GAT Vocabulary List-08

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-08

GAT Vocabulary List-08

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




Preparation for vocabulary without trick to remember is galling thing for most students.

Trick to Remember: gallian (abusive languages) are always irritating educated persons.

(ADJ.) causing irritation or annoyance.



The prisoner was given remission by the court for good behavior well before his prescribe time for imprisonment.

Trick to Remember: It derived from remit (means discharge from indict), more specifically remittence; money sent from a country to another country.

(NOUN) cancelation of a debt; a payment of money sent to a person in another place.



One should punctiliously attempt each questions of GRE in order to get high score; new GRE test has more tricky questions.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from being punctual; a punctual person is so accurate about the timing and quality of his work.

(ADJ.) preciously attentive



As Mr. president gloating over his ill-gotten wealth, how he will satisfy the needs of the nation.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like goat (bakra); who is of-course most of the time immoral and always seeks some immoral activities; so it must means evil satisfaction.

(NOUN) malicious satisfaction.



Frequent use of ordinary and boring words makes an essay seem banal; this generate low score in essays.

Trick to Remember: When something should be banned, it’s banal; So it is fake and not original.

(ADJ.) lacking originality.



Even though we have been defeated in final match of cricket, we do not have to grovel before our conquerors.

Trick to Remember: groveling = grow well or struggle well; when the economy of Pakistan stuck; govt. do its best to remain it servile; so it’s a groveling economy.

(ADJ.) behave in a servile manner.



Welcoming constructive criticism, Imran Khan appreciated columnist’s comments, finding them free of carping; while he resent all carping criticism from few columnist who supported the PML(n) with their columns.

Trick to Remember: During car-parking, many persons face petty criticism from the parking controller.

(ADJ.) petty criticism; fault-finding; unjustified criticism.



I prefer to solve questions of probabilities in a forthright way; because it’s very easy method and doesn’t wast time.

Trick to Remember: When someone is forthright; he’s being direct, clear and straight-up.

(VERB) not roundabout; straight forward.



When his lover left him and went with some other guy, Amir became forlorn.

Trick to Remember: When someone is alone (sounds close to forlorn); it signify he may have sad and lonely.

(NOUN) sad and lonely; marked by hopelessness.



The audacious speech of Imran Khan against the Judiciary was very risky; He than faced notices from the judiciary to answer this offence.

Trick to Remember: When someone buys a car of audi brand; he makes dare to buy this expensive car; it’s a risky investment.

(ADJ.) daring; bold; taking risks.



There are couple of modern movie which describes about otherworldly beings live among us in a parallel universe.

Trick to Remember: When something belongs to out of this world, it’s from other-worldly; e.g. aliens, which are not actually by nature; its just a human imagination.

(ADJ.) existing outside of or not in accordance with nature; relating to an imaginary or spiritual world.



The recent arrest of Altaf Husain, chairman of MQM, has exacerbated his fans.

Trick to Remember: exacerbate = ex-(extreme in) + acerbate (acerbic); So it signify its meaning of making worse.

(VERB) worsen; aggravate; embitter.



Big cranes are intricate machine that requires some training to use it properly; that’s why the user of these machine are very few, who have such skills, and hence are offered huge salary for this work.

Trick to Remember: When you enter(looks close to intri-cate) inside a complex cave, and you still enter more inside; you will finally intricate, because it will be very difficult for you find a way out of this.

(VERB) having many complexly arranged elements; addition of further details or elaborate.



After selected for the Fulbright scholarship, Ahmed got respite time for several weeks.

Trick to Remember: Despite of too much load of work, you are feeling respite; so it relates with a sentence that start with despite of(so close to its sound).

(ADJ.) time for rest; interval of relief; delay in punishment.



For jewish, Hitler’s heinous crimes will never be forgotten.

Trick to Remember: Some people dislike to eat hens (chickens) because of its dosage and injections of steroids that makes a hen a big look.

(NOUN) hatefully bad.



There are some students who gets very high score (but not perfect score), yet they are insatiable with this score, because their wish is to achieve perfect score.

Trick to Remember: It looks like in-satisfy-able (not satisfy-able), which is its meaning.

(ADJ.) impossible to satisfy.



She was spoiled outrageously by her doting father, and she got a dotage mind as she can’t see the other outcomes of her decisions.

Trick to Remember: doting has two meaning; 1). dot is full-stop; i.e, the full-stop of mind, which is also called dotage; 2). devoting(very closed to by sound) too much, or loving extremely.

