GAT test types & GAT test pattern


GAT test types & GAT test pattern

GAT test types & GAT test pattern

There are 4 GAT test types or GAT test pattern (A, B, C & D); each category of the GAT general test comprises of many disciplines. This makes GAT test pattern different for different field of study. You must make sure that you apply to the right category of GAT test pattern. The difference between the 4 GAT test types is the different number of questions in each of the three GAT sections: Analytical, Math and English. Therefore there are 4 different GAT test pattern. This distribution of the GAT test pattern only alters the time that you allot to each question since each type tests all sections of the exam.

But if you are looking for other types of GAT, that includes GAT (General) test, GAT (Subject) test and many others, click on GAT test.

Depending on your field of study the question type distribution varies on the GAT general test. Below is a table that gives a breakdown of the number of questions in each GAT test type.


Category Types Field Math Section English Section Analytical Section Total Weightage
GAT A Business Education, Engineering & Technology 35% 35% 30% 100%
GAT B Arts & Humanities, Social Science 30% 50% 20% 100%
GAT C Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences, Biological & Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences 35% 45% 20% 100%
GAT D Religious Studies (Madrassa Background) 30% 50% 20% 100%
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There are a total of 100 questions on the NTS GAT (General) test and 120 minutes to solve them. There is no negative marking and each question carries equal marks.

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