GAT book PDF

gat book pdf

GAT book PDF Many people have asked us NTS GAT book PDF version, which they can study conveniently by downloading the book. This page provides you the sample of The Best Book for GAT (General) in PDF format, which you can download. This pdf format is not a complete book, Read More …

NTS GAT Vocabulary List-02

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

NTS GAT Vocabulary List-02 NTS GAT Vocabulary Frequently used NTS vocabulary list-02: Sr# Word Meaning Synonyms Antonyms 026. eloquent well spoken; fluent; wordy articulate; magniloquent; ardent; expressive; fervent; passionate; persuasive; vivid; impressive; rhetoric calm; cold; dull; frigid; indifferent 027. loquacious very talkative garrulous; voluble; fluent; verbose; wordy; gossipy; gabby quiet; Read More …

Basic Verbal Lesson-03


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