GAT Vocabulary List-15

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-15

GAT Vocabulary List-15

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




The political climate today is extremely volatile: no one can predict whether Army would takeover.

Trick to Remember: It usually used in chemistry: a volatile substances easily changes states, from solid to a gas or vapours; such substances are evaporating.

(ADJ.) changeable; of a quickly changing nature (as of temper); mercurial; tending to violence; evaporating rapidly.



Imran Khan’s answer to Mian Nawaz Sahrif’s proposal of attending the I.D.Ps together was an unequivocal which is absolute “No.”

Trick to Remember: un-equi-vocal = un (not) + equi (equally favourable to opposite parties) + vocal (related to words or negotiation. It’s basically the opposite of equivocal which means ‘munafiq’ or having dual character; so unequivocal means clear and obvious, whether it’s right or wrong.

(NOUN) Unambiguous; plain; clear; obvious.



A sagacious critique of the current social climate in our nation is demeaning by the wise media group.

Trick to Remember: It shares its root with ‘suggestion’; a wise politician is one who receive suggestions about the sensitive issues like terrorism. Also as a childhood, in 2000, when video games were newly introduced in Pakistan; games by ‘saga’ company were famous, so it was wise on that time to buy games of brand saga. Finally, ‘sage’ is a respect wise person.

(ADJ.) Wise; perceptive; shrewd; having insight.



Before preparation of GAT, one who is from biological background should learn the rudimentary of math that are much necessary for the advance level preparation of GAT.

Trick to Remember: It shares it’s root with rude; rude originally meant crude or unlearned; but in practice it use for something bad or degraded; basics are always lower and not developed.

(NOUN) Elementary; not developed; crude; relating to the basics.



We don’t know what happened in this critical political situation—we can only speculate about the Pakistan politics.

Trick to Remember: It comes from ‘inspect’ which means ‘to try to see’; so when you are making a guess you are trying to see about something that has not yet happen.

(ADJ.) Make a guess about; engage in a risky business transaction, gamble.



Shahid Afridi’s fans are ubiquitous; not only they are from Pakistan, but also they are from glob even including India.

Trick to Remember: We know UBL (United Bank Limited) is formed after the merger of several small banks; Now United Bank (UB, close to ubiquitous) existing everywhere in Pakistan, almost in every cities and in towns. So ubiquitous = United Bank is quite everywhere; Even it has found in T-Shirts of Pakistan Cricket Team.

(ADJ.) Existing everywhere at the same time.



A sentient of the danger has posed by the approaching an extremely large, powerful, and destructive storm in Karachi; high alert has been announced to the people living near sea.

Trick to Remember: It shares its root with sense which is related to feeling; like listening, watching and thinking etc; So sentient is related to consciousness or experience of perceiving things with senses.

(ADJ.) Conscious; experiencing sensation or perceiving with the senses; aware; sensitive.



As a parent, it’s important to take a step back and really savor the special moments–those children will grow up sooner than you think.

Trick to Remember: It’s very close to what we named energy saver; it’s highly appreciated by the government of Pakistan to use it in replace of a electric bulb which consume high electricity.

(VERB) Appreciate fully, taste or smell with pleasure; enjoy.



The government responded to the Imran Khan’s constant demands, of recounting of votes, with stolid indifference.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like solid, which means hard; when your emotions are hard to come on a very emotional movie or incident, this shows your stolid attitude.

(NOUN) Plentiful



Although he held a position of responsibility, he was an affable individual and could be reached by anyone with a complaint.

Trick to Remember: Affable = affection-able; when your are affection-able to your Dad, you are easy to talk to him, because you are friendly to him.

(ADJ.) Easily approachable; easy to talk to; warmly friendly.



The boss has admonished his employees to change their wicked ways of avoiding discipline, and has given them an advise to become formal part of this organization.

Trick to Remember: admonish = ad + monish, it must reflect meaning of some addition of something like monal (monal is a very famous and well decorated restaurant in Pakistan); So when someone is advising for adition of some discipline, it’s admonish.

(ADJ.) warn or speak to with gentle disapproval; mildly scold; caution; advise; remind to do something.



