SAT Test

SAT Test

SAT test is required for admission in bachelor program in reputable universities in United States as well as in the world. It’s a paper based exam that College Board conducts four times in a year. The new SAT Test Pattern consists of two mandatory sections: English and Math; while it has one optional section of Essay. The English section contributes 50%, and Math section contributes the remaining 50% in SAT Test Score.


SAT Test English:

The mandatory English section consists of two parts:

  1. Evidence-based Reading
  2. Writing and Language


1. SAT Evidence-based Reading:

Evidence-based Reading includes 52 questions, while there are 65 minutes to answer these 52 questions. In addition to reading, this section tests contextual meaning and usage of SAT Vocabulary. Moreover, Evidence-based Reading type of questions involves long passages. Some of these passages includes graphs or figures to interpret according to the passage and answer questions accordingly. There are 5 passages having approximately 10 questions each in this section. These questions are randomly asked and do not involve any sequence from the passage; i.e the first question may be asked from end of the passage, while last one may be asked from the beginning of the passage. These long-passage based questions test your ability to skim the passage at first glance and extract as accurate information as possible. And organize that information while answering each question.

Question type Number of questions Time allowed Skills tested
MCQs 52 65 minutes Reading & Vocabulary usage


2. Writing:

Writing, on other hand, includes 44 questions; while there are 35 minutes to answer these 44 questions. All questions are multiple choice questions (MCQs). Although this section does not involve writing anything, it involves grammatical errors and tests your knowledge about grammar and sentence structure. Also in few questions, you may ask to analyze the placement of a sentence and choose the logical and most suitable placement of a sentence in a part of the passage. These question types also involve long passages. But here each question reference is always provided in the passage by numbers from 1 to 44 referring the question number (i.e  1 ,  2 ,  3 ,  4 , ……,  43 ,  44 ). You can easily refer back to that part of the passage conveniently and, thus, answer each question quickly within specified time.

Question type Number of questions Time allowed Skills tested
MCQs 44 35 minutes Grammar & Sentence Structure


SAT Test Math:

SAT Math section constitutes 50% to SAT score. The new SAT Math section is not different from old SAT, except the permission of calculator to a part of Math. In old SAT, no calculator was allowed in Math. But in new SAT, calculator is allowed in one of the part of Math and not allowed in other part. SAT Math consists of two parts. And there are different preparation strategies for both of the parts. You will learn those strategies in SAT Preparation Online course. After learning those strategies, you will surely get +750 score in Math section of SAT.

1. SAT Math – No Calculator:

In this section of SAT Math, there are 35 minutes to answer 20 questions in total and you will not be able to use calculator while answering each question. Here, the accuracy and speed of your arithmetic calculation is tested. As mentioned above, this section requires unique strategy to attempt that will make sure you will get 100% correct answers. You have to practice these strategies to get full grip on arithmetic and thinking. Just remember at this stage, your brain is a miracle. So put more work on your brain than on your hands. Our SAT Preparation Online course provides complete sets of skills that will enable you practice too much to enhance memory power of brain and speed of its thinking.

Question type Number of questions Time allowed Skills tested
MCQs 20 25 minutes Problem Solving & Math


2. SAT Math – Calculator:

This section of SAT Math includes 38 questions. You will have 55 minutes to answer these 38 questions. Here you may use calculator while doing arithmetic in every question. Also, note that you can solve some questions even without using calculator here. So when to use calculator and when not to use is a million dollar question. SAT Preparation Online starts from beginners level, and gradually it moves higher in difficulty level while improving your thinking and reasoning skill. Finally, after making you expert in SAT Math section, you will able to analyze a question and decide in just less than 5 seconds whether to use calculator or not.

Question type Number of questions Time allowed Skills tested
MCQs 38 55 minutes Problem Solving & Data Analysis


SAT Test Preparation:

Lastly, if you want to get +1400 in SAT exam out of 1600, you can start preparation through our online course which includes 60-days study plan containing lessons and practices. Before buying the complete course, you should complete Free Beginners Study Plan for SAT. This study plan is a part of complete 60-Days Study Plan for SAT. So after you complete beginners study plan, which consists of 7-days study plan, you can buy the course and get started. To start preparing through 60-day study plan, click on “SAT Preparation Online” button below:



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