SAT Test Pattern 2018

SAT Test Pattern 2018

SAT Test Pattern

SAT Test Pattern:

Basically SAT Test Pattern consists of four sections. Essay sections is optional and remaining are compulsory. This optional section is part of SAT test if you opt for essay section during SAT Registration. Other three sections are compulsory because these sections make your total SAT Test Score out of 1600.

SAT Test Pattern includes different sections. Each section has separate time requirements. You cannot proceed to next section within time duration of previous section. Also you cannot use time of next section while attempting current section. In short, you have to give specific time to specific section only. Once the provided time is over, you have to leave the remaining questions from that section. So it’s all about time management.


Important Note: There’s NO negative marking in SAT for attempting wrong answer or leaving a question unanswered.


Description of SAT Test Pattern:

1. SAT Reading:

At beginning, you will have to attempt SAT Reading section, which consists of 5 long passages containing approx 10 questions each. There are total 52 questions in SAT Reading section, while you will have 65 minutes in total to attempt all those questions of this section.


2. SAT Writing:

SAT Writing is the second section in SAT test. This section does not require writing something like an essay, rather it requires sentences, clauses, phrases or words correction. In other words, it tests grammar and sentence structure. SAT writing section includes 44 questions, while you will have 35 minutes only to attempt all those questions. The time seems unrealistic, but after you complete SAT Preparation Online course, this challenge will become a piece of cake for you. 🙂


3. SAT Essay (Optional):

Essay section is optional in Redesigned SAT test pattern and requires only if the you opt for essay section. It requires an additional fee to get essay section as part of your exam. As few colleges require essay, so the selection of essay section depends on your decision. This section has 1 essay question and there are 50 minutes to write your response.


3. SAT Math:

Lastly, SAT Math section consists of two parts: No-Calculator and Calculator. First part includes 20 questions and requires 25 minutes to answer those questions. This part does NOT allow calculator. On other hand, second part includes 38 questions and requires 55 minutes to answer all those questions. This part allows calculator.


Redesigned SAT Test Pattern 2018:

Section Number of Questions Time in minutes Section description
Reading 52 65 minutes 5 long passages
Writing and Language 44 35 minutes 4 long passages
Essay (Optional)* 1 50 minutes 1 Optional Essay
Math 20 25 minutes 1 section (Without Calculator)
38 55 minutes 1 section (With Calculator)

* It depends on the applicant who want to take essay section as part of SAT score. This requires additional fee as part of SAT test fee.

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All in all, the complete SAT test takes approximately 4 hours in total. Therefore, you should develop enough stamina to attempt such questions continuously in 4 hours with little brakes for just couple of minutes. SAT Preparation Online course is designed to develop such stamina and to build required skills to get +1450 score in SAT.



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