The unskilled eye of the layperson has difficulty in discerning the nuances of color in the paintings.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like no-answer; You have no definite answer when in class you were asked difference between two things that have minor difference (e.g want and need); so nuance is little or minor difference

(NOUN) Shade of slight difference in meaning or color; subtle distinction



Rizwan’s taciturn behavior in front of University MBA admission decision panel has made his interview so awkward that the panel has rejected him for the admission.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like taxi-turn; when a young fast taxi driver, turns his fast moving taxi, its passenger got silent due to fear or danger.

(VERB) Habitually silent; talking little.



A sentient of the danger has posed by the approaching an extremely large, powerful, and destructive storm in Karachi; high alert has been announced to the people living near sea.

Trick to Remember: It shares its root with sense which is related to feeling; like listening, watching and thinking etc; So sentient is related to consciousness or experience of perceiving things with senses.

(ADJ.) Conscious; experiencing sensation or perceiving with the senses; aware; sensitive.



There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons for planting trees in Pakistan; it not only gives surplus of oxygen needed for human and animal breathing but also it adds beauty.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like an ‘artistic’, which is related to the beauty of something.

(NOUN) dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building).



I’m tired of hearing politicians making pious pronouncements about their devotion to the people.

Trick to Remember: It shares a root with ‘pure’ and ‘purity’.

(ADJ.) Deeply religious; sincere; earnest; dutiful; devout.



Irfan feared that his weakness in comprehension would stymie his success in GRE exam.

Picture to Remember: stymie

(VERB) Block; hinder; obstacle.



I saw a piano of 1845 vintage in the English museum which was very old fashioned and look like very awkward, as compared to the latest pianos.

Picture to Remember:vintage-piano1

(ADJ.) A period in which something was made or was begun; old-fashioned.



His amiable disposition pleased all who had dealings with him.

Picture to Remember: disposition-e1404381630204

(ADJ.) A person’s general or natural mood, tendency.



The prosaic life of a hardworking farmer, who love with his work rather than his wish of high living standard.

Trick to Remember: boring

(ADJ.) lacking in imagination; dull and unimaginative.



For PML(n), the PTI slogan of ‘New Pakistan’ is whimsical scheme because it does not consider the facts.

rick to Remember:

(VERB) Odd, fanciful; erratic, unpredictable.



I felt like a pariah when I wore the wrong outfit to the dinner party.

Trick to Remember: pariah



Geo T.V have had threaten many times for mimic the political leaders in lampoon way, In program named: “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain”.

Trick to Remember: Lampoon is very awkward to hear in ears; It’s actually meaning awkwardly

(NOUN) Ridicule; written attack ridiculing or satirizing a person, group, or institution.



India could demonstrate only a tenuous claim to ownership of Kashmir; which is illegal occupation.

Trick to Remember: tenuous-e1404397461784

(ADJ.) thin; slim; slender.



The Great Gatsby’s prologue gives some historical background so the main story can be better understood in context.

Trick to Remember: prolongue-e1404472747267

(NOUN) Introductory part to a novel, book or play etc.



The employer was very solicitous about the health of her employees as replacements were difficult to get.

Trick to Remember: solicitous

(ADJ.) Concerned or anxious (about another person); expressing care; very careful; worried; eager to do something.



The school’s archaic computer system predate even floppy disks–it stored records on tape drives.

Trick to Remember: archaic-e1404391774291

(NOUN) No longer used; belonging to the past; primitive; related to ancient times, earlier period.



The doctor called her patient a stoic because he had borne the pain of the examination without whimpering.

Trick to Remember: stoic

(ADJ.) Indifferent to pleasure or pain.



When the sun was at its acme, the glare was not as strong as at sunrise and sunset.

Trick to Remember: acme

(ADJ.) Point directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point.



I enjoy reading essays of Isfhaq Ahmed because they are always compact and pithy of average person’s life.

Trick to Remember: i10-22a-root2

(ADJ.) Essence; core; significance or weight.



Every Thanksgiving we are surfeited with an overabundance of holiday treats.

Trick to Remember: surfeit

(ADJ.) In large number or quantity; Excess; Overindulgence; satiate; feed or supply to excess



If we relegate these experts to minor posts because of their political persuasions, we shall lose their valuable services.

Trick to Remember: relegate

(NOUN) put into a lower or worse place; banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign.



