Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan 2022

Below is the Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan 2022:

  1. Candidate must be a citizen and permanent resident of Pakistan (including Azad Jammu & Kashmir)
  2. Candidate must be available for the postgraduate program starting from September/October 2022 from UK university.
  3. Candidate must have completed 18 years of education (i.e. MS/Mphil) at the time of application submission for application of PhD program, and 16 years education for application for MS program.
  4. Candidate must have at least 2nd division in MS/Mphil degree, and never hold 3rd throughout academic career. Additionally, two 2nd divisions are allowed at maximum.
  5. Candidate must apply to the field of study that synchronize with the future needs in development of Pakistan.
  6. Candidate must NOT be registered for PhD or MS leading to PhD before Sept-Oct 2022 at any UK university.
  7. Candidate must be unable to support the cost of study at UK without Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan 2022 by HEC.


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Those who fulfill the above Eligibility Criteria are highly encouraged to apply, as they would have huge chance of getting this scholarship after successfully clearing Commonwealth Scholarship Test. Those who are interested to prepare for Commonwealth Scholarship Test, click on CW Scholarship Test Preparation button below:

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