GAT Analogies Practice Question 3

GAT Analogies Practice Question 3

GAT Analogies Practice Question 3

Today’s GAT analogies practice question #3 is a very difficult problem. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.


(A) opening:denouement
(B) instructions:assembly
(C) introduction:textbook
(D) choreography:recital
(E) horse:cart

Answer: Correct answer is (C).
Firstly, we should interpret “:” between two words in the question as “is related to”, while “::” should be interpreted to “as”.

In this question type, we first need to come up with a relationship or a connection between preamble and statute. To start off lets say, a preamble precedes statute.

In (A), a denouement is the end or finale of a play or act. Opening is ofcourse the beginning. So definitely an opening precedes a denouement.

In (B), instructions provide the directions to an assembly. Again instructions definitely precede an assembly.

In (C) Introduction provides the organization and purpose of a textbook. It precedes a textbook.

In (D), choreography is the structure upon which a recital (such as a dance or a play) is performed. So we can say that choreography precedes a recital.

In (E), a horse pulls a cart. It does not precede it so we can eliminate this option.

Now we can see that based on our initial relation between the pair of words in question, we have 4 options that follow the same relationship. This means that we need to come up with a more specific relation between these words.

Lets redefine the connection.

Specifically, a preamble explains the purpose and scope of a statute.

In (A) the opening is simply an introduction to something and denouement is the end or the conclusion. So they don’t follow the relationship is question.

In (B), the instructions simply provide guidelines to an assembly. Instructions do not explain the purpose of the assembly.

In (C) the introduction describes the purpose of a textbook. Hence this is the correct answer.

In (D) choreography is simply the structure or the outline of a recital. It does not explain its purpose.

Waiting for your response 🙂


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