GAT Vocabulary List-14

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-14

GAT Vocabulary List-14

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




In Pakistan, from May to August are torrid months that workers are very tiresome to work due to very high temperature.

Trick to Remember: It sounds close to tornado, that destroys everything in its way, so torrid is also in same way distorting because it’s too hot to burn things. In different context it’s meaning is ‘passionate about something’. Also the ‘torrid zone’ is the region of Earth between the tropics.

(ADJ.) (of weather) Very hot; passionate; burning.



She is as wily as a fox in avoiding trouble, therefore she is famous as one of the top most manager.

Trick to Remember: One whose mind is sharp enough that he can fulfil his will, or wishes in younger age, he has wily mind.

(NOUN) Crafty; cunning; artful.



Hoping to preempt any attempts by the opposition to make educational reform a hot political issue, Imran Khan set out his own plan in KPK Province to revitalize the public schools.

Trick to Remember: pre-empt = pre (before something) + empt (empty); To prevent the water shortage before water reservoirs become empty is known as preempt.

(VERB) Prevent; take the place of, supplant; take before someone else can.



Mr. Zafar has paid respectful attention to the home schooling movement by meeting with its advocates and endorsing their cause.
Trick to Remember: It shares its root with advise, which means to speak for giving benefit or help; a personal lawyer is, therefore, also named advocate, because he pleads for a cause on behalf of his client.

(ADJ) stick fast; be a devoted follower; loyal.



After 65 years of age, Mr. Imran got retired by lassitude age, and started using medicines to overcome his tiredness and pains in bones.

Trick to Remember: In summers, no-one can prepare for the GAT after drinking lassi (a kind of cold drink which reduce temperature inside the body, that result to very much sleep); lassitude = lassi (lazy) + tude, so lassitude = laziness or tiredness.

(VERB) Listlessness; tiredness’ weariness’; lack of energy.



Fatima complacently received kudos on his performance in his GAT exam from his entourage.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like ‘cute’, meaning so beautiful, and ‘muqaddas’ (Urdu word) meaning holy.

(ADJ.) Praise; honor; congratulations.



The aggregate wealth of this country is staggering to the imagination.

Trick to Remember: It’s same as gross amount; we use aggregate demands and aggregate sales to describe the total or accumulate the amounts.

(ADJ.) Sum; total; gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to.



Since the change in government, out economic condition has outstripped significantly as compare to previous decade.

Trick to Remember: This word contains ‘out-‘ which indicates it’s meaning ‘beyond limits’ or ‘exceeding’, such as in ‘outweigh’ and ‘outshine’. To out pace is the be faster than; to outwit or outfox is to be more clever than and to outbrave is to be more brave than.

(VERB) Exceed; be larger or better than; leave behind.



My physician is always admonishing me to eat more healthy foods especially during my tough preparation of GAT exam.

Trick to Remember: admonish = add + monish (close to punish); so it’s basically in addition to punish. There are better ways in addition to punish a person to change his bad habits, that is, to advise him or to speak him with mild scold in gentle way.

(VERB) Warn or speak to with gentle disapproval; mildly scold; caution; advise; to tell or urge (someone) to do something.



Faiza was such a last-minute worker that she could never start writing a paper till the deadline was imminent.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like ‘aik-minute’ (‘aik’ is an Urdu word meaning ‘one’); So when one minute is remaining before coming a natural disaster, it means it’s very near to occur.

(ADJ.) Impending; near at hand; ready to occur.



Mr. Abid was profoundly disappointed when the project he had worked on for fifteen years had failed.

Trick to Remember: Profound = pro (after something) + found (e.g., I am found of cricket); So profound must mean something too much insightful or deeply penetration into a subject.

(VERB) Very insightful; deep; not superficial; complete.



The present constitution of Pakistan has superseded the previous constitutions that were effective till 1973.

Trick to Remember: Super-sede = super (above all) + sede; word super- appears in many words which means being at the top. So when a new toper comes, it replace the previous top student in a class.

