GAT Analogies Practice Question 1

GAT Analogies Practice Question 1

GAT Analogies Practice Question 1

Today’s GAT analogies practice question #1 is a medium difficulty problem. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.

Question: MASON : STONE ::

A. soldier : weapon
B. lawyer : law
C. blacksmith : forge
D. teacher : pupil
E. carpenter : wood

Answer: The relationship between the words in the question you choose must mirror the relationship of one of the answer choices.

In this question, Mason is to Stone as Carpenter is to Wood. If we were to find a relationship between Mason and stone, it would be that a Mason uses stone to construct. Similarly a carpenter uses wood to construct.

(A) A soldier uses a weapon to protect others. A soldier does not use a weapon to build anything.
(B) A lawyer is someone who studies law.
(C) A common wrong answer for this question is C. A blacksmith works in a forge. Blacksmith does not use forge to construct something. This is why C is wrong.
(D) A teacher teaches a pupil.

Correct answer is E.


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