(NOUN) foolishly loving and indulgent; extremely and uncritically fond of someone; adoring.



Intransigent behavior of India regarding Kashmir dispute is irritating Pakistan and People of Kashmir.

Trick to Remember: maximum transections are where flexibility is high; inflexibility in trade has almost no transections (intransigent).

(VERB) inflexible; stubborn; refusal of any compromise.



The only thing that Imran Khan is lacking is the stolidity; He should make decisions by placing emotions aside; this would make him more prudent.
Trick to Remember: It’s close to solid; which signify its meaning as not following of emotions, impassive; when some toy remain fix (solid), it is dull for a child who want playing in water or movable things.

(ADJ.) dull; impassive; showing little emotion when strong feelings are expected.



In Pakistan, due to heavy work when a man comes home late night his wife asks such brash questions that irritate him further.

Trick to Remember: commensurate = common + ensure; which ensures that the two things are common by sized or extent.

(ADJ.) It sounds like what it means: harsh, loud, and maybe a little rude.



In Hollywood, an “Oscar” is the highest accolade.

rick to Remember: It looks like accordingly; which signify its meaning as reward or prize according to best performances.

(VERB) award of merit; strong praise and approval.



TTP has remain subversive for more than a decade against Govt. of Pakistan; because they it believed that Govt.of Pakistan is a puppet of America; now it start realizing that Govt. is not puppet.

Trick to Remember: sub k khilaaf revertive bona is called subversive; it means opposing to a high political party or whole Govt.

(VERB) in opposition to a civil authority or government.



Bilal inadvertently omitted two questions on the examination and mismarked his answers.

Trick to Remember: Advertisement spread knowledge about specific product; inadvertisingly(inadvertently) is having no knowledge or intention behind some action.

(NOUN) without knowledge or intention.



The cupidity of most Pakistani political leaders is responsible for huge corruption among politicians and bureaucrats.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like stupidity; It’s the stupidity of our politicians that they focus on their own living standard rather than that of the nation.

(ADJ.) extremely greediness for material wealth.



The convergent crowed got together at Minar-e-Pakistan in 1940 to pass a historic resolution; Resolution of Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: convergent = con(together) + vergent (mergent or merge); It is the opposite of divergent.

(NOUN) tending to come together from different directions.



lawyers of Altaf Hussain are trying to vindicate him from scotland yard as well as the judiciary.

Trick to Remember: Vindicated = win + indict; so when someone wins in any indict its vindicated.

(ADJ.) freed from any question of guilt.



Learning vocabulary without mnemonics is a very taxing workload that is taking a lot of time to finish.

Trick to Remember: Taxes imposed by governments are both physically and mentally damaging; it’s taxing as it require lot of effort to pay.

(NOUN) requiring a lot of effort, energy, etc; physically or mentally damaging.



On the victory of Pakistan cricket team agains Indian team, Indian crowed became dander; not because of the loss of Indian team, but because of the victory of Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like dandruff; when you have too much dandruff, you got anger on it.

(ADJ.) a feeling of anger and animosity; lose one’s temper.



In order to start job in gulf countries, one require to show his proof of exoneration from any criminal act.

Trick to Remember: Exonerate = exclude someone from -rate; when a word ends with -rate it mostly have sense of negative in meaning or something bad.

(ADJ.) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges.



The curruptful actions of many current politicians belie their claim to be national leader.

Trick to Remember: belie = become + lie (false speaker).

(ADJ.)contradict; give a false impression; disguise.



The arrest of Altaf Hussain, chairman of MQM, has reaffirmed by the scotland yard, when the people didn’t not first believe this arrest.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like reconfirm which is its meaning.

(VERB) renewed commitment to something, usually verbally; say ‘yes’ once again.



She criticized his juvenile behavior at the party, because she hate anyone acting like kids.

Trick to Remember: When you face joyful days; of-corse when you was kid.

(ADJ.) showing lack of maturity; appropriate for children or young people.



Trick to Remember: It derived from diminish, so it must be in very reduced form or small.

(ADJ.) very small.



Imran Khan took umbrage at Judiciary decision of not considering his request of making recount of only four jurisdictions; he was then given a notice for contempt of court.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from umbrella of rage; umbrella signify shadow or shade, while rage signify something disliking or that cause anger.

(ADJ.) a feeling of anger caused by being offended; offence or annoyance.



To apply for Fulbright scholarship, one should not be reticent and reserve; you should speak frankly in the interview with the decision panel of Fulbright.

