GAT Vocabulary List-10

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-10

GAT Vocabulary List-10

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




Her stress over spending so much money on house abated when the real estate broker told her about the property’s 15 year tax abatement.

Trick to Remember: Abate comes from an old french word for ‘beat, cast down’ that also give us batter (beat severely) and abattoir (slaughterhouse).

(ADJ.) Moderate; reduce; diminish.



Reports of money laundering and financial corruptions of Pakistani politicians are rife.

Trick to Remember: It’s very close to word ‘river’– thus the idea of ‘flowing freely’.

(NOUN) Happening frequently, abundant; (of something bad) widespread; currently being reported.



Imran Khan’s lawyer was appealing on the ground that the judge was partial to the federal government for making the prejudiced decision on recounting the votes.

Trick to Remember: Of course, partial can also mean ‘not complete’. But it’s usually used for tell that something is one-sided; for instance, a partial decision is made by taking consider of only one party, rather that both of two parties.

(NOUN) Biased, prejudiced, favoring one over others.



We need someone outside the company to give us an objective analysis.

Trick to Remember: When a movie is based on some physical objects or facts, it’s objective. it’s the opposite of subjective; a subjective decision by a judge is based only on a subject rather than on physical evidence or objects (objective).

(ADJ) Factual; related to reality; free from biased or emotions.



They put a protective skirt around the base of the machine, so that this will remain protected from water erosion.

Trick to Remember: This word is related to clothing item skirt, which modern women usually wear.

(VERB) Border on, lie along the edge of; go around.



I was pretty happy with my salary until my coworker mentioned offhandedly that she was thinking about buying a house new that she made six figures.

Trick to Remember: When some work is done on-hand(reverse of offhand) that is made carefully and after preparation; but when the work is done offhand it will be informal and without preparation.

(ADJ.) Casual, informal; done without preparation or previous thought.



After starting jobs, the time to reminisce about bygone days of graduation with cheering friends was pretty much all the time.

Trick to Remember: bygone = bye + gone; that is saying bye to something or someone that has gone (past).

(ADJ.) Past; former.



Your argument is so convoluted that I’m not even able to understand it enough to start critiquing it.

Trick to Remember: convolute = con (together) + volume (space occupied by a body); when a body or a thing is twisted together to make it jumble; it becomes convoluted.

(VERB) Twisted; very complicated.



Don’t be over confident while attempting the questions that looks to be easy in GAT; these questions are mostly crafty and tricky.

Trick to Remember: The word Air Craft is very common in Air Force; Air Craft is the name given to fighter jet, which has installed awesome technologies(e.g. stealth technology) to deceive enemies Radar. Crafty is therefore a skill to deceive others by way of some tricks.

(NOUN) cleverly deceitful; skilful in deception.



Let’s table our discussion on poor economic development and move on the discussion of terrorism; the later issue is more sever and one of the major cause of the former issue.

Trick to Remember: In GAT exams, tables of 13 to 30 up-to their square are very important; but most of the students postpone this; they want first the conceptual topics for preparation, if they have adequate time, they can make ratta of these tables which are postponed.

(ADJ.) Lay aside to discuss later; to postpone discussion.



I am not here to argue that lack of education causes poverty; conversely, I am here to argue that poverty causes lack of education.

Trick to Remember: it looks like in reversely or inversely. ‘ All Mangoes are sweets’ & ‘All sweets are Mangoes.’; here later statement is conversely stated to the former statement.

(VERB) In an opposite way; on the other hand.



The declining economy has constricted job opportunities.

Trick to Remember: constrict = con (together) + strict (hard or uncompromisable); it gives a meaning of something restricted.

(NOUN) Squeeze, compress; restrict the freedom of.



Ahmed was rejected by the cOMMONWEALTH Scholarship decision panel after realizing his interview as bogus; there was not as such clear facts that Ahmed showed in his personal statements and letter of recommendations.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like baqwas; when some report is bogus, its fake; whatever written in the report is baqwas.

(VERB) Fake, fraudulent; not authentic; intentionally false.



Each section of GAT exam is complementary, whether it’s quantitative, verbal or analytical.

Trick to Remember: In any right angle triangle, the sum of all complementary angles (less than 90 degree) is equal to 90 degree.

(ADJ.) Serving to complete something.



A PhD. program generally culminates in a written dissertation and its defines to committee.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from word qalam (nib) in Pakistan; a qalam has the needle like point where the ink finally ejected to make words on paper; so it’s the final point or highest point.

(NOUN) Reach the highest point or final stage.



Few cynical persons doesn’t cast their votes to Imran Khan, for they believe he would make more trouble of this country with his lack of experience; these people never think the positive side for casting vote to Imran.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like signical; when someone suggests that change is a sign(close to cynical) of something worst; he is cynical, because he always suggests any change is a sign of something worst.

