GAT Vocabulary List-13

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-13

GAT Vocabulary List-13

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




Faiza is very loquacious and can speak on the telephone for hours; that’s why she has seen his career as a customer service representative.

Trick to Remember: The root ‘low’ means ‘speech’ and also appears in eloquent meaning ‘efficient speaker’.

(ADJ.) Talkative, wordy.



In modern era, courts are filled with the cases of such a base crimes that includes the killing of newly born children.

Trick to Remember: In a right angle triangle, the base is the lower side, signifying that it’s something morally low or inferior in value.

(NOUN) Morally low or bad; contemptible; inferior in value or quality.



This article is too verbose; nobody has enough time to read the whole article, so we must edit it to make it brief and to the point.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like wordose ‘using plenty of words’; a verbose person is too much talkative to be tedious for others.

(NOUN) Wordy.



The police noticed some discrepancies in his description of the crime and did not believe him.

Trick to Remember: Discrepancy = dis + credulity; when someone gives discrepant information, you tend to be disbelieve on it, because it’s giving against what information you have already.

(NOUN) Difference or inconsistency; lack of consistency or agreement as between facts.



The smell of baking bread permeated the kitchen because the smell spreads everywhere in the kitchen.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like permit, which means to allow to pass, e.g., the failed student was permitted to the next class after his application to the secondary school principle; so giving or allowing to spread of something is permeate.

(ADJ.) Spread or penetrate throughout; pass through.



The archaeologists dug up countless artifacts, from simple pottery shards and coins to complex written tablets.

Trick to Remember: Artifact = art (manual skill) + fact (factory which signifies ‘to make’).

(ADJ.) object made by human, esp. from an earlier times.



When they unearthed the city, the archeologists found many relics of an ancient civilization.

Trick to Remember: Unearth = un (not or out of) + earth (inside the earth); old people saved their jewellery in secretly place inside the earth; so unearth means to disclose that secrete.

(ADJ.) Dig up; uncover; expose; discover (facts) by careful searching.



Many club members avoided the company of the garrulous junior executive because his content chatter bored them to tears.

Trick to Remember: It adds the sense of going off-topic or being tiresome. Fore, instance, a very long-winded but informative academic paper would be prolix or verbose, but not garrulous.

(VERB) Talkative, wordy; verbose.



My professor of project management is so fastidious that she had copious reasons for rejecting any proposal.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from copies, which are in large numbers.

(NOUN) Plentiful



When he saw the enemy troops advancing, he had a craven impulse to run for his life.

Trick to Remember: Living in the cave(sounds like craven) for since birth, a wild-man has lack of courage to talk to the people who live in compressed area where people always talk to each other and have lots of confidence to talk to the high rank official esp. prime minister.

(ADJ.) Lacking courage; very cowardly.



After divorce, husband and wife forfeit all their rights to their ex-life-partner.

Trick to Remember: It’s somewhat close to defeat in meaning, but difference is when the team defeated, it struggled hard for victory but didn’t achieved it; on other hand, forfeit means to surrender or accept himself to be defeated without struggling for victory.

(ADJ.) something surrendered as punishment for a crime or breach of contract.



An exponent of clean fuel, he petitioned the state government to commit to replacing conventional energy with solar and wind energy where possible.

Trick to Remember: In math, exponent is the power on an integer; it mean when an integer has some exponents, it must be expands and multiplied with itself equal to the value of exponent; So exponent is something expend or explain or some sort of power or representative.

(NOUN) Person who expounds or explains’ champion, advocate or representative.



A vacation is a fine time to practice hedonism, letting your troubles go and pursuing massages as though it’s your life mission.

Trick to Remember: hedonist = seeking whatever comes to mind or whatever seems to be pleasing the mind.

(VERB) Person devoted to pleasure.



The wealthy politicians could not understand the ascetic life led by the poor people.

Trick to Remember: Please don’t confuse ascetic with aesthetic, which means ‘pertaining to beauty or good taste’; it shares it’s root with acetic which means bitter or sever; that signify its meaning as ‘leading to a life without pleasure or comfort’.

(ADJ.) practicing self-denial; avoiding physical pleasures and comforts



Lost in the woods for over 24 hours, the children were eventually found sleeping under a makeshift tent made from branches of trees

Trick to Remember: In case of war or other trouble situation, refugees make their equipments and family shift from one place to other for temporary safety; so makeshift means temporary suitable action.

(NOUN) temporary expedient or substitute (in the case of urgent need).



Present mega projects by Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore, Punjab has been unprecedented; such projects were never done before.

Trick to Remember: unprecedented = un (not) + precedented (preceding); that makes a sense of never preceding; in other words never come before.

(ADJ.) Never before known or seen, without having happened previously; having no previous example; novel.



Based on their extrapolation from the results of the primaries on Super Tuesday, the networks predicted that George Bush would be the Republican candidate for the presidency.

Trick to Remember: extrapolate = extra + plotting; which means making inference or prediction from few information.

