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Are you a graduate from Pakistan and looking for details about NTS GAT test for post graduation? Hopefully, your response is “yes”. You are on the right page where you will get every helpful info regarding NTS GAT for admissions in postgraduate programs such as MS, MPhil, MBA and PhD in any fields of study. So, grab a paper with a pencil to note down important points that you need to know.


All About NTS GAT Test for Post-Graduation in Pakistan

Many people have several questions in their mind related to the NTS GAT test; however, they are unable to find a proper forum where they could ask such questions to receive the most appropriate answer. In this page, we have tried our best to provide complete info about NTS GAT so that you can confidently appear in this test without any question in mind.

What is NTS GAT Test?

NTS is an abbreviation of National Testing Services, which is a private organization in Pakistan that conducts GAT test. The head office of NTS is in Islamabad. GAT is an abbreviation of Graduate Assessment Test. As the name indicates, every graduate needs to take NTS GAT for admissions in postgraduate programs in almost all universities in Pakistan, including top-tier universities (such as LUMS, NUST, FAST, and COMSATS, etc.). This test filters out all those students who possess required sets of skills necessary in postgraduate programs.

NTS GAT has NO essay writing section, and the whole test comprises of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The test constitutes 100 MCQs and has total 2 hours allocated time. Moreover, there is NO negative marking in GAT, and all questions carry equal marks. One needs to get at least 50 marks in order to clear this test. Usually, the GAT test is conducted on Sunday. However, it may also be held on Saturday. It is held 6 times a year in major cities of Pakistan where NTS conducts GAT test.

Are you interested to know more about list of cities where GAT is conducted? Visit NTS City GAT

Types of GAT Test

Different levels of studies have different requisites for a successful completion. Some programs require general skills, while others require subject specific knowledge or a combination of both. Keeping these requirements in mind, NTS has divided GAT into two main types:

  1. NTS GAT General
  2. NTS GAT Subject

Before going anywhere, you should know about each type in detail.

1. GAT General

GAT General is the most common type of NTS GAT. It tests only three core areas: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning. Quantitative Reasoning tests your basic Math skill. Verbal Reasoning tests grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. And, the Analytical Reasoning tests your commonsense and ability to think and analyze. NTS GAT General is required for admissions in MS/MBA or MPhil programs in Pakistan. Even if you get admissions, you cannot receive your MPhil degree without passing out GAT General test. So, it is imperative to clear this test. The passing criteria of GAT, as stated earlier, is getting at least 50 marks.

Read more about GAT General test by visiting NTS GAT General page.

Pros and Cons of GAT General Test

The good things about GAT General are:

    GAT test score is valid for 2 years
  • A

Some bad things about this test are:

  • On average, only 50% of test takers have able to passed out.
How to prepare NTS GAT General?

1. GAT Preparation Online Course
2. NTS GAT General Book


2. GAT Subject

Pros and Cons of GAT Subject Test
How to prepare NTS GAT Subject?

1. Your graduation notes & books
2. GRE Subject Book

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July 17, 2021 7:40 PM

I have prepared from this course in just 2 weeks and with alot of work pressure. Alhumdulilah i have scored 90th percentile which was beyond my imagination. All thanks to sir and his course. I highly recommend this course if anyone is looking for reliable and precise content!!!