(ADJ.) Replace, take the position of; cause to be disregarded as void, obsolete or set aside.



Mnemonics gives the lucid way of learning vocabulary; In this way you can learn words and remember it in long-run.

Trick to Remember: In summers, no-one can prepare for the GRE after drinking lussi (a kind of cold drink which reduce temperature inside the body, that result to very much sleep); lucid is the opposite of it, lucid concept is easy to learn.

(VERB) Easily understood; clear; intelligible.



Religious observance had been ingrained in him since birth; he could not remember a time when he didn’t pray five times a day.

Trick to Remember: It shares its root with ‘grain’ which is related to using plant parts for dye; something ingrained is suffused into the very fiber, like dye.

(ADJ.) deeply established; firmly rooted.



The graduation speaker delivered an austere message: the economy is bad, and academic success alone isn’t enough to succeed in the job market.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like sever; when someone live in sever condition that means he is living in austerity.

(NOUN) Without comfort or enjoyment; severely simple and unornamented; serious.



“Mian Nawaz Sharif is presumptive winner of the Election 2013″ said by Imran Khan, “because he made huge rigging in this election and consume lot of money to get illegal votes, even on 30% casting vote, Mian sb has made a victory speech, which was so ridiculous”

Trick to Remember: Presumptive = pre (before time) + assume; Please don’t confuse it with presumptuous, meaning assuming in an arrogant way.

(ADJ.) Based on inference or assumption; providing reasonable ground for belief.



After getting Commonwealth Scholarship, Imran has unseemly amounts of money, received through stipend, on himself, that he couldn’t save it for the future.

Trick to Remember: It’s the opposite of seemly which derived from ‘seem’ means ‘appear’; so seemly means something appearance that is seen; so unseemly should be something ‘not apparently’ or ‘not appropriate’. When the future is apparent, whether it’s good or bad, it’s good thing because we can make it good if it’s bad; but if the future is not apparent, it’s ambiguous and hence it’s inappropriate.

(NOUN) Not proper in behavior; indecent; inappropriate.



In need a good used car, I was vacillating between the Ford and the Hyundai until a recommendation from a friend help me decide.

Trick to Remember: It sounds a bit like Vaseline; when you vacillate, your decisions are quite slippery, as though coated in petroleum jelly. It also sounds like oscillate, which is its synonym.

(VERB) waver (in opinion); fluctuate; sway to and fro; be indecisive.



The stamp on the cheque failed to adhere the original stamp, therefore the banker refused to pay the cash.

Trick to Remember: adhere = add + here, means attaching two different kinds of things together, while cohere is used for the two things of the same kind.

(ADJ.) stick fast; be a devoted follower; loyal.



The timorous manner of Bilal betrayed the fear he felt before start of his GAT exam.

Trick to Remember: It’s similar to timid which means, shy or reserve, because of fear to discuss or talk due to lack of confidence.

(ADJ.) Fearful; demonstrating fear.



An officious little man, who always telling everyone else how to do their jobs, is disliked by the workers who better know how to perform their jobs.

rick to Remember: It has come from office; In office setup, everyone is eager to advice others which is unnecessary; it’s one of the obstacle in productivity in our country.

(VERB) Excessively eager in giving unwanted advice or intruding where one is not wanted; meddlesome, pushly.



When the opposing hockey team scored its third goal only minutes into the first period, the home team’s spirits flagged.

Trick to Remember: In Tom & Jerry cartoon, when Tom gets tired or accept defeat, it shows a flag which gives sign that he accepted the defeat.

(VERB) Get tired; lose enthusiasm; droop; grow feeble; decline in vigor or strength.



He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his master.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like electricity; where electricity is there, workers are cheerfully prompted to work, but without it, opposite trend is there.

(NOUN) cheerful promptness without reluctance; speedy willingness.



Knowledge is ubiquitous, but education is not; as knowledge is free but education is not.

Trick to Remember: After merger of many Banks in Pakistan, UBL (that initially sounds alike) has formed; it has, therefore, lots of branch network around Pakistan, so it’s everywhere.