(ADJ.) Thinking the worst of other’s motives; bitterly pessimistic.



Bilal attained the placid manner of doing his official GAT exam, because he has well done in his 8 full practice tests before his exam; therefore he got high score in GAT.
Trick to Remember: Placid = place emotions aside, and do task peacefully.

(NOUN) Peaceful, calm.



Many modern singer’s albums are mere disappointment, derivative of several hit albums from the past legendary.

Trick to Remember: When a word is derived from its original roots (e.g., French, Greek or Latin original root) it’s derivative; which is driver from some original source.

(ADJ.) Not original.



Her apartment was so spartan that she couldn’t even serve us both soup; she only had one bowl and one spoon.

Trick to Remember: In movie 300, we saw story about ancient Greek spartans; although this movie wasn’t historically accurate, yet it was know that the spartans were fierce wardiors known for their harsh training methods.

(ADJ.) Very disciplined; frugal, living simply; austere.



The sounds of barking dogs and sirens added to the cacophony on the streets at midnight; I didn’t sleep for that reason.

Trick to Remember: cacao is a distorted spell of coca (cocacola); phony derived from phone that related to sounds. A distorted sound is known as cacophony.

(ADJ.) Harsh, discordant, or meaningless mixture of sounds.



Bilal was unable to console his disappointment when he was caught with some helpful materials during his official GAT exam; after that he was banned to attempt for next GAT exam throughout this life.

rick to Remember: It derived from privileged, e.g, privileged class; which means high in status, rank or power; also it’s famous speech of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto “Justice must prevail over power”

(VERB) Lessen sadness or disappointment.



After launching the successful operation in Waziristan, Pakistan Army has consolidated their hold on that region.

Trick to Remember: consolidate = con(together) + solidate(make it solid); so it signify its meaning as strengthening.

(VERB) unite; combine, solidify, make coherent; merge.



Few people are credulous enough to believe such nonsense that Imran Khan will also start corruption as other politicians do.

Trick to Remember: The root ‘creed’ meaning ‘believe’ also gives us credit, creed, credo and accreditation.

(NOUN) Gullible; trusting to easily or without enough evidence.



He had a strong penchant for sculpture and owned so many statues that his home is filled with many kinds of these sculptures.

Trick to Remember: It comes from a Latin root that gives us pendulum. A person with a penchant leans towards certain direction.

(ADJ.) Liking or inclination; leaning towards.



The old man was well liked because of his benign attitude toward friend and stranger alike.

Trick to Remember: It contains the root ‘been’, meaning ‘good’. Its antonym is ‘malign’ meaning bad; so when something is benign it’s beneficial or favorable.

(NOUN) kindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); harmless.



Imran used his PhD. in Psychology as a buttress against criticism; He has learned and researched on wide range that how to manage criticism.

Trick to Remember: it derived from butter fly; which helps the enhance the beauty of garden; so buttress means to help or support.

(ADJ.) Support, help or encourage.



My main goal is to get into a good grad school; whether i has good fitness facilities is really a peripheral concern.

Trick to Remember: We know peri-meter of a square or rectangle is its out boundary; peri-pheral is that outer boundary or region which is of not primary importance; Peripheral vision is what you can see ‘our of the corner of your eyes’.

(NOUN) making up an outer boundary or region; not of primary importance.



Imran Khan wants egalitarian policies for the equal distribution of wealth among nation.

Trick to Remember: Many people in Pakistan now realising that the Musharraf (whose voting sign is Eagle) was much better than the governments afterwards; because government of eagl(APML) Musharraf has provided more equal rights to the Pakistani than other governments afterward; government of Eagle = egalitarian.

(ADJ.) Related to equality of all people, esp. in political, economic, or social spheres.



For their honeymoon, they eschewed fancy hotels and instead chose a rustic cabin in the woods.

Trick to Remember: In rural areas, people usually rests because there is not as such work or job. So rustic belongs to rural life.

(ADJ.) Pertaining to country people; unsophisticated; simple; crude.



We were disappointed by the lackluster performance of our cricket team in world cup semi-final.

Trick to Remember: Lackluster = lacking + luster(shining); when something lacking lister it’s lacklustre, or dull.

(ADJ.) Joking or given to joking all the time; jolly, playful.



The candid attitude of Imran Khan has inspired many young individuals to become like Imran Khan.

Trick to Remember: candid = can + did; ‘yes you can’ is a famous motivational expression used for Pakistani citizens by Faiz Hassan Syal; in short you can grow economically & socially well if you become sincere with yourself, which you ‘can do’. Also when something(e.g. quiz is so simple, everyone can do this.

(ADJ.) Simple, open, sincere or honest.



It has been a part of business law that a customer negotiates with a retailer on the price; when the both parties finally agreed on some price, then it becomes a tacit agreement, which doesn’t require any written proof.

