GAT Vocabulary List-09

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-09

GAT Vocabulary List-09

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




The affability of Bilal has helped him in his interview with Commonwealth scholarship decision panel; he has spoken with confidence and in friendly manner that the panel has no other option for the guy but only to select him for the scholarship.

Trick to Remember: It derived from word affectuality; when something is affectual, it is working nicely; e.g. affectual in communication.

(ADJ.) a disposition to be friendly and approachable; easy to talk to.



Mr. Musharraf has considered to be mutinous Army officer on his illegal ride on democratically elected government in 1999.

Trick to Remember: when you mute a speaker of your computer, it sounds off; a dictatorship brings the voices of people off, because of its violence in nature.

(NOUN) unruly; rebellious.



You may have made a virtual friend on an online gaming site, but don’t expect that person to meet you for coffee.

Trick to Remember: In virtual university, we can participates in virtual classes at home, which includes some video lectures; but its not the actually class, as one-on-one lecture and question-answer sessions.

(NOUN) being actually such in almost every respect; nearly as described, but not completely strict definition.



Do not be misled by his saturnine countenance; he is not as gloomy as he looks.

Trick to Remember: it derived from word saturated; when a solution is saturated, it will not mix further sugar anymore; so saturnine is something harsh scolding, which can’t show sweetness.

(NOUN) bitter or scornful; showing a ill humor.



Ambrosia was supposed to give immortality to any human who ate it.

Trick to Remember: immortality = impossible to meet with maot (death).

(ADJ.) live forever.



The financial health of P.I.A, Pakistan Steel Mills and Pakistan Railways was imperiled political corruption and prejudiced hiring.

Trick to Remember: imperil = im-per-ill; when I am (im) persuaded (per) to work during ill (il), I am putting my-self in danger.

(ADJ.) put in danger.



The opposition decries on government plan to build Kala Bagh Dam; as they believe if this project will be successful, it would be the political success of the government and the failur of the opposition.

Trick to Remember: decry = the cry; when Indian army killed thousands of Kashmiri, it looks as if nothing has happened; but when indian faced reaction of this, it cries in front of United Nation; we all decry this injustice behavior of india.

(ADJ.) express strong disapproval of; condemn openly.



Many GAT student have shown a surprising apathy toward first section of GRE exam; the result is that many students are not able to achieve high score in this section, because of their lack of interest.

Trick to Remember: When you have absence of sympathy for others, due to lack of interest on others feelings; you have apathy(absence of sympathy).

(VERB) an absence of emotion or enthusiasm.



The news anchor launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister for his lack of deliverance of good governance.

Trick to Remember: When police sketch an image of a criminal (most wanted) in a paper and distribute it among public; it is to inform and alert them that they should have aware of this man, when see him inform it to police; it’s of something harsh in meaning.

(NOUN) very harsh or severe; marked by harshly abusive criticism.



His sullen mood is due to the lack of any encouragement from top management he receives during job.

Trick to Remember: when you are suffering form sujan (sullen) on muscles due to playing after couple of years; it makes you angry and painful.

(ADJ.) used to describe an angry or unhappy person.



Let us not be too sanguine about the outcome when Afridi is send for play on very tough situation; something could go wrong with his fitness.

Trick to Remember: In many Pakistani songs, we heard words like ‘apny sang chala’ it shows something optimistic & cheerful expression.

(ADJ.) confidently optimistic and cheerful; hopeful.



Mr. Edhi is know for very kind on children; unkindness to children by others incensed him.

Trick to Remember: incense = non-sense (sounds very similar); so it must be showing anger on something bad or non-sense.

(NOUN) angered at something unjust or wrong; beyond mad; make extremely angry; outrage.



Far from being atypically bawdy, this limerick is a paradigm of the form — nearly all of them rely on off-colour jokes.

Trick to Remember: ‘Para’ means beside. Paradigm comes from two word parts meaning ‘beside’ and ‘show’ and combined into ‘paradiegma’ for ‘pattern or example.’

