Commonwealth Countries

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Commonwealth Countries

There are 52 Commonwealth Countries in the world. These countries constitute more than 2.2 billion population and more than 90% of this population belongs to Asian Commonwealth Countries. In this page, you will see complete list of Commonwealth Countries. These are the countries where Commonwealth Scholarship is available for Master program study.


List of Commonwealth Countries:

1. Antigua and Barbuda 14. Ghana 27. Namibia 40. Singapore
2. Australia 15. Grenada 28. Nauru 41. Solomon Islands
3. Bahamas 16. Guyana 29. New Zealand 42. South Africa
4. Bangladesh 17. India 30. Nigeria 43. Sri Lanka
5. Barbados 18. Jamaica 31. Pakistan 44. Swaziland
6. Belize 19. Kenya 32. Papua New Guinea 45. Tanzania
7. Botswana 20. Kiribati 33. Rwanda 46. Tonga
8. Brunei Darussalam 21. Lesotho 34. Saint Kitts and Nevis 47. Trinidad and Tobago
9. Cameroon 22. Malawi 35. Saint Lucia 48. Tuvalu
10. Canada 23. Malaysia 36. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 49. Uganda
11. Cyprus 24. Malta 37. Samoa 50. United Kingdom
12. Dominica 25. Mauritius 38. Seychelles 51. Vanuatu
13. Fiji Islands 26. Mozambique 39. Sierra Leone 52. Zambia


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