(ADJ.) being everywhere; omnipresent.


offset/ layman

Property teas did go up this year, but the hit to our finances was offset by a reduction in fees paid to our homeowners association.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like upset or discouraged; somehing offset is ‘set off’ against something else, such as by acting as discourage or counterweight.

(NOUN) Counteract; compensate for; counterbalance.



If we could identify these revolutionary movements in their nascent state, we would be able to eliminate serious trouble in later years.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like ‘nestle’ a famous brand. it’s logo contains newly born sparrows in their nest; so nascent means coming into being or existence.

(ADJ.) Incipient; coming into being or existence; still developing.



As a firm believer in democratic government, she could not understand the apathy of people who never bothered to vote.

Trick to Remember: apathy = absence of pathy (derived from path, meaning direction or root); when someone shows absence of his mind in the class lecture, he is showing apathy, because the path is to comprehend the lecture, but he has lack of concern of it.

(NOUN) lack of caring; indifference; lack of concern or interest in important matters.



In Pakistan, textile firms are too stingy to raise salaries of its workers.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like an Urdu word ‘tungy’ means ‘miserly living’; so tungi in giving money is stinginess.

(ADJ.) Giving reluctantly; not generous with money; small in size or amount.



Imran Khan advised the government to stop being a sycophant of America; we are a sovereign nation, so we should do what’s our interest.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like psychologist who can make a person to tell everything what’s coming into his mind. This makes others to become fawning of psychologist.

(ADJ.) Servile flatterer; boot-licker; yes man; person who fawn in order to get ahead.



His style of interior decoration was eclectic: bits and pieces of furnishings from widely divergent periods, strikingly juxtaposed to create a unique color.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like elected; In democratic political system, like USA, people elect president to administer the country policies.

(ADJ.) selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; selecting the best.



The political climate today is extremely volatile: no one can predict whether Army would takeover.

Trick to Remember: It usually used in chemistry: a volatile substances easily changes states, from solid to a gas or vapours; such substances are evaporating.

(ADJ.) changeable; of a quickly changing nature (as of temper); mercurial; tending to violence; evaporating rapidly.



The company has rendered services of transportation by contracting with Daewoo Bus service for its workers, after it got more than 500 workers.

Trick to Remember: We use many times the word ‘render services’, which means to acquire services for use.

(ADJ.) give; submit; deliver; provide; represent in verbal or artistic form; depict; perform; make; translate.



The simple lifestyle and anachronistic dress of the Amish hearken back to an earlier era.

Trick to Remember: It has shared it’s one root with heart; a sound or song that touches your heart, you always pay attention to it, because it’s much attractive for you.

(ADJ.) Listen, pay attention to.



His defense attorney argued that his abusive childhood predisposed him to a life of crime.

Trick to Remember: Predispose = pre (something before); + dispose (willing to do or inclined to do something).

(ADJ.) Give an inclination toward (in advance); make susceptible to.



She’s such a phony person, pretending to befriend people and then taking about them behind their backs.

Trick to Remember: Rescue 1122 has complained that they receive more phone calls as fake as compared to genuine calls.

(ADJ.) fake; insincere; counterfeit; not genuine.



The infant, though prematurely born, is viable and has a good chance to survive.

Trick to Remember: It share one root with ‘vi’ this root attach with a word to make a sense of lively or spirited like in ‘vivid’, ‘survive’, ‘revive’, ‘vivacious’ and ‘convivial’; all these words are related to life or live with happiness.

(ADJ.) Capable of maintaining life; feasible; practical or workable.



Even though your argument is plausible, I still would like to have more proof.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like probable, which means a chance of something; when something is looks to be true, but may not actually, its probability of truth is high.

(NOUN) conceivably true; having a show of truth (but open to doubt); believable.



His frequent use of cliches made his essay trite; that gave him very less score in spite of using many words.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like traditional, which mean something common or ordinary; In other words it has lack of freshness or newness, because it’s now common and used again and again.