(VERB) model or pattern; worldview, set of shared assumptions, values, etc.



For many students, CGPA is just an inconsequential element in getting good jobs, rather personality, communication, skill and knowledge gives a good job, especially in multinational firms.

Trick to Remember: inconsequential = not sequential (sequences are the most important topic of GAT Quant section, as it is always tested in GRE; so not sequential means not important.

(ADJ.) lacking worth or importance.



Rather than build the wall with plain brick, we used a heterogeneous mixture of stones — they are not only different colous, but a variety of sizes are well.

Trick to Remember: The Latin root ‘gen’ means ‘birth, produce, race’ and appears in generate, gender, genocide. ‘Hetero’ means ‘different’ and appears in heterodox. Homogeneous(of the same kind is the opposite of heterogeneous.

(NOUN) different in type, incongruous; composed of different types of elements.



On the allegation by the opposition, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spoke loudly to make a suitably cutting retort.

Trick to Remember: What’s a retort? It’s a reply that’s short. “Why did the monkey fall out of the tree; please give me a report?” I said “The monkey’s dead,” with a dry retort.

(ADJ.) a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one); a sharp, angry, or witty reply.



Imran Khan is a charismatic leader; youth in Pakistan are blindly devoted to his voice.

Trick to Remember: it derived from cherish which means attractiveness; in other way, it comes from the word karishma (mystery), so when something is karishma, it is usually attractive, because it’s very strange, not an ordinary.

(NOUN) possessing an extraordinary ability to attract.



She though her skin darkening was simply a result of the sun, but it was actually pathological, the result of a serious disease.

Trick to Remember: It drives from ‘pathos’ which means disease. Pathological often occurs as pathological lair. When pathological is used alone to describe a person, meaning is that the person compulsively lies or hurts others.

(VERB) relating to or caused by disease; relating to compulsive bad behavior.



It is terribly gauche to put ketchup on your steak and then talk with your mouth full as you eat it. That’s the last time I ever bring you to a nice place.

Trick to Remember: As a childhood, many children love to eat ghache (close to gauche) which created many diseases related to stomach; eating ghache is awkward on coarse.

(ADJ.) clumsy (in social behavior); coarse; awkward.



Continuous reading for a month without any rest has made Sehrish’s eyes impaired; now she cannot read at all without glasses.

Trick to Remember: impair = impossible to make pair; girl with too much eye side weakness usually hard to find his life partner(to make pair).

(VERB) make worse, weaken.



In order to get expert in analytical sections of GAT, one must have huge practice of such conceivable questions.

rick to Remember: conceivable = perceivable or imaginable.

(VERB) capable of being imagined.



While the entire family enjoyed the trip to South America, only the hardier members even attempt to hike to the top Ecuador’s tallest volcano.

Trick to Remember: Hardy, unsurprisingly, comes from ‘harden,’ in the sense of ‘make brave.’

(VERB) capable of enduring difficult conditions; robust.



Many wealthy people turn to philanthropy as a way to creat social good, and many others turn to it as a way to hobnob with the rich and famous.

Trick to Remember: ‘Phil’ means love and ‘anthro’ means humankind. A misanthropist is a hater of humankind.

(NOUN) Efforts to improve the well-being of mankind, generally through giving money.



After good preparation of GAT, and timed-practice questions, one becomes tractable with time pressure during GAT exam.
Trick to Remember: When a tractor is controllable by you, it is tractable by you; In other way, anything which can be traced is tractable.

(NOUN) easily managed or controlled; the trait of being easily persuaded; .



During the 1st minute or so of a skydive, the diver plummets towards Earth in free fall; then, he activates a parachute and floats down at what seems like a relatively leisurely pace.

Trick to Remember: A plummet (or plumb bob) is a weight on the end of a cord. When something plummets, the idea is that it is falling fast and straight down, as though it has been weighted.

