GAT Vocabulary List-12

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-12

GAT Vocabulary List-12

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




The campaign was highly negative in tone; each candidate tried to discredit the other.

Trick to Remember: The root ‘cred’ means belief; the reverse of belief is disbelief or discredit.

(ADJ.) Injure the reputation of; destroy confidence in.



After starting jobs, the time to reminisce about bygone days of graduation with cheering friends was pretty much all the time.

Trick to Remember: bygone = bye + gone; that is saying bye to something or someone that has gone (past).

(NOUN) Past; former.



The soldier trained to be part of covert operations, moving silently and remaining out of the enemy’s sight.

Trick to Remember: In a video game known as I.G.I Project (Covert Strike); we try to kill opponent soldiers secretly.

(NOUN) Secret, undercover.



After Imran Khan jalsa on Minar-e-Pakistan, news anchors and columnists of Geo & Co. started making counterpoints of Mr. Khan’s speech in his jalsa.

Trick to Remember: We hear word many times like counter-attack; e.g, I.S.I has countered the attack by R.A&W and Moosad; but it couldn’t be countered by other agencies, that’s its perfection. Also a game named as I.G.I project (counter strike). So counter means to negate or oppose.

(ADJ) Contrasting item, opposite.



Noted for his temperate appetite, he seldom drink alcohols.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from temperature; a moderate temperature is most suitable, or favorable for the growth; so a temperance should be of moderate or self-control.

(VERB) moderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate.



In advance study plan for GAT, the quantitative and analytical sections are exhaustive enough that it covers all possible scenarios that students must know in order to answer any type of questions from these two sections.

Trick to Remember: Please don’t confuse this word with exhaust or exhausting, which means ‘having lost one’s original power’. It’s exhaustive; this because, when someone work so hard that cause him so tired, but it makes the word so through and comprehensive.

(ADJ.) Comprehensive; very thorough; accounting for all possibilities.



The leader of the group was held responsible even though he could not control the fanaticism of his followers.

Trick to Remember: It drives from the urdu word fana (a name of bollywood movie of Amir Khan). It’s about excessive love, with a blind girl.

(ADJ.) Excessively devoted, enthusiast, or zealous in an uncritical way; extreme devotion to a belief or cause.



Nothing has changed in our country; things are static here; no progress at all.

Trick to Remember: When someone or something remains in a constant state (root of static), it’s static.

(VERB) Fixed, not moving or changing; lacking development.



Liberal reformers in Pakistan in 2001, pushed for freedom of speech and freedom of press.

Trick to Remember: It’s comes from liberty; we have a liberty market in Gulberg, Lahore; it’s name was suggested so that people can buy things by freedom of their wish or the freedome of choice(price + taste); whichever they like.

(NOUN) Generous; believing in maximum possible individual freedom; tolerant; open-minded.



New research seems to support the idea that humans have an inherent sense of justice–even babies become upset at the upper shows depicting unfairness.

Trick to Remember: Inherent = in + here by nature; this means when something is inherent, it’s there naturally; for instance a inherent habit of moving hands while talking.

(ADJ.) Existing as a permanent, essential quality; firmly established by nature or habit.



I am afraid you’ve done the assignment wrong–the point of making a timeline is to put the information in chronological order. You’ve made an alphabetical-order-line instead.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from chronicle, which means in step by step orderly arrangement; just like chronicle order or arrangement.

(VERB) Arranged in order.



Inter-Services-Intelligence (I.S.I) is an autonomous body of organization which is independent of any rules and laws of Pakistan; even Pakistani law it-self has made this an independent organization, or above all rules or laws; this autonomy is teasing to many people who are against Pakistan independence.

Trick to Remember: It has root with ‘auto’ or ‘automatic’, an automatic machine is independent of human interventions; it has self-control system.

(ADJ.) Self-governing; independent.



She called our attention to the things that had been done in an analogous situation and recommended that we do the same.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from analogy, which means similarity; moving through bike near canal(anal-) is similar to swimming in it, fresh air in the surrounding makes that analogy.

(VERB) comparable; similar.



I dislike celebrities who have an arrogant sense of entitlement.

Trick to Remember: It originally referred to investing a person with a title, as in “King Khan” to Sharukh Khan. It can also mean a government benefit, as in “Social Security payments and other entitlements”.

(ADJ.) Having the right to certain privileges; believing, sometimes without cause, that one deserves.



He was concerned only with mundane matters, especially the daily stock market quotations.

Trick to Remember: It’s close to man-done; man done his jobs daily; it’s an ordinary and common practice in Pakistan that man do work, for his whole family.

(NOUN) Common; worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; of the ordinary.



Modest by nature, she was no braggart, preferring to let her accomplishments speak for themselves.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from moderate, which means to reduce or lessen. A modest attitude is a moderate one; Similarly a modest outfit is a suitable and decent dressing rather than a much awkwardly fashionable one.

(ADJ.) Humble; simple rather than showy; decent; small, limited.



Once the dictator was assassinated, the country fell into total anarchy, as none of the opposition groups were strong enough to seize power.
Trick to Remember: It sounds like anna (blind) a blind governance is called anarchy; that means there is no government.