(NOUN) infer (unknown information) from known information.



Though not as a profession of cartography, Ahmed was able to construct a map of the fictional world.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like cartoon-grapher; which is the created of cartoons in many pages in such a way that the sudden flip of each page one-by-one gives the movement of the cartoon; so cartography is the art of making design about maps.

(VERB) Profession of map-making.



In exams like CSS, when you write an essay with so well documented examples, it will definitely gives you high score.

Trick to Remember: We have heard many times ‘create documentary evidence of’ esp. in court or criminal proceedings; so document give an idea of written or physical proof.

(ADJ.) Support with evidence; cite sources in a detailed way.



When the admission application filled with dubious record of qualifications, personal statement or recommendation letters, it’s not considered for review.

Trick to Remember: Dubious is related to the Latin word for ‘two’, perhaps in the sense of there being two explanations for something–the one presented, and the true one being hidden.

(VERB) Doubtful; questionable.



All the eulogies of his friends could not remove the sting of the calumny heaped upon him by his enemies.

rick to Remember: ‘Eu’ is a Greek root for ‘good’ like ‘Europe’, and logos means ‘discourse’; so eulogy is describing good deeds of someone.

(VERB) expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone’s death.



The pretentious couple always serves caviar at their parties, even though they themselves dislike it.

Trick to Remember: It shares it’s roots with pretend(making a false show of something); So pretentious means something showy.

(VERB) Claiming or demanding a position of importance or dignity, esp. when unjustified; showing off, creating a deceptive, false show of worth.



Because she felt no desire to marry, she was indifferent to his constant proposals by her lover.

Trick to Remember: indifferent = not different; looks like n ordinary or dull, because the style of your dress is not different, which has lack of attraction.

(NOUN) unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad; not caring, impartial.



We tried to understand the jargon of the strange person in the market place but could not find any basis for comprehension.

Trick to Remember: jargon = joking + arguments; when joking arguments (jargon) made in a court room, by a lawyer, it’s unintelligible language used inside the court.

(NOUN) language used by special group; technical terminology; gibberish; nonsensical or incoherent talk.



She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.

Trick to Remember: Of course it shares its roots with reconcile which means equate; e.g, reconciling the current accounting record with the bank statement to check any error; Similarly National Reconciliation Ordinance (N.R.O) is the made with evil intention to sooth the angry politicians by saving them in their corruption cases.

(NOUN) reconciling; soothing; win the friendly feeling (by removing anger).



Hamid is avid for learning and read everything he could get including novels, articles or editorials; this helped his comprehension; as a result he got very high score in GAT.

Trick to Remember: In a right angle triangle, the base is the lower side, signifying that it’s something morally low or inferior in value.

(ADJ.) greediness for; extremely eager for; passionate about; enthusiastic.



While the cosmetics division of of textile industry has many female executives, it’s an anomaly–in the rest of the company, sadly, only 4% of management positions are filled by women.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like abnormally, which is it’s meaning; The show X-Files was about the investigation of anomalies.

(NOUN) Irregularity; deviation from what is common; inconsistency.



I do need the cash, but I’m not signing up for this psychological experiment unless you delineate what’s going to happen.

Trick to Remember: It, of course, shares a root with line, which is used for making sketches.

(ADJ.) Mark the outline of; sketch; describe in detail.



Dogs have a keen sense of smell, therefore it has been considered in airport police for stoppage of smuggling drugs.

Trick to Remember: It drives from ‘can’ which means ‘be able to’, when you are mentally sharp enough you ‘can’ solve any math high difficulty level question; that shows your keenness.

(ADJ.) (of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; intense (of a feeling).



In politics of Pakistan, opposition always antipathy the government, which obstruct the progress of government; while in developed countries, opposition is only oppose the government where necessary.

Trick to Remember: antipathy = anti (against or opposed to) + pathy (path, way or opinion). Please don’t confuse antipathy with apathy, which means ‘indifference, or not caring’.

(ADJ.) Dislike or opposition; aversion.



Faced by the adverse circumstances from the public on Geo T.V PEMRA has compelled it to close its business for short duration.

Trick to Remember: Adverse = add (further addition) + inverse (going against); So it’s very harmful or too much opposing; adverse appears in ‘adverse criticism’.

(ADJ.) going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile.



In politics we have seen, whenever there is a clash of interests, political parties have disjointed.

Trick to Remember: Disjointed = dis (not) + joined (as Indians have joined families, means they live within same home); similarly, in math, disjointed means having no common elements, as in ‘The set of all odd integers and the set of all even integers are disjointed, it can seen in van-diagram.

(NOUN) Disconnected; not coherent; separated.



After considering the effect of alcohol on his athletic performance, he decided to abstain from drinking while he trained for the race.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like absent, which is not present or avoid from present. So abstain is to avoid or refrain from doing something.

(ADJ.) refrain; withhold from participation; intentionally not use one’s vote.



He was compliant and ready to go along with his friends’ desires.

