GAT Sentence Completion Practice Question 3

GAT Sentence Completion Practice Question 3

GAT Sentence Completion Practice Question 3

Today’s GAT sentence completion practice problem #3 is a 1 blank difficult question. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.

Question: Ali broke a psychological barrier by running 1 km in less than a minute, and motivated many other runners to try and overcome seemingly ____ hurdles.

A. insurmountable
B. insane
C. bland
D. amiable
E. ineffable

Answer: Correct answer is A.

As I always say, start your GAT sentence completion questions by identifying a clue in the sentence that supports the blank.

For this question the clue is “motivated many other ….. seemingly”.

Here, Ali leads by example. How is he able to motivate other? By running very fast he is able to show others that anything is achievable and can be accomplished. Therefore he is able to show others that one can run 1 km in less than a minute and overcome this challenge.

The blank has to do something with a challenge. The hurdle which is to run fast is a seemingly challenging hurdle.

So let’s go to the options and see which of the 5 options is closest in meaning to challenge.

(A) means that cannot be accomplished and something which is a huge challenge. This is the correct answer.
(B) means famous crazy.
(C) means boring and tasteless.
(D) means friendly.
(E) means something that cannot be expressed in words.


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