GAT Vocabulary List-11

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-11

GAT Vocabulary List-11

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




Grinning from ear to ear, Faisal was clearly elated on his very high score in GAT.

Trick to Remember: elated = enjoy + late; In collage days, we usually enjoyed by going to class very late, it’s a chill mol.

(ADJ.) filled with excited joy and pride; overjoyed; in high spirits; joyful and proud.



Why waste your time on futile pursuits on internet? just read the articles that will help you in your comprehension skill.

Trick to Remember: Futile = fu (foul) + tile (shining bricks used in bathroom, kitchen or ground flour; so when a tile is foul, it’s useless or ineffective.

(NOUN) useless; hopeless; ineffectual



The mayfly is an ephemeral creature; it hardly lives for couple of hours.

Trick to Remember: It’s very close to elephant which is now disappearing from the world; although elephant gets very long live, but its growth and generation is going to disappearing; so ephemeral means short lived or soon disappearing.

(NOUN) short-lived; fleeting; lasting only a short time.



The government ha ensured the the flood would soon subside and people will able to settle to their home safely soon.

Trick to Remember: subside = sub (total) + side (take aside); e.g., it is wise to take emotions aside while making decisions specially in court of law; so subside must be something to less or moderate.

(NOUN) moderate; sink to a lower level; become less active.



He distrusted hunches and intuitive flashes; he placed his reliance entirely on empirical data.

Trick to Remember: We read ’empirical formula’ of many species in chemistry; it’s what based on experience or experiment by the scientists.

(ADJ.) Based on experience or experimentation; not purely based on theory.



I didn’t read the whole novel of The Great Gadsby, but I read enough to get the gist of it.
Trick to Remember: If you read enough to get the pith of something, you really deeply understand it to the ore; if you read enough to get the gist, you probably just skimmed, and might need to go back later to get more detail.

(ADJ.) essence; main point.



Good times with girl-friend seems to be fleeting; but bad time during load shedding seems to be very long.

Trick to Remember: It derived from flee = very small flying objects; we know small flying objects are quick in flying and movements, e.g., sparrows and butterflies.

(ADJ.) Fast; rapid; passing quickly; ephemeral.



Pakistan is seeking an equitable solution to Kashmir dispute, one which will be fair and acceptable to all three parties.

Trick to Remember: It drives from equity, which means equal justice or fair; Don’t confuse equitable and equity with equanimity and equanimous; the first set is about equality, the second set about being even-tempered or calmness of temperament.

(VERB) fair; impartial.



She presented cogent arguments to the jury; that cleared the judge about his stance.

Trick to Remember: Cogent = co (same or together) + gents (guys); In professional setup, when you see some guys wearing three piece suit.

(NOUN) convincing; logical.



I want my work to be above reproach and without error; because I can’t bear any trouble in future.

Trick to Remember: reproach = re (again) + approach (approach to top-management to complain about somebody); so re-approach means complaining again or blaming again and again to criticise someone.

(ADJ.) blame (not angrily but sadly); express disapproval or disappointment.; criticise.



The efficacy of your preparation of GAT or Local GRE depends on your devotion of time and smart-work to prepare for this exam.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from ‘effectual’, an effectual power is described as efficacy.

(ADJ.) The quality of being able to produce the intended effect.



A chauvinist cannot recognize any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant the policies the country may have.

Trick to Remember: Don’t confuse chauvinism with sexism–a ‘male chauvinist’ is just one kind. The original chauvinist was Nicholas Chauvin, a possibly fictional soldier wounded 17 times while serving in Napoleon’s army (he really loved Napoleon).

(NOUN) blindly devoted patriot; zealous adherent of a group or cause.



Your analysis is highly subjective; you have permitted your emotions and your opinions to color your thinking.

Trick to Remember: subjective is some reasoning that based on a subject or personal emotions or obinios; it’s the opposite of objective which means free from bias or emotions or an independent decision.

(VERB) influenced by personal feelings; occurring or taking place within the mind; unreal.



He worked night and day in practicing questions, never stopping to rest, for he knew he would reap his reward when his family greets him as a hard-worker.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like ripe:(of fruit or grain) developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating.

(ADJ.) Harvest, such as by cutting’ gather’ get as a result of one’s effort.



Her articulate presentation of the advertising campaign impressed her employers.

Trick to Remember: It’s an art to speak clearly, which many people have lack of it; so articulate is some kind of good skill; a good skill in speaking clearly.

(NOUN) Using language in a clear, fluent way.



The detective novel is hard to put down! I’ve got goosebumps just waiting to find out what happens next.

Trick to Remember: goose sounds like boost, while bumps are some kind of skin disease or something related to skin; so goosebumps are the standing up of hairs when someone got excited or feared too much.

(ADJ.) The bumps created by hairs standing up on the skin in response to cold, fear or a sudden feeling of excitement.



As an experienced teacher, he makes divine prediction about his students score in official GAT, while their preparation.