Trick to Remember: when a person retires(close to reticent) from public service, he became reserved and quite.

(ADJ.) reluctant to draw attention to yourself; disinclined to talk; not willing to tell people about things.



Nettlesome regional disputes has caused more partition of each provinces of Pakistan; Is this a conspiracy?

Trick to Remember: Almost all net(close to nettlesome) connections are annoying to its users because of its dis-connectivity many times a day.

(ADJ.) easily irritated or annoyed.



All cyber criminal use misnomer to show their false identity.

Trick to Remember: Misnomer = Mis- (incorrect) + nomer( close to namer); so incorrect name I guess.

(NOUN) an incorrect or unsuitable name.



The hand writing of Naeem is so bad that it is abstruse for every reader of essays that Naeem write.

Trick to Remember: Words used in abstract(abstr-use) in a research paper are telling in brief about the research paper, but it doesn’t tells the thorough idea of the paper; so only reading the abstract will not give clear picture of the paper.

(NOUN) difficult to understand.



The gambit of India in producing many small dams has made Pakistan more tough to produce further dams because of lack of water supply from India.

Trick to Remember: gambit = game + bitter; when a bitter game is played, it is to make the opponent confuse.

(ADJ.) action made to produce a future advantage.



Imran Khan is unhappy about the maladroit way the matter of so called war against terrorism has been handled.Imran Khan is unhappy about the maladroit way the matter of so called war against terrorism has been handled.

Trick to Remember: maladroit = map (not good) + adroit (skill); so it means not skilful.

(ADJ.) not skilful; awkward; bungling.



We should stop malpractice on always criticizing the Govt. performance, because it may discourage the Govt. from doing good things for the nation.

rick to Remember: male is always considered by the wives as untrustworthy, specially when a male comes home late night; so any word start with mal- will almost always show something bad; mal-practice should be bad practice, work or action.

(NOUN) careless, wrong, or illegal actions by someone.



Yasir is a carpenter by vocation, but his hobby is painting.

Trick to Remember: Just like vocational institute that gives training of different kinds of skills; please don’t confuse it with vacation, which means holidays.

(NOUN) how to do––or what you do for a living; the particular occupation for which you are trained.



The judge should be dispassionate on making judgement about the culprit who may be a relative of the judge.

Trick to Remember: dispassionate = dis (lack of) + passion; So one who is not passionated to favore someone is its meaning.

(VERB) unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice.



The didactic qualities of his poetry overshadow its literary qualities; the lesson he teaches is more memorable than the lines.

Trick to Remember: didacticism = did + actions; when a teacher advise you that you should act on these instructions, which you can did; that shows it’s something didacticism.

(ADJ.) communication that is suitable for or intended to be instructive; teaching moral principles.


His temperance attitude has made him comfortable while in his official GAT test; therefore he was free from any fear or worry on his exam day.

Trick to Remember: it derived from word temper, whish is of two types; a good temper and a bad temper, which tells some ability like tolerence.

(NOUN) unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice.



The decision of Dhaka fall was made on desperate; there was no alternative in which the two leaders of East Pakistan and West Pakistan could agree.

Trick to Remember: desperate = the seprate; the decision of sepration of dhaka (east Pakistan) was happens when there was no any hope for the unity between nation between East Pakistan & West Pakistan.

(VERB) having lost all hopes; violent because of loss of hope.



Now-a-days sardonic News channels are mocking the politicians in a humorous ways; it creates disrespect for leaders of political parties.

Trick to Remember: sardonic = sar ka dard-onic; so it means when sardonic comedian is mocking the politician, he is the sar ka dard for politician.

(VERB) being scornful and mocking in a humorous way.



Pakistan is one of the countries that are economically stasis; there is no indication of development in near future.

Trick to Remember: it sounds like static; a static state is a state of remain same or constant; so stasis looks to be inactive because of same opposing forces.

(VERB) inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces; having no motion; unchanging; lacking development.



In young age, everybody like to consume money for fulfilling their wishes; but in older age, everyone becomes thrifty and tends to save money as much as possible.

Trick to Remember: when you are thrift you save money instead of consuming it; but it increase the chance of being theft (close to thrift); more the thrift, more will be the chance of theft.

(ADJ.) extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money.



The tsunami of Imran Khan has surged when he called for a big jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan; it really has disturbed the other political parties.

Trick to Remember: It is the overlapping of two words; sur (beautiful sound) + urge (encourage more and more).

(ADJ.) sudden rise and move, as in waves or billows, like a tsunami wave that engulfs the land.

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