He became more vituperative as he realized that we were not going to grant him his wish.

Trick to Remember: vituperate

(ADJ.) Criticize harshly; rebuke; verbally abuse



As soon as we switched software packages, we encountered a whole slew of problems.

Trick to Remember: slew

(ADJ.) A large number or quantity.



I surmise that Bilal will get +80 score in GAT because of his good performance in the online test participation and mocks.

Trick to Remember: surmise-e1404378888225

(NOUN) Guess; infer’ think or make an opinion with incomplete information.



Family and friends provides a buffer against stress, specially the tension of work load.

Trick to Remember: Have you ever hear the term ‘buffer stock’? If not, it’s a term used for storage of some resource that may helpful when it’s abandon; Usually governments maintain buffer stocks.

(ADJ.) Something that shields, absorb shock.



After Principal raised test score over 60% at his school, it was only a matter of time before she was anointed superintendent by a fawning school board.

Trick to Remember: anoint

(NOUN) Consecrate; put oil on (in a religious ceremony).



With the increase in traffic, there is spate in number of accidents, which are increasing every year.

Trick to Remember: It’s sounds close to sprite; when you open sprite cap after sudden shaking, it rush abruptly outside of bottle, so spate means sudden rush of something.

(NOUN) Sudden flood or rush.



There is a stark difference between rich and poor class in the whole world; poor are too much poor, and rich are too much wealthy.
He came running back in stark terror, when he heard some firing along the street.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like sharp, so it must be something very deep, complete or sever.

Also for those who know the term ‘stark effect’, which is the splitting of a spectrum line into several components by the application of an electric field.

(ADJ.) Complete; total; harsh; extremely simple; sever.



The occult rites of the organization were revealed only to its members.

Trick to Remember: occult

(ADJ.) mysterious; secret; supernatural; beyond human comprehension.



Water is distilled through a process of vaporization and then condensation.

rick to Remember: Have you ever hear term ‘distilled water’, it’s purified water e.g Aquafina.

(NOUN) Purify; extract the essential elements of.



Students must avoid eating soporific foods or drinks while preparing for exam or in exam day, because it would cause sleepiness, and make them lethargic throughout the day.

Trick to Remember: soporific

(VERB) Causing sleep; sleepy; drowsy.



He was sick of cities and crowds, so he decided to go live by himself in the woods as a recluse.

Trick to Remember: recluse-e1404459601834

(VERB) Hermit; loner; marked by withdrawal from society.



The perfidious politician sold out his country’s secrets to the enemy in exchange for money and protection.

Trick to Remember: Only ‘apna faida sochny wall’ is named perfidious which makes sense of disloyal; to whom no-one can trust.

(ADJ.) unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad; not caring, impartial.



Audio books are almost always abridged, since few people want to listen to a 200-hour book.

Trick to Remember: zenith

(NOUN) Point directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point.



School boards often start controversies when replacing canonical books like ‘ethics’ in the curriculum with modern literature, while many people think students should read works more relevant to their lives.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like qanoonical (according to law); this signify it’s meaning as a body of accepted rules or standards.

(VERB) conforming to orthodox or recognized rules; pertaining to the accepted rules or standards.



Many people hate thinking of Tehrik-e-Talibaan Pakistan because of their illiberality; people want freedom of wishes and speeches, but T.T.P is against this.

Trick to Remember: Illiberality = ill (illegal or against) + liberal (freedom of expression or wishes).

(VERB) Narrow-mindedness, strictness or lack of generosity.



Her attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.

Trick to Remember: It share its root with line; for instance, kids use line in their each page of homework to separate essay area with the boarder of the page. Also it sounds like alone, which signify it’s meaning as become distant.

(VERB) make unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of.



The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President (e.g., Bhutto) may aggrandize his power to act aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of his own political party.

Trick to Remember: it’s sound like ‘aggressively optimize’ which is to make greater.

(ADJ.) Make greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor.



Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi has abjured his allegiance to Mian Nawaz Sharif, by leaving PMLn and joining PTI.

Trick to Remember: Abjure = ab (now) + jure (use in ‘hath jure k request karna to stop the non-sense); so abjure must be to give-up under oath.

(ADJ.) give up on oath or in formal way.