Trick to Remember: It’s derived from ‘comply with the wishes of’; a compliant friend is the best friend, he always keeps company with you.

(ADJ.) Obeying, submissive; following the requirements.



Politics of our country is filled with defamatory languages; opposition tries to defame the government, while government tries to defame the opposition; in such way there is no future progress coming.

Trick to Remember: defamatory = de (reduce; like in degrade = reduce in grade, value or reputation) + fame; so when someone’s negatively fame a person, he is defaming him.

(NOUN) reconciling; soothing; win the friendly feeling (by removing anger).



The lawyer is conversant with all the evidence, whether it’s true or fake, because of his tremendous expertise.

Trick to Remember: Conversant = con (together) + versant (e.g., verses of some holy book); When you come together to study the verses of a holy book, you gets knowledge.

(ADJ.) familiar with; having knowledge of.



The lawyer objected that the testimony being offered was not germane to the case at hand.

Trick to Remember: it’s sounds like Germany, which is one of suitable country for study or jobs.

(NOUN) Relevant and appropriate.



Many Pakistani students abhor reading comprehension section of GAT; because they abhor to read long passages; for them it’s a tiresome work; but when they face such questions in exams, they got upset on hating this.

Trick to Remember: It’s also a word of Punjab ‘ab hor!’ which means ‘now more!’, If something is so disliking and it comes again, what you say? ‘now more?’ It intolerable.

(NOUN) Detest; hate; dislike.



For many young adults, Imran Khan is the spearhead of Pakistani people, whether he votes to him or not; but for others, Nawas Sharif, because of his experience and learning past mistakes, is the spearhead of this nation.

Trick to Remember: Spearhead = spear (Shakespeare, a wise person) + head (which gives a sense of some high rank e.g., head-master).

(ADJ.) Be the leader of.



Scholarship decision panel makes impartial evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications, personal statement, letter of recommendation and test score that does not consider age, gender, or race; even the people living in areas of worst economic conditions are much encouraged.

Trick to Remember: Impartial = Im (impossible or never be) + partial (incomplete, injustice or unfair); An impartiality in judiciary is the key for have the best judiciary system, as we see in England.

(ADJ.) Not biased; fair.



A dog’s fidelity to its owner is one of the reasons why that animal is a favorite household pet.

rick to Remember: It has driver from Urdu word ‘faida’ means ‘beneficial’; So a loyal helper is always beneficial.

(NOUN) loyalty; accuracy.



When a business incorporates, it becomes a separate legal entity.

Trick to Remember: It contains the Latin word ‘corpus’ (body), also corpse (dead body); Also in Pakistan, very big companies (which are under the definition of a person in Finance), are known as Corporations, which are bodily form or established as a person.

(VERB) Bintroduce something into a larger whole; include; embody; give material form to.



The police fired tear gas into crowd to disperse the protesters protesting against government.

Trick to Remember: Disperse = dis (against or not) + perse; a thieve snaches the perse of a lady and go quickly to disappear; that’s disperse ‘spread widely’.

(VERB) Spread widely; cause to vanish; scatter.



The perfidious politician sold out his country’s secrets to the enemy in exchange for money and protection.

Trick to Remember: Only ‘apna faida sochny wall’ is named perfidious which makes sense of disloyal; to whom no-one can trust.

(ADJ.) unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad; not caring, impartial.



Audio books are almost always abridged, since few people want to listen to a 200-hour book.

Trick to Remember: It share its root with abbreviate, for instance M.A is an abbreviation of Master of Arts. A bridge gives a shortest way to pass a river or canal.

(NOUN) condense or shorten; reduce or lessen; shorten by omitting parts while retaining the main idea.



School boards often start controversies when replacing canonical books like ‘ethics’ in the curriculum with modern literature, while many people think students should read works more relevant to their lives.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like qanoonical (according to law); this signify it’s meaning as a body of accepted rules or standards.

(VERB) conforming to orthodox or recognized rules; pertaining to the accepted rules or standards.



Many people hate thinking of Tehrik-e-Talibaan Pakistan because of their illiberality; people want freedom of wishes and speeches, but T.T.P is against this.

Trick to Remember: Illiberality = ill (illegal or against) + liberal (freedom of expression or wishes).

(VERB) Narrow-mindedness, strictness or lack of generosity.



Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.

Trick to Remember: It share its root with line; for instance, kids use line in their each page of homework to separate essay area with the boarder of the page. Also it sounds like alone, which signify it’s meaning as become distant.

(VERB) make unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of.



The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President (e.g., Bhutto) may aggrandize his power to act aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of his own political party.

Trick to Remember: it’s sound like ‘aggressively optimize’ which is to make greater.

(ADJ.) Make greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor.



Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi has abjured his allegiance to Mian Nawaz Sharif, by leaving PMLn and joining PTI.

Trick to Remember: Abjure = ab (now) + jure (use in ‘hath jure k request karna to stop the non-sense); so abjure must be to give-up under oath.

(ADJ.) give up on oath or in formal way.