(NOUN) Absence of law or government’ chaos, disorder.



Donna was only an intern, but she was also quite principled–although she knew it would kill her shot at a full-time job, she was the one who alerted the authorities when asked to violate federal law via corrupt accounting practices.

Trick to Remember: A principle is a moral rule. And a principal is the headmaster of a school, and principal a an adjective means first or most important. Thus one can say something like ‘My principal principle is never to lie.

(ADJ.) Having high moral standards.



An American in Saudi Arabia should study the culture beforehand so as to avoid violating deeply conservative cultural mores.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds like moral; a moral customs or believe is called mores.

(ADJ.) Customs, manners, or morals of a particular group.



Crying “No taxation without representation,” the colonists demonstrated against England’s power to levy taxes.

Trick to Remember: levy = heavy; a tax imposed by government is heavy burden on poor.

(ADJ.) impose (a fine); collect (a payment); impose or collect (a tax).



He is naive, simple, and guileless; he cannot be guilty of fraud.

rick to Remember: We know that there are three major defensive forces of Pakistan: Pak Army, Pak Air-force and Pak Navy (close to naive). The first two are stronger than the third one; we didn’t have our own submarine. So Pak Navy is naive that’s it’s not sophisticated as Pak Army and Pak Airforce are.

(VERB) Simple and unsophisticated; lacking worldly experience and critical judgment.



Obama administration (Democratic) is likewise the Bush administration (Republican); we can’t see any change in the system and policy.

Trick to Remember: likewise = like (same) + wise (way); so it’s meaning ‘in same way’. When someone says ‘Nice to meet you’ you could say, ‘likewise’.

(VERB) Also, in addition to; similarly; in the same way.



The ships in the harbor were not discernible in the fog.

Trick to Remember: Discerning = dis (not) + cerka hua (mind cerka hua); so discerning means able to perceive or distinguish mentally.

(NOUN) Mentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments.



Lawyers who bill by the hour have to be sure to log all the time they spend on every client’s case.

Trick to Remember: Of course, a log ha a root with catalogue which is a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically.

(ADJ.) record of a voyage or flight; record of day-to- day activities.


layperson / layman

The special terminology developed by some authorities in the field has done more to confuse laypersons than to enlighten them.

Trick to Remember: layperson = laymen; it’s an opposite of law-men, which is a professional; lay means inactive or lay down; so laymen is a person who is inactive as a professional; In other words “laita hua man” (in Urdu).

(NOUN) a person who is not a professional (e.g, lawyer, doctor or clergyman).



Students converged in the parking lot to say goodbye after graduation.

Trick to Remember: converge = con (together) + verge (tending to), that means unite; It’s basically opposite of diverge which means break in more than 1 angles, e.g., the sunlight has diverged the tree into two.

(ADJ.) To move towards a point esp. to the centre; approach; tend to meet; come together.



Imran Khan has proud to be a catalyst for reforms in the politics of Pakistan; now politics is no more abut critics, it’s changed to self-evaluation in declaring assets to the public.

Trick to Remember: In chemistry, we studied that catalysts are chemical agents that just enhance speed of chemical reaction, but don’t become part of the reaction; so catalyst is causer of change.

(NOUN) Causer of change.



The special prosecutor determined that the Attorney General, though inept, had not intentionally set out to impede the progress of the investigation.

Trick to Remember: Impede contains the root ‘per’ which mean ‘feet’, also occurring in pedestrian or pedal. Impede thus has the sense of shackling the feet, preventing movement.

(ADJ.) hide; retard or obstruct the progress of; block.



We tried to mollify the hysterical child by promising her many gifts.

Trick to Remember: Mollify shares a root ‘soften’ with emollient, which means soothing or softening remedy (for the skin).

(ADJ.) Calm or soothe (an angry person); lessen or soften.



The reasoning of government representative is fallacious because it leads to a ridiculous answer.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like false; when someone reasoning is false or misleading, it’s fallacious. It’s derived from fallacy.

(ADJ.) Containing a fallacy, or mistake in logic; logically unsound; deceptive; illogical.



The critic’s caustic remarks angered the hapless politician who was serving as Ministry of Water & Electricity in Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: We use caustic soda (vinegar) which is harsh in taste when touch with tongue directly. A caustic remarks that spoken directly to a person is bitting to him.

(ADJ.) burning; corrosive; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful.



The remarks of the government representative about the Model Town incident of Tahir-ul-Qadri workers was clearly apocryphal; How can be police kill more than 10 people and injure more than 80 people without the government permission?

Trick to Remember: apo-cry-phal = apny ap cry to get hal(solution); when someone cry on something so highly, As indian did in UN, that is a questionable and not authentic.

(ADJ.) Of questionable authenticity; false.



A forthcoming exhibit at the art museum that is eagerly awaited by connoisseurs of ancient Greek pottery

Trick to Remember: Connoisseur comes, through French, from the Latin ‘cognoscere’, meaning ‘to know’, which also gives us cognition.

