NTS GAT Vocabulary List-02

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

NTS GAT Vocabulary List-02

NTS GAT Vocabulary

Frequently used NTS vocabulary list-02:






026. eloquent well spoken; fluent; wordy articulate; magniloquent; ardent; expressive; fervent; passionate; persuasive; vivid; impressive; rhetoric calm; cold; dull; frigid; indifferent
027. loquacious very talkative garrulous; voluble; fluent; verbose; wordy; gossipy; gabby quiet; silent; retrained
028. circumlocution talking around the subject; indirect speech evasion; euphemism; wordiness conciseness; directness; terseness
029. colloquial informal; using everyday language conversational; common; popular formal; standard
030. grandiloquent speaking in pompous manner; big-talking bombastic; histrionic; pompous; overblown; rhetorical; magniloquent simple; plain; unadorned; unpretentious
031. elocution expressiveness eloquence; articulation; dramatic; speech quiet; silence; inarticulate
032. garrulous talkative loquacious; voluble; chattering; wordy reserved; silence
033. pontificate speak pompously declaim; sermonize; dogmatize; admonish; preach; lecture; moralize
034. verbose talkative prolix; discursive; digressive; bombastic; circumlocutory; garrulous; grandiloquent; loquacious concise; succinct
035. verbatim word-for-word; accurately precisely; exactly different; inaccurate
036. ineffable unable to express in words unspeakable; incredible; spiritual; celestial; divine; transcendent definable; utter-able; describable
037. tangential irrelevant; off-topic; only superficially relevant irrelevant; immaterial; incidental; unrelated; extraneous; divergent relevant
038. taut rigid; tight tense; firm; stiff; stressed; stretched loose; flabby;
039. discursive staying from topic; deviating rambling; excursive; prolix; erratic; digressive; wandering; desultory concise
040. benefactor supporter; donor; helper; assistant; aid contributor; promotor; patron; sponsor; philanthropist; angel; altruist opponent; enemy; antagonist
041. benign harmless; kindly; friendly; favorable; amiable innocuous; gracious; liberal; genial; generous; congenial; beneficent harsh; rough; harmful; violent
042. benevolent kind; compassionate benign; generous; humane; altruistic; bountiful; chivalrous cruel; hateful; miserly; greedy
043. benediction expression of good wishes approval; blessing; grace; favor; gratitude; praise criticism; refusal; disapproval
044. euphemism nice way of saying something; positive word circumlocution; delicacy; grandiloquence;
045. eulogy a praising tribute; glorification encomium; laudation; extolment; paean; tribute; salutation; acclaim; blame; criticism; censure; condemn
046. ingratiate put oneself in good favor with another; flatter; wheedle; toady; cajole; offend; repel; repulse; deter; disgust
047. gratuity small payment in gratitude; gift; tip bonus; perk; boon; bounty; reward
048. gratis free; gift costless; gift; gratuitous; free costly; expensive
049. gratify to please appease; mollify; indulge; delight depress; hurt; annoy; frustrate;
050. euphonious pleasing to the ear agreeable; dulcet; harmonious; mellifluous; rhythmic; smooth; tuneful irritable; unpleasant
051. immutable unable to change; unchangeable permanent; inveterate; enduring; immovable; inflexible; fixed; constant mutable; protean; vacillating; mercurial; flexible; variable
052. metamorphosis transformation; conversion; change mutation; transmogrification; evolution; alteration; stagnation; unchangeable
053. rupture break open; crack; split breach; fissure; fracture; schism; divide agreement; harmony; peace
054. transmute to transform; convert metamorphose; transfigure; transmogrify; interchange; modify; revise; remodel; alter refuse; stagnate; preserve; keep
055. amorphous lacking shape; shapeless; changeable in form nebulous; vague; nondescript; formless; irregular; unshaped; unstructured; crystalline; definite; distinct;
056. mercurial subject to wild changes in character fickle; capricious; vacillating; erratic; impulsive; volatile; unpredictable; fluctuating; irregular; elastic; flighty constant; predictable; reliable; stable; steady; tranquil; unperturbable


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