How to prepare for GRE

How to prepare for GRE in one month

How to prepare for GRE in one month

Hello everyone, and welcome. In this article you’ll learn How to prepare for GRE in one month. Here, you’ll prepare for GRE through 30-days preparation plan. This preparation plan includes complete lectures and topic-based practice questions and timed quizzes. But for comprehensive preparation, you may also join us in GRE Preparation Online Course, which is much comprehensive and consists of 60-days study plan.

GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is the worldwide standard for getting admitted to Masters, MBA or PhD programs in a majority of the top ranking universities in the world. In addition to being a main criterion for admission, scholarships and TA-ships (Teaching Assistance-ships) are awarded base on GRE scores. Keeping the entire admission application in view, program coordinators shortlist people primarily on the basis of GRE score; the competition is relatively high and acceptance rate is relatively low. Consequently, your main focus before applying should be on getting as high a score as possible. One should attempt GRE only after rigorously preparing for it. Luckily for you, we have prepared GRE Study Plans. Before proceeding further, one should know GRE (General) Test Pattern.

Getting a high GRE score does not guarantee you an admission, but it certainly increases your chances of getting accepted. The university sees your overall profile at the time of admission, and a high GRE score plays its part to strengthen your profile greatly. To get your desired score, you need to prepare dedicatedly and you need preparatory material of the highest standard. We believe in the quality of our preparatory material and the sincerity of your dedication.


Quantitative Section

In Quantitative Section, you’ll require three skills: i) problem solving skills, ii) understanding how smart work is better than hard work, and iii) interpreting complex tables, graphs, and pie charts in different scenarios. Questions are in the form of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and MACQs (Multiple Answer Choice Questions). Partial credit is not given in MACQs. In one month, you’ll able to complete quantitative section preparation, thereby get the answer of ‘How to prepare for GRE in one month’.


Verbal Section

In Verbal Section, you’ll mainly require three skills: i) usage of words and contextual meaning of words, ii) accurate comprehension of statements and paragraphs, and iii) critical analysis of arguments. As with the quantitative section, the verbal section also consists of MCQs and MACQs. There’s no partial credit in this section either. In the 30 days, you’ll learn methods and strategies to build confidence in attempting verbal section. Furthermore, the topic-based practice exercises and timed quizzes will improve your time-management for GRE. Thereby, you’ll get answer of ‘How to prepare for GRE in one month’.

How much time do I need to prepare for GRE?

When you register for your GRE, you’re investing your valuable time and money. An easy way to see where you stand is by attempting mock exams. These mock exams give you a rough idea of how much you can score in your GRE.
If you are planning to start your preparation with little or no practice, we recommend that you spend a minimum of 60 days on your preparation. To help you out, we have prepared a 60 Day GRE Study Plan as well. This study plan is designed for those who need improvement in GRE basics and also need too much practice after GRE Preparation in one month. It integrates both study and practice in it. We have designed it such that the first 30 days are dedicated to learning concepts and the last 30 days are dedicated to practicing the concepts that you learned. This will ensure that you’ll able to get more than your desired score in GRE.


How this website will help me in achieving my desired score in GRE?

In order to help you in achieving your desired score, we’ve made our 60 Day Study Plan. This study plan comprises three parts: i) FREE GRE Preparation for beginners in 7-days, ii) 30-days GRE Preparation Plan and ii) 30 Day Practice Session. The preparation plan consists of written lectures, practice questions, and quizzes that will enable you to learn concepts and enhance your skills to understand and solve complex questions. Completing this course will give you the confidence to attempt any question of any difficulty and answer it correctly within the prescribed time. We are sure that if you stick to the study plan dedicatedly and attempt mock exams, you’ll be able to get your desired score.


About Our Methodology

We have employed a written lecture methodology to teach our students. All the lectures are created and written such that they make concepts easy to grasp and remember. If someone needs to ask a question, they can simply put in the comments section or in WhatsApp (see Contact Us). We will answer your questions ASAP.
You might be thinking whether the written lecture methodology is suited to your taste or whether you can easily understand our lectures. For that, we have a FREE 2 days trial. You will first have to register by creating a free account. All you have to do is click on Register and you’ll be redirected to the registration page. Once you have registered, you’ll get FREE access to first two days of study material.

When you have completed your free 2 day trial and are satisfied that this course will help you (we certainly are satisfied that it will), you will need to submit a nominal fee in order to get access to all of our lectures. The entire course is covered using our 60 Days Study Plan; the study plan lectures and practice questions of different difficulty levels in order to familiarize you with the concepts. You will receive access to all of our lectures and practice questions for 4 months. In order to know the Fee Structure and Payment Methods, please click on the “Payment Methods” tab at the top menu.


Why Our Methodology Works:

There are many advantages of GRE Preparation Online.
First, you can prepare effectively at your own pace. Some people are able to understand concepts quickly, while others may need to study the same topic twice or thrice before they understand it. Our lectures give you the ability to pace yourself and prepare such that you understand each concept clearly.

Second, if you need to ask us any question, you can easily do so by leaving a comment or more effectively by asking on WhatsApp. We will get back to you with a detailed answer ASAP. You can see the contact information on “Contact Us” tab at the top menu. You may add the contact and ask question during your preparation.

Third, compared to institutions which charge a premium and have around 80-100 people in the same tiny class, you can prepare in the comfort of your own house and you’ll be charged a very nominal fee. Moreover, since you can study virtually anywhere, your time and money spent on traveling will be saved. This time can be used to prepare more effectively.

Fourth, and perhaps the best advantage, is that we have developed a proper study plan for you. This study plan makes sure that you learn all the concepts properly and that you spend maximum time practicing them. We have questions of varying difficulties i.e. very easy to very difficult. This will make sure that you are ready to tackle any question that might appear in your GRE.


Finally, ready to learn How to prepare for GRE in one month? Click on GRE 30 Day Study Plan.


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