(NOUN) drop sharply; fall straight down.



Bilal has cherished to math since he was child; for that reason he is very good in numbers.

Trick to Remember: It sounds close to charli, which is a vary loving character use in entertainment shows (like Charli Maamu in ‘Enak Wala Jin’

(ADJ.) to feel or show great love for; keep (a hope or ambition) in one’s mind.



A famed libertine, the sitcom star was constantly in the news for cavorting with women of dubious occupations and overdosing on drugs often enough to regularly hold up production of his popular television show.

Trick to Remember: Libertine certainly is related to ‘liberty’— think of a libertine as someone who has even more than too much liberty.

(NOUN) morally or sexually unrestrained person; freethinker(regarding religion).



Many people tend to regard grammar as the touchstone of the any language performance.

Trick to Remember: the word stone shows it must be something related to basis on which other thing is standing on, whether it’s an idea or a thing.

(ADJ.) a basis for comparison; a standard or criterion by which something is judged or recognized.



Indian & Jewish scheming to attach on atomic plant of Pakistan was vanished when Pakistan Airforce has countered their scheme, by having better plan to defend their attack.

Trick to Remember: We know scheming means planing but remember its negative in sense; scheming is always perceived as bad, while planning is usually perceive as good.

(ADJ.) concealing crafty designs for advancing your own interest; given to or involved in making secret and underhand plans.



The Afridi’s outstanding performance in Asian Cup should not overshadow the achievements of the rest of the team.

Trick to Remember: to cast a shadow over something or to make a shadow over something to hide its importance; that’s it’s meaning.

(ADJ.) appear more prominent or important than.



As a teenager, she thought of herself as gawky and often slouched so as not to seem so much taller than her peers; of course, now that she’s a supermodel, no one thinks of her as gawky at all.

Trick to Remember: The word gawhak is seem to be awkward which is used in better way as customers. So gawky must be something awkward.

(ADJ.) Physically awkward (esp. of a tall skinny person, often used to describe teenagers).



An angry mother hyperbole worst things about her evil son, but she never hate his son by heart.

Trick to Remember: it suggests its meaning ‘like dogs’, a dog who is usually stubborn; in Pakistan, we use words’kutton ki tarha par gya hai pichy’; its stubborn.

(NOUN) language that describes something as better or worse than it really is; exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.



Her stress over spending so much money on house abated when the real estate broker told her about the property’s 15 year tax abatement.

Trick to Remember: Abate comes from an old french word for ‘beat, cast down’ that also give us batter (beat severely) and abattoir (slaughterhouse).

(ADJ.) Moderate; reduce; diminish.



We cannot ignore this warning sign–it is clearly a precursor of larger problems to come.

Trick to Remember: The ‘cursor’ in precursor is the same as in currency–the root means ‘rum’. A precursor can be thought of as a ‘before-runner, or forerunner (a synonym).

(ADJ.) Something that comes before, something that suggests about something.



They questioned the propriety of certain investments made by the council; as they were in doubt whether the high return on investment is highly riskier.

Trick to Remember: This word sounds like proper; a properness suggests that it’s propriety.

(NOUN) Confirming to good manners or appropriate behavior.



Mr. Amir’s lack of emotion at his wife’s death was disquieting–so much so, in fact, that even his own family began to suspect he’d something to do with it.

Trick to Remember: Think of disquiet not as the opposite of quiet, but more as an opposite to quiescent, meaning peaceful and calm.

(ADJ.) disturbing, causing anxiety.



The teen’s aberrant behavior made his family suspect that he was using drugs.

Trick to Remember: The prefix ‘ab’ means away — in this case, away from what’s normal.

(NOUN) Abnormal, deviant.



America’s sanctions on Cuba mean that it is illegal for Americans to do business with Cuban companies.