Trick to Remember: Of course, divine is most commonly an adjective, meanly ‘of or like a god; heavenly.’ I read online reviews of the spa to divine whether it would really be as divine an experience was advertised.

(NOUN) perceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future.



In issue essay of GAT, one has to fortify his stance with relevant examples in order to receive good score.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from ‘forte’ which means ‘strong point or talent’; Did you watch ‘movie 21’? It is about a special talent in a student (genious); the double of 21 is approx. 40 (forte), means very high skill or talent.

(VERB) strong point or special talent in a person’s character.



The economic condition of Pakistan is not so bad, because it’s remediable; what we need is to eliminate corruption and make equal distribution of wealth, after that we can be categorize as developed countries.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from remedy; something which is irremediable cannot be remediated or repaired.

(ADJ.) reparable, correcting a deficient skill.



In sentence completion of GAT, contextualise each word one by one and select that word that gives a sense to the sentence.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from the word context = con (together) + text (combination of words in a sentence); so context is making the words together and think about the circumstance what the sentence is telling about.

(VERB) Place in context, such as by giving the background or circumstances.



Many people like to live on the fringe of Karachi, because they want to enjoy with the sea water with their kids on evenings .

rick to Remember: You may hear the word fringe benefits; it’s used while dealing with taxes. fringe is basically an edge.



Politicians are usually glib and articulate speakers, this skill help them in their campaign.

Trick to Remember: Mirza Galib(close to glib) was a famous Urdu poet; his poems were very fluent but these were about the insincerity of the lover.

(VERB) Fluent (with insincerity or superficiality).



My mother-in-law’s stories about her journey from Russia made us laugh because she embellished the bare facts of her travels with humorous anecdotes.

Trick to Remember: In mandirs (worship places of Hindu); a set of bells are hanged to make a religious tone, which is a decorative style; so embellish means arrange bells to decorate.

(NOUN) decorate; adorn; ornament; enhance as a story (by adding fictitious details).



This essay is replete with errors–I don’t think you even bothered to use spellcheck, much less carefully edit your work.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like repeat; when something comes repeatedly, it’s supplied abundantly.

(NOUN) Fully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied. .



Manufacturing a car requires to pass it through gradation of different units.

Trick to Remember: In the official transcript of graduate student, specific grade is mentioned like A, B+, B etc.

(NOUN) A process taking place gradually, in stages; series of gradual stages.



Nothing has changed in our country; things are static here; no progress at all.

Trick to Remember: When someone or something remains in a constant state (root of static), it’s static.

(ADJ.) Fixed, not moving or changing; lacking development.



In Pakistan, almost all potentate has faced imprisonment; it’s very embarrassing for us.

Trick to Remember: It shares roots from potential or power; when someone has great potential to influence his hold on others, he’s potentate.

(NOUN) sovereign; ruler; person of great power.



The new Karachi Stock Market high eclipsed the previous record set in 2005.

Trick to Remember: During a solar eclipse, the moon eclipses the Sun.

(ADJ.) darken; extinguish; outshine.



He took a clerical job, but soon grew to hate the monotony of his daily routine.

Trick to Remember: monotony = mono (single) + tony (derived from tone, belongs to sound); so when there is same repeated frequency of sound, it’s monotony.

(ADJ.) sameness leading to boredom; lack of variation; repletion in sound.



Just as abrasive cleaning powders can wear away a shiny finish, abrasive remarks can wear away a listener’s patience.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like embarrassive; so when your remarks are so embarrassing, it must be abrasive remarks.

(ADJ.) rubbing away; causing irritation or annoyance.



The government ha ensured the the flood would soon subside and people will able to settle to their home safely soon.

Trick to Remember: subside = sub (total) + side (take aside); e.g., it is wise to take emotions aside while making decisions specially in court of law; so subside must be something to less or moderate.

(ADJ.) moderate; sink to a lower level; become less active.



Although her rich banker boyfriend lavished gifts on her, she didn’t want to be with someone she didn’t really love.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like lovish; when someone has lovish characteristics, he is generous, hence he is lavish.

(NOUN) liberal; wasteful; generous or wasteful in giving or using; abundant; profuse; great.



The Civil Right Act of 1964 was a landmark in the battle for equality..

Trick to Remember: Landmark = land (area) + mark (spot); a spotted or marked area or even is landmark; it’s something marked by the most significant.

(ADJ.) Object that stands out; very important place or event.



Accustomed to editing his papers on word processors, Ahmed thought typewriters were too obsoleted for him to use.

Trick to Remember: obsolete = ab sale it, meaning now sale it; when something is worthless for you you sale it on olx.

(ADJ.) old-fashioned; outdated; no longer used; outmoded.



At this critical juncture of our country, let us think carefully before determining the course we shall follow.

Trick to Remember: Junction is the act of joining, or a place where two things meet, esp. railroad lines or roads. Also a junction is a point that needs extra care while driving a car or train, so juncture is also a critical point.

