GAT Antonym Practice Question 1


GAT Antonym Practice Question 1

GAT Antonym Practice Question 1

Today’s GAT antonym practice problem # 1 is a difficult question. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.


A. expeditious
B. extenuated
C. egregious
D. tempestuous
E. ingrained

Answer: Correct answer is A.

For antonyms we need to find the option which is opposite in meaning to the word in question. The word in question is PROTRACTED which means to deliberately prolong, delay or extend the duration of something. For example, due to the political situation of the country, the results of the elections were protracted.

Therefore the word opposite in meaning to PROTRACTED would be something which is done in haste, quickly, or immediately. Lets go through the options:

(A) means fast, speedy and quickly. Hence (A) is the correct answer.
(B) means to make something look as not so serious or grave.
(C) means outrageous. For example an egregious mistake is something which is very serious and bad.
(D) means wild, temperamental or boisterous. People with tempestuous nature are very volatile and their behavior is unpredictable.
(E) means deep-rooted or part of your nature. Ingrained habits are those that cannot be changed and are part of your overall personality.


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