makes more universities to accept its score for admissions. For instance, NUST university, which is one of the best university especially in Engineering, accepts GAT (General) score for admission in Masters program.

Is GAT score equally acceptable as GRE or GMAT?

GAT test is relatively easier than GRE and GMAT, so the competition in this test is much high as compared to the other exams. GAT test is equally acceptable as GRE or GMAT. However, one must secure above 80 marks out of 100 in order to increase the chances of getting short-listed for the interview. This means, a 99th percentile score is required in GAT (General) to get short-listed for the interview. So, the target score in NTS GAT should be as high score as an applicant can get.


What’s the deadline to take GAT for LUMS MBA admission?

GAT (General) is conducted six times in a year. So, the deadline of taking GAT is the test date which is just before the deadline to apply for LUMS admissions. You may find the deadlines of MBA, EMBA or PhD in Management programs by clicking LUMS admissions. There are two rounds of application. Deadline for round 1 application is on February, while the deadline for round 2 application is usually on April, every year. Remember that one applicant cannot apply to both of the rounds. So, before applying to LUMS, you must decide whether you should apply to round 1 application or round 2 application.

Important Note: Deadline to take GAT (General) for the Round 1 admissions is 12th February, 2020, while the deadline to apply for Round 1 is 19th February, 2020. This means that for Round 1 application, one must take GAT on January, which will be announced very soon. Moreover, the deadline to take GAT (General) for round 2 is 9th April, 2020. While, the deadline to apply for round 2 is 14th April, 2020.

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