GAT Test

GAT test

GAT test – Graduate Assessment Test

GAT test Pakistan is conducted four times in a year. You’ll start to learn things regarding NTS tests for Graduates. GAT test, stands for Graduate Assessment Test, is conducted by National Testing Service of Pakistan. After Bachelor’s one has to attempt the several screening tests for higher education or job opportunities.

In this website, you’ll specifically able to prepare GAT (General) test, and Commonwealth Scholarship Test by NTS. But before, going any further, you should now about GAT (General) test such as: GAT (General) test types, GAT (General) test dates, and List of Universities require GAT (General) test in Pakistan.


There are five different GAT conducted by NTS for graduates.

1. GAT (General)
2. Local GRE (Commonwealth General Scholarship Test)
3. GAT (Subject)
4. GAT (LAW) – Bar Council
5. Employment Tests


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Important Note: GAT (Subject) and GAT (LAW) are not covered in this online course, for this you need to consult with specialist teachers/professors.


If you’re ready to start GAT General Test Preparation, click on: GAT Preparation Online