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GAT Preparation Online

Welcome to GAT Preparation Online course, which is the most comprehensive course designed for those who are looking for top score in GAT General Test. During preparation you may ask question on WhatsApp at any time. This course has designed by highly experienced and reputable instructor. During preparation, you may discuss your strengths and weaknesses to improve your GAT score.


What’s inside GAT Preparation Online course?

This GAT Preparation Online course consists of 20-days GAT study plan, including first 3 days about basics. The access to first day stuff is for FREE, so you understand how to study via this comprehensive online course. The course consists of three stages: Basic Foundation (3 days), Preparation Plan (12 days) and Practice Session (5 days). First three days, you will learn basics of GAT (General). After that, you will be ready to start GAT General Preparation on second stage, where you will see topic-wise lessons with relevant practice assignments and quizzes. Upon completion of second stage, you will get some grip on each topic. That’s the best time to start practice of mixed questions from past papers. In practice session, you will get plenty of question bank in addition to 5 full length practice tests from past papers. Finally, you will be ready to take GAT (General) test subsequently.

GAT General Online course Features:

  • Quality lessons and practice materials are simply enough to boost your GAT score to highest level.
  • During preparation, you may discuss problems via WhatsApp after subscribing for GOLD membership.
  • The course do not require a fixed timing in a day. The timing is flexible and depends on you how you give.
  • The Course Fee is very economical. Furthermore, you’ll have 2 different membership plans, and you may select your choice.
  • First day FREE access will help you how you will prepare through this online course.
  • 100% success rate so far.
  • Plenty of real question bank in practice session in addition to 5 Full Length Actual Practice Tests from GAT Past Papers few of these repeats in future GAT (General) test.
  • We keep update the course every year based on new trends in recent exams of GAT (General) test.

How to start NTS GAT Preparation Online?

There are three stages of preparation as stated earlier. To start GAT Preparation Online course, click on “20-Days GAT Study Plan” button below:

  • What it covers:             Only Basics
  • Total Price:                             FREE
  • Number of Questions:         50+
  • Answer Explanations:          
  • Video Tutorials:                      
  • Support on WhatsApp:        
  • GAT Book Home Delivery:  
  • Success Surety in GAT:        
  • What it covers:            One Section
  • Total Price:                         PKR 1000
  • Number of Questions:       500+
  • Answer Explanations:          
  • Video Tutorials:                      
  • Support on WhatsApp:        
  • GAT Book Home Delivery:  
  • Success Surety in GAT:        
  • What it covers:         Full GAT Pack
  • Total Price:                       PKR 3500
  • Number of Questions:       1000+
  • Answer Explanations:          
  • Video Tutorials:                      
  • Support on WhatsApp:        
  • GAT Book Home Delivery:  
  • Success Surety in GAT:        
      Important Note: The access to first day is for FREE. However, the access to the remaining course is not. For further information, you may contact us on email ( or on WhatsApp (+923214711387).    

Welcome to the GAT Preparation Online, which is the best online resource for GAT Preparation in Pakistan. This preparation is majorly practice oriented that helps to minimize frustration level during actual exam day. For instance, a student, who gives a lot of presentations during his graduation, would never face any frustration while speaking with public or in a conference as a public speaker. It is the only years of practice that he has given to speaking in the front of the people where others, with similar caliber but are lacking in practice, feel uncomfortable.


To help you out in GAT Test Preparation, we provide three unique study plans that will surely ease down your nerves if you are really worried about your GAT test. Below are the three plans and you should begin from the first one named “BASIC PLAN” under green column: (This online course is updating, plz wait!)

GAT Test Preparation for Beginners:

The second best advantage of practice oriented preparation is that you would never feel time pressure during your actual exam. Because practice boost up your pace for attempting questions. Your hands would start solving as soon as you see the question. It would become a natural thing for you just like phenomenon of breathing. You don’t intentionally breath, but it just work automatically. Similarly, practice oriented preparation would give you enough pace that solving problems in such exams becomes a habitual task for you and, therefore, it would be in your finger tips.

Here you must start your study from a GAT Preparation online for Beginners.

20-days GAT Preparation online plan:

Finally, now-a-days, there is a battle of getting top score in such exams due to increasing competition level. That means the challenge is getting harder and harder by the time. So mare passing such exams by getting 50 marks is not considered as achievement. In order to be eligible for scholarships (at both national and international level), you must compete the whole crowed who is appearing in that exam. So, if you are interested in online preparation with a strong commitment to get top score, click on 20-days GAT Preparation online

For Online GAT Preparation, visit “Start GAT Test Preparation” button below:


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          1. Plz click on “Start GAT Preparation” button above in this page, there you will see 20-days study plan. Access to first day materials is for FREE. When you click on skyblue colored texts such as “Basic Math Lesson-01” etc, you will be ask to login. If you don’t have created your account, below the login form there’s form for New User Registration. Fill the form and submit. Thereby, you may get started!

  1. Hi, My GAT exam is on 17th Nov. If I register for 20 days preparation plan, can I still cover the syllabus if I add aditional efforts. Basically what I am asking is can I study the material of 2 days in 1 day or is the material restricted to each day?

    1. Hi Maryam,
      Depends on the city where you live. The book will be dispatched from Lahore. So, if you live in Lahore, you will get by next day. Otherwise, it may take 2 – 4 working days.

  2. Hi , i want to prepare GAT for Mphill exam entrance test in medical college.

    which package i can buy and how i can start prepartion.

    i want ti give exam in December????

    plz guide me…

    1. Hi Samreen Khan,
      You should buy our book at the moment, as the online course is updating and will be available in few months. Click on the book image in this page to see details and place online order to get the book via Pakistan Post.

    1. W.Salaam Danish,
      Getting 80 marks is not easy in just 7 days of preparation, unless you are already expert in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, numbers, word problems, stats, comprehension, vocabulary and logic. Are you good in these?

  3. Sir i have only three days remaining in test and i have prepared nothing i have no idea what type of questions i have to prepare sir can you plz help me

  4. assalamualaikum i want to prepare my gat general test ,how can i do it,and what is next test date

  5. assalam o alaikum . I want to buy a study plan for the gat , but after i click the buy plan button it brings me back to the previous page , need guuidance in this regard

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