GAT Algebra Practice Question 2

GAT Algebra Practice Question 2

GAT Algebra Practice Question 2

Firstly, Today’s GAT algebra practice problem #2 is a problem solving question on word Problems. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.

Question: Ahmed has exactly enough money to purchase meal for 6 people. If the cost of each meal were reduced by Rs. 125, then Ahmed would have exactly enough money to purchase meal for 8 people. How much money does Ahmed have?

Answer: This is an algebra question and can be easily solved using algebraic equations.

Let ‘x’ be the initial cost of an individual meal. Initially Ahmed purchased a meal for 6 people. This means that his total spent is = 6*x (number of people times the cost per meal)

Later the cost of each meal was reduced by Rs. 125, which means that the new cost would be = x-125

However, this time Ahmed was able to buy 8 meals exactly. Again his total spent would be = 8*(x-125)

So, we can equate these two equations 8*(x-125) = 6*x since Ahmed had the same total amount of money both times.

Solve this equation for x and you will get the initial cost of each meal. Solving this yields x = 500.

The question has asked us to fin the total amount of money that Ahmed has. Total amount of money can be found by substituting the value of x in either of the two given equations.

Substituting x = 500 in either equation’s will give us Ahmed’s total spent = Rs. 3000

Correct Answer is Rs. 3,000.


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