(NOUN) crisis; point in time; joining point; joint; act of joining.



At this critical juncture of our country, let us think carefully before determining the course we shall follow.

Trick to Remember: Junction is the act of joining, or a place where two things meet, esp. railroad lines or roads. Also a junction is a point that needs extra care while driving a car or train, so juncture is also a critical point.

(ADJ.) crisis; point in time; joining point; joint; act of joining.



Imran Khan said in press conference that food is in scant supply in KPK province of Pakistan, during war against terrorists; It’s price increase significantly.

Trick to Remember: When a tangent is drawn to the circle, and the distance from its radius to the line (hypotenuse) is given, It’s enough information to solve the question; while when a secant(close to scant) is drawn to a circle, and the distance of the point to the radius of circle is given, here information is not sufficient to answer the question. Also it’s very close to sikka (sharp area of a pencil) which is of very small.

(NOUN) inadequate; insufficient; not enough; very small in size or amount.



The computer is no longer a novelty around the office.

Trick to Remember: It’s famous dialogue in punjabi movies, “navan aya e sonya”. It’s newness or original uprising like a hero; so novel means newness.

(NOUN) New, fresh, original.



When Edward VII abdicated the British throne, he surprised the entire world.

Trick to Remember: abdicate = ab (away) + dictatorship (status to rule on a nation); so when someone give away his position as a dictatorship, that shows he’s abdicate.

(ADJ.) give up some position or status.



As the first black president of Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama presented an estimable reuse when he ran for President in 2008.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from esteem (self-esteem = self-respect); also it has roots with estimate which means calculate.

(ADJ.) worthy of esteem; admirable; deserving esteem; possible to estimate.



I simply cannot dissolve any more sugar into this iced tea–it’s saturated
rick to Remember: It’s come from the root ‘satus’ which has derived from satisfy. So when something is soaked completely it’s saturate; similarly in chemistry we used this word many times; a saturated solution of salt and water has no further capacity to solve further salt, because it’s fully satisfied.

(NOUN) soak thoroughly; imbue; charge; fill to capacity.



Day-by-day, electricity is exacting in Pakistan, specially in summer season; because it’s consumption is very high in summer; people start using Air Conditioners that consume lots of power.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from exactly, which means absolutely or completely; when you demand something, you want to get it 100%, without any compromise.

(VERB) extremely demanding; requiring precious attention..


nevertheless / nonetheless

We are not at all prepared to climb this mountain K2, nonetheless we are going to try.

Trick to Remember: nonetheless = none-the-less; break this word up to examine its meaning: None-the-less means that the statement you’ve just made does not diminish or make less what comes next.

(VERB) despite of; inspite of.



Don’t just hint around that you’re dissatisfied: be explicit about what’s bugging you.

Trick to Remember: Explicit = explain clearly; when someone says something explicitly, he is speaking free from emotions or ambiguity.

(ADJ.) totally clear; definite; outspoken; fully revealed; direct in speech.



I thought my answer was correct, but it was erroneous; it’s usually in case of tricky questions.

Trick to Remember: It has clearly derived from ‘error’ which means ‘mistake’.

(NOUN) Mistaken, in error; improper, morally incorrect.



Investors become anxious when the Karachi Stock Market appears erratic; they want a consistent progressive return on their investment.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from error; when there is no consistency in the performance, it’s erratic or waving, due to some error or perhaps blunders. Please don’t confuse this with ‘erotic’, which means ‘passionate love’ or ‘sexual love’.

(VERB) Inconsistent, wandering, having no fixed course; odd; irregular in movement or behavior; unpredictable.



The defense called several respectable witnesses who were able to refute the false testimony of the prosecution’s only witness.

Trick to Remember: It’s sound like refuse which means ‘rejects’. When someone refute some arguments or judgement, he is going to reject it.

(VERB) Prove to be false; disprove; prove to be false.



For letter of recommendation, students supplicate their professors to recommend them for carry-on their higher studies in the relevant field.

Trick to Remember: During matric or intermediate, few students do Supplementary exams on the subjects in which they fail; this supplementary exam is only possible after sending a form containing humble request to grant a chance.

(VERB) Beg, ask or seek in humble way; humble request to grant a favor.



For many people, Kala Bagh dam is a fanciful scheme because it does not consider the facts,e.g, lot of people are against this.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from fancy, which is mostly use in women clothing or fabrics; e.g., a fancy design or style; so it’s some kind of imaginative, like fantastic, that is, exactly what was imagined.

(ADJ.) Imaginary; freely imaginative rather than based on reason or reality.



You’ll not have enough time to enumerate all the steps involving in solving the math questions during GAT exam; so practice is essential to get answer accurately without enumerating the each steps and skip time-wasting steps to find the answer speedily but accurately.

Trick to Remember: Don’t confuse skeptical and cynical. In GAT Reading Comprehension passage, an author might be skeptical (a very appropriate attitude for a scientist, for instance), but would never be cynical.

(ADJ.) list; mention one by one.