SAT Test Dates 2018


SAT Test Dates 2018

SAT Test Dates 2018:

This page includes latest and updated SAT Test Dates 2018 and SAT Registration deadlines. College Board conducts SAT test across the world. SAT Test Dates are same for all countries. SAT test schedule helps in planning for SAT Preparation. Every year, College Board announces seven different dates for SAT test to conduct at different months. These dates answer an important question: When to take SAT?

For SAT Preparation, you must have at least 2 months prior your desired SAT test date. A good SAT preparation will make sure your undergraduate admission with scholarships. Scholarships are based on many factors; one of the most important is SAT score. If you prepare really good and well before SAT test date, you will increase your chances for getting high SAT score.


Below table shows the SAT Test Dates 2018. The table has four columns, whose detail is below:

  1. SAT Test Date: This is the date when you will be taking your SAT test.
  2. Early Registration: This is the date when you need to submit normal SAT Test fee i.e $46 without Essay section and $106 with Essay section.
  3. Last date for SAT Registration: This is the date when you have missed last date for SAT registration and want to register for SAT on urgent basis. You need to submit extra fee. Visit Late SAT Registration Fees page for further details.
  4. Online SAT Score: This column contains dates when the online SAT score will be available after you appear in SAT test.


SAT Test Dates & Schedule 2018:

SAT Test Date Early registration Last date for registration Online SAT score
Saturday 10th Mar 2018 Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 Friday 9th Feb 2018 Monday 26th Mar 2018
Saturday 5th May 2018 Wednesday 21st Mar 2018 Friday 6th Apr 2018 Monday 21st March 2018
Saturday 2nd June 2018 Sunday 27th May 2018 Monday 3rd May 2018 Wednesday 11th July 2018
Next dates will announce soon It will announce soon Next dates will announce soon It will announce soon

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All in all, you have to plan well before your desired SAT test date. Applying to undergraduate program is not a piece of cake. You must not regret on waste of precious time later on while applying to your dream college or university. Because when things are too much to do and time is less, you most likely make mistakes in hurry. Remember that a successful applicants plan well before others to make highly competitive application.



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