GAT Test Schedule 2018

GAT Test Dates Schedule 2018

GAT Test Schedule 2018

GAT Test Schedule 2018

This GAT Test Schedule 2018 is most latest and up-to-date list of dates that will help you for GAT test registration and early preparation. The GAT general test is conducted 4 times every year in Pakistan. Before each test date, the schedule of the upcoming test is advertised at least 15 days before the test in local newspapers. Please do keep in mind that although NTS publicizes the GAT test schedules 2018, one months before the actual test; it is on sole discretion of NTS to change the GAT test schedule 2018 in Pakistan at a later stage. Although rarely, it can happen in certain circumstances.

You must start your GAT preparation at least 1 month before your GAT test schedule 2018.


Below you will find the GAT general test schedule 2018. There are basically 4 columns in this table which are explained as follows:

  1. GAT Test Date: This is the date on which you will be taking your GAT exam.

  3. GAT test Advertisement Date 2018: This is the date on which the NTS will publicize the GAT test schedule. This is usually done 10-15 days before the GAT exam date.

  5. Last date to submit registration forms for GAT test: After this date your GAT test registration form will not be accepted. Make sure you apply by this date because NTS will not process applications that reach them after this date.

  7. Date of dispatch of Roll number slip for GAT test: NTS will send your GAT test roll numbers on this date. Without the roll number slip you will not be allowed to take the GAT exam.


Given bellow is the schedule of GAT General test 2018, but before looking this you need to know about GAT Test Types, in order to aware about which type of GAT General you must do.


Test Date Advertisement Date Last date to submit reg form Roll number slip dispatch date
Sunday 21st Jan 2018 Sunday 3rd Dec 2017 Friday 22nd Dec 2017 Thursday 4th Jan 2018
Sunday 8th April 2018 Sunday 18th Feb 2018 Monday 5th March 2018 Thursday 20th March 2018
Sunday 15th July 2018 Sunday 27th May 2018 Monday 11th June 2018 Tuesday 28th June 2018
Sunday 28th Oct 2018 Sunday 9th Sep 2018 Wednesday 24th Sept 2017 Monday 11th Oct 2018

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Make sure you give yourself at least 2 months to prepare for the GAT general test. GAT is a difficult exam and you must strive hard to do well in it as your future admissions and HEC scholarships depend on it.


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