(ADJ.) person competent to act as a judge of art; a lover of an art.



After a year in doing his job responsibilities, he hoped to be promoted to a more elevated position.

Trick to Remember: We use elevator (which is a lift) to go to high flour without using stairs; so elevate means uplift. Also in Maths we know the angle of elevation is the upper angle made by a tree with it’s shadow; the angle of depression is the lower angle made by shadow other than 90 degree.

(ADJ.) Rise, lift up; move up to a higher rank or status.



To lose one’s marbles is a figurative expression; if you’re told Bilal has lost his marbles, no one expects you to rush out to buy him a replacement set.

Trick to Remember: A figurative as it’s root ‘figure’ describe that it’s not a literal; it’s only limited to figures, not a theoretical or reality.

(ADJ.) not literal but metaphorical; containing many figures of speech (as fancy-sounding writing).



The purpose of a shield is to deflect the attacks through bullets from an enemy.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds like heaven, which is a most safe and comfort place.

(ADJ.) Turn aside, esp. from a straight course; avoid.



It was difficult to step out of one’s place in this hierarchy, because the rules are much strict; if someone want to get out of his place, he needs approval from it’s top hierarchy.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like reflect; when the radiation of sun reflects from a mirror; this results the radiation to be deflected towards the other side, rather than straight forward. Also it sounds like different, when a radition suddenly go in different direction rather than straight forward, it’s tend to be deflected.

(NOUN) arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks.



Although it seems counterintuitive, for some extreme dieters, eating more can actually help them to lose weight, since the body is reassured that it is not facing a period of prolonged starvation.

Trick to Remember: counterintuitive = counter (against) + intuitive (biased); so when a decision is made on bases of facts and evidences, it’s not a biased decision; in other words, it’s a counterintuitive.

(NOUN) Against what one would intuitively expect.



Our Political system is that the opposition negates the government in corruption, as a result government also negate the opposition in their corruption, when opposition was in government, after that both becomes silence; neither of one defends himself nor proves the allegation to be false.

Trick to Remember: Of course, negate is the same word we use in math, as in “To negate both sides of the equation, multiply through by -1.”

(ADJ.) Deny or refute; make void or cause to be ineffective; cancel out; nullify.



Stop giggling abd wriggling around in the pew; such levity is improper in courtroom.

Trick to Remember: It comes from Latin word for ‘lightness’ which also gives us elevator, lever, leaven and levitate (to cause to float, such as in a magic show).

(ADJ.) lack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity; lightness of manner.



His early travels were just a preamble to his later adventures.

rick to Remember: Preamble literally means ‘walk before’. The root for ‘walk’ is also found in amble, which means able to walk.

(NOUN) Introductory statement, preface.



In the spring, the plants that burgeon are a promise of the beauty that is to come.

Trick to Remember: In Pakistan, Burj Bank is growing rapidly; so burgeon means grow rapidly.

(NOUN) grow rapidly; grow forth.



The Web site provides a virtual tour of the stadium with live football match.

Trick to Remember: We study in physics that when an object is placed in front of a mirror, it creates it’s virtual image or unreal person. Similarly a virtual memory (RAM) is a slot that saves data only for temporary basis, on other hand hard-disk is a real memory because it saves the data actually and permanently.

(VERB) Existing only in the mind or by means of computer network; existing in essence though not in actual form.



This latest arrest will exacerbate the already existing discontent of the people and enrage them.

Trick to Remember: It shares its roots with acerbate or acerbic which means bitter or make harsh.

(ADJ.) make worsen; embitter; aggravate.



America has a new technology of controlled demolition during which it’s entire old and useless building imploded in a matter of seconds; without any loss of it’s nearby buildings.

Trick to Remember: Of course, it’s the opposite of explode; which means burst outward.

(NOUN) burst inward.



The continuous reading of vocabulary lulled Bilal to sleep.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds like dull, which means boring; when the excitement comes to an end, it’s the start of lull or dull time.

(VERB) Soothe or cause to fall asleep; quiet down.



“You can take the GAT exam when I deem you ready, and not a moment before,” said the instructor.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds like dean, who is the head of faculty and is the judge for any sort of decision.

(VERB) Judge; consider.



The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly is typical of many such changes in animal life.

Trick to Remember: Metamorphosis = meta (change) + morph (shape; so the different forms and structure of organisms are named as metamorphosis.

(VERB) change of form or shape.



Most cop movies feature heroes (like chulbul pandey in ‘Dabangg’ Bollywood movie) that are maverick police officers, breaking all the rules, blowing things up, and getting their guns confiscated by the chief–but ultimately saving the day.

Trick to Remember: This word sounds very awkward; Maverick must be someone who is always disagree within a group or society. Just as maverick calf doesn’t bear a mark of ownership, a political maverick doesn’t belong to any party.

(ADJ.) rebel; nonconformist (in a group).



The finesse and adroitness of the surgeon impressed the observers in the operating room.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like fineness, which means delicateness or appropriateness; so it’s some sort of good skill.

(ADJ.) delicate skill.