(NOUN) Commonplace; lacking freshness, effectiveness and originality due to overuse; cliches.



The infant, though prematurely born, is viable and has a good chance to survive.

Trick to Remember: It share one root with ‘vi’ this root attach with a word to make a sense of lively or spirited like in ‘vivid’, ‘survive’, ‘revive’, ‘vivacious’ and ‘convivial’; all these words are related to life or live with happiness.

(ADJ.) Capable of maintaining life; feasible; practical or workable.



I hate that politics in which politician trite on the on the government policies rather than giving advise or suggestions to change for the betterment.

Trick to Remember: Tirade is a tiresome criticism or abusive verbal attack; When the tyre along the road (sounds like tirade) of your car becomes punctured, you got so angry and often use abusive language for your car.

(ADJ.) long angry denunciatory speech; diatribe; bitter, abusive criticism or verbal attack.



He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his master.

rick to Remember: It sounds like electricity; In Pakistan, during electricity cut, workers are not willing to do jobs and investors are unwilling to invest; while where there is a surplus of electricity, inverters are cheerful or speedy willing to invest.

(NOUN) Cheerful promptness without reluctance; speedy willingness.



The teacher tried to placate the angry mother whose child has failed in the class, while the rest of the students in the class has passed successfully.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like please; when you are trying to please an angry friend, you are trying to placate him.

(NOUN) pacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease; satisfy or calm down (an angry or dissatisfied).



Prof. Dr. Amjad Saqib valued people who behaved as if they respected themselves; nothing irritated her more than an excessively obsequious waiter or a fawning salesclerk.

Trick to Remember: It contains a root of sequence which is following pattern of something; so when someone is obsequious, he is full of servile compliance or a good follower.

(VERB) Servile; full of servile compliance; fawning



The area at west of Changamanga has been preserved in all its pristine wildness, seemingly untouched by humans.

Trick to Remember: It’s sound like philistine; we know the so called Israel is actually has the original name of philistine; so pristine means pure state or originality.

(ADJ.) unspoiled; remaining in a pure state; characteristic of earlier times; primitive; uncorrupted.



Experts in a field sometimes appear to patronize people who are less knowledgeable of the subject.

Trick to Remember: It can be use in three different contexts; 1) support something: it sounds like patriot who is the supporter of his country; 2) arrogant: it sounds like patriarch who is the head of a family and usually arrogant; 3) customer or user of: It actually the same in sense as support, because customers are the supporters of a business.

(NOUN) to give money or support; believe to be more intelligent or better than others; to be a frequent or regular customer of.



The summer weather makes slack i work at all companies; because researchers showed that higher the temperature lead to less worker’s efficiency and productivity.

Trick to Remember: S-lack = slow + lack of something; so when the workers are slow and the working condition makes lack of work, this is slack.

(VERB) Soothe or cause to fall asleep; quiet down.



The English teacher criticized her story because of its hackneyed and unoriginal plot.

Trick to Remember: It shares it’s root with ‘hackers’, who are so common now-a-days.

(VERB) Commonplace; ordinary; not fresh or original.



She inadvertently omitted two questions on the GAT exam and mis-marked her answer sheet.

Trick to Remember: It shares root with ‘advert’ which means ‘to turn attention to (as in an advertisement). Thus inadvertent indicates a lack of attention paid.

(VERB) Unintentional; lack of attention; careless.



Most cop movies feature heroes (like chulbul pandey in ‘Dabangg’ Bollywood movie) that are maverick police officers, breaking all the rules, blowing things up, and getting their guns confiscated by the chief–but ultimately saving the day.

Trick to Remember: This word sounds very awkward; Maverick must be someone who is always disagree within a group or society. Just as maverick calf doesn’t bear a mark of ownership, a political maverick doesn’t belong to any party.

(ADJ.) rebel; nonconformist (in a group).


satiate / sate

The guests, having eaten until they were satiated, now listened inattentively to the speakers.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from word satisfy; just like satisfy the thirst or hunger.

(ADJ.) satisfy fully (physical needs such as hunger).