Trick to Remember: This word can be very confusing–its two definitions seem to be opposites. permit and penalise? We have to use context to figure out the meaning–since the bad meaning (generally ‘sanctions’, plural) applies to international actions, most usages of sanction mean ‘allow’.

(NOUN) permission; penalty intended to enforce compliance.



Ali practiced his GAT mocks in sportive manner, as a result he was stuck with the time pressure in his actual GAT exam; it’s because he didn’t take the practice exams seriously.

Trick to Remember: It certainly related to some sports or playful things; please don’t confuse it with supportive which means helpful, which is very different in context.

(ADJ.) Playful, merry, joking around, done in sport rather than intended seriously.



During speech use vocabulary that is intelligible to your audience.

Trick to Remember: intelligible comes from intelligent which is ability of mind related to knowledge; when someone is intelligible, he has enough knowledge to understand what he is receiving further knowledge or information.

(ADJ.) Able to be understood, clear; comprehensible.



In England, judiciary is at the highest standing; even the Prime Minister is answerable to the judiciary when he will asked.

rick to Remember: Standing is the position or status where someone stands; as an adjective, it may use as longstanding friendship which means long-existing friendship.

(NOUN) Status, rank or reputation (noun); existing indefinitely, not moveable



Bad score of practice tests is a foreshadow of low score in actual GAT test.

Trick to Remember: ‘Fore’ means before — foreshadow literally comes from the idea that an object’s shadow sometimes arrives before the object does.

(VERB) Indicate or suggest beforehand.



The stimulus package has alleviated the pangs of the Great Recession, but times are still tough.

Trick to Remember: The over-the-counter painkiller ‘Alleve’ was undoubtedly named with the word alleviate in mind.

(VERB) provide physical relief, as from pain; lessen pain or suffering.



Despite all attempts to decipher the code, it remained an enigma.

Trick to Remember: It’s very close to engine; it’s very difficult to understand the mechanism of an engine. Only Mechanical Engineer can understand it’s working.

(ADJ.) Puzzle, mystery, riddle; mysterious or contradictory person.



My mother is so angry she wasn’t the first person we called when the baby was born — I’m hoping to appease her by spending Eid at her house this year.

Trick to Remember: When you try to please someone on his state of anger, you are trying to appease.

(NOUN) pacify, satisfy, relieve.



It is rarely seen in the world that the enemies were just going to attack the Atomic power plants of Pakistan, but Pakistan Air Force has counter their attack simultaneously.

Trick to Remember: simultaneous sounds like similar occasion; so when the two events happen simultaneously, both of them happen at the same time. It’s usually such a coincidence.

(VERB) at the same time.



I wish to aver that I am certain of success after my GRE preparation with too much practices.

Trick to Remember: Aver contains the root ‘ver’ (truth), which also appears in verity, veracious, and verisimilitude.

(VERB) declare or affirm with confidence.



So, you want to be a bike messenger? I need messengers who approach every delivery with alacrity, care and dispatch — if the customers wanted their packages to arrive slowly, they’d use the post office.

Trick to Remember: A dispatch can also be a report from a journalist or something delivered by messenger, or the act of sending a messenger. To dispatch a person can also mean to execute him or her — presumably in a speedy manner.

(VERB) speed, promptness;send off or deal with in speedy way.



It is indeterminate that how many students from Pakistan will get admissions in US universities, for higher education; whole thing is depends on their application profile as compare to the profiles of the students from the rest of the world.

Trick to Remember: indeterminate = not able to be determine because of lack of clearance or information.

(ADJ.) not fixed or determined, indefinite; vague; uncertain; not clearly fixed



In this matter of many allegation against Imran Khan, I am a skeptic; I want proof.

Trick to Remember: Don’t confuse skeptical and cynical. In GAT Reading Comprehension passage, an author might be skeptical (a very appropriate attitude for a scientist, for instance), but would never be cynical.

(ADJ.) person inclined to doubting or questioning generally accepted beliefs; doubter.

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