Trick to Remember: It is related to taciturn, which means not talking much or reserved.

(ADJ.) understood (without actually being expressed); not put into words.



Many people believe that Imran Khan will be succeeding the Nawaz Sharif in the next election; Because Imran is now believed to be the future Prime Minister.

Trick to Remember: When a different person successfully elected in the next election, he would be succeeding the current Prime Minister.

(ADJ.) Coming after or following.



Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will not stand up in court.

Trick to Remember: it close to the word collaborate, which means working together to support each other’s objectives.

(ADJ.) confirm; support; strengthen.



we were asked to be on our most decorous behavior at the formal event.

Trick to Remember: it derived from decorate; when your room is decorated on some wedding, it’s appropriate for wedding.

(ADJ.) Appropriateness in behavior or manner.



The relief workers set up the camp as a haven from persecution.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds like heaven, which is a most safe and comfort place.

(ADJ.) Harbor; place of refuge; safe place.



It was difficult to step out of one’s place in this hierarchy, because the rules are much strict; if someone want to get out of his place, he needs approval from it’s top hierarchy.

Trick to Remember: We heard this word many times in our work life ‘management hierarchy’; it’s originally the ranked division of some authority.

(NOUN) arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks.



The horse was intractable and refused to enter the starting gate.

Trick to Remember: Tractor is very hard to manage; when something is tractable by you, it’s manageable; otherwise when it’s intractable, it’s hard to manage.

(NOUN) Difficult to control, manage or manipulate; hard to cure.



I will attempt to disabuse you of your impression of my client’s guilt; I know he is innocent.

Trick to Remember: You may heard many times some abusive languages by your employer on your mistake during job. Disabuse is to make something to reverse the abuse.

(ADJ.) Free somebody from erroneous belief.



In our house, family dinners were sacrosanct–if being in the school play meant you would miss dinner.

Trick to Remember: From the root of ‘sacred’ that also occurs in sanctify (make holy) and sanctuary (sacred place; refuge).

(ADJ.) Sacred, inviolable, above all criticism.



Manufacturing a car requires to pass it through gradation of different units.

rick to Remember: In the official transcript of graduate student, specific grade is mentioned like A, B+, B etc.

(NOUN) A process taking place gradually, in stages; series of gradual stages.



Although he was young, his remarks indicated that he was disingenuous.

Trick to Remember: disingenuous = dis (not) + ingenuous (in = recently entered + gen = generatio; simple,young or recently acquired wings); anything which is not ingenuous is sophisticated; also as it’s not simple (simple lover is more loyal and sincere) so it is insincere.

(NOUN) Not sincere, not candid; not simple; sophisticated; worldly wise.



Do not take my jocular remarks seriously; I want to make you cheerful and laughable, so don’t take it seriously.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like jokular which comes from joke, or playful activity.

(VERB) Joking or given to joking all the time; jolly, playful.



Indian threats can’t daunt Pakistan Army; It is ready to face any kind of secrete attack.

Trick to Remember: We heard many times as a childhood; when you disobey your father or teacher, you face ‘ wo ap ko daunt-ty hair’.

(ADJ.) Discourage; dishearten; frighten



Given the many areas of conflict still awaiting resolution, the outcome of the peace talks remains problematic.

Trick to Remember: We know very well the resolution of Pakistan (1940); It was presented in front of all participants, who make a unanimous decision to resolve this issue in form of Independant state named as Pakistan.

(NOUN) Quality of being firmly determined; resolving to do something.



Despite all the evidence Fatima had assembled, Bilal refused to concede that she was right.

Trick to Remember: concede = con (together) + cede (cession = yield or grant); when someone agree to precede together with you, that means he concedes you.

(VERB) admit; acknowledge as being true (often reluctantly); yield; grant.



We have many examples of scientists in different parts of the world who have made synchronous discoveries.

Trick to Remember: It comes from the word same + chronicle; so when the events occur at the same rate, it’s synchronous.

(VERB) Happening at the same time.



Students who dislike school must be given an incentive to learn.

Trick to Remember: We heard this news many times in Pakistan that government has announced to give incentives to flood effected ares in Pakistan every year; so incentive means to give support or encourage to live by providing some incentives.

(VERB) Motive; something which encourages one to greater activity, such as reward.



One way to get perfect score in GAT is to make scrupulous look on each questions while attempting it.

Trick to Remember: eccentric = exclude from centric; when something is deviating from centre point, it’s eccentric.

(ADJ.) odd; deviating from normal.



The exhibition was a hodgepodge of mediocre art, bad art, and really bad art; it was disliked by many visitors.

Trick to Remember: This word itself looks to be jumbled or distorted, it contains different words ho-dge-po-dge; looks to be funny but it’s meaning is the same ‘mixture of different kinds of something’.

(ADJ.) Mixture of different kinds of things, jumble.