GAT Vocabulary List-07

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-07

GAT Vocabulary List-07

List of Frequently Used Words:



Usage in Sentence




English batsmen are fractious to Pakistani spin bowlers, because the spin is hard to be detected by English batsmen with extra pace.

Trick to Remember: In quant section of GAT, fractions are more difficult to solve as compared to simple integers; so fractious is something hard to manage.

(ADJ.) hard to manage or control; easily irritated or annoyed.



Umair told his story of job interview with bravado, that was really appreciated by the listeners.

Trick to Remember: It derived from brave; brave in talking to others, or bold.

(NOUN) confident or brave talk or behavior that is intended to impress other people.



Inter-Servises-Intelligence and Military Intelligence are integrated into Pakistan Army(the parent unit), the proud of Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: When something is made as an integral part of something it’s become integrated.

(NOUN) formed or united into a whole.



A young girl of 18 in India was candid but created world record of receiving perfect score in TOEFL.

Trick to Remember: Candid = can did; everyone can did because it’s simplicity.

(NOUN) truthful and straightforward; frank; simple; inexperienced.



He is so devoted in his preparation for GRE that his devotion is inexorable by any incident.

Trick to Remember: inexorable = something or someone on which pressure can’t be exerted(exorted).

(ADJ.) that can’t be stopped or influenced; stubborn.



For getting Commonwealth General scholarship, taking Local GRE is inevitable requirement.

Trick to Remember: it sounds like facilitate; so it means something smooth-spoken or fluent; by this way one can facilitate his personality.

(ADJ.) It sounds like unavoidable; that is its meaning.



The dying hard effort in preparation of GAT within a months was really commendable; he finally received excellent score on the exam.

Trick to Remember: commendable = command-able; person who gives command is of high rank or authority, that rank is really admirable, because responsible commands in critical situation is always worthy of high praise.

(ADJ.) worthy of high praise; in an admirable manner



The prices of necessity products in Pakistan is capricious that shows its weak economy.

Trick to Remember: It derived from price, which are not remains the same; also a soap named capri soap, which changes the colour of face.

(VERB) changeable



GAT is ineluctable requirements to apply for NTS associated Universities in Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like inreluctable, which means not able to make it reluctant; So its something irresistible.

(NOUN) incapable of being avoided or prevented; unable to escape from.



Pakistan’s stance on becoming nuclear power was irrevocable by abrupt shift of power from military to civil in 1989; once the whole nation decided to become nuclear power it was no way to compromise on this decision.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like irreversible; vocabulary (vocable) is words we use in daily life; once a word is expressed, its impossible to get back.

(ADJ.) action that can’t be changed or reversed.



GRE is a section adoptive test; once you move on to the next section, the questions that you attempted in previous section is incorrigible.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like incorrectable(uncorrectable); that cannot be improved or corrected.

(ADJ.) seems to be beyond correcting or improving



After very huge disappointment from GRE for getting very low score, Bilal was implacable to his disappointment.

Trick to Remember: One who is falter, falls due to very old age or born in few days ago.

(NOUN) that can’t be appease, or sooth.



The surprising decrease in the value of PKR as compare to other currencies is sign of faltering economy of Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: it sounds like refutal; so it must means act of refuting by offering contrary arguments.

(VERB) weak.



Life is transitory, but much valuable for deciding (whether heaven or hell) about the life after death which is never-ending.

Trick to Remember: The time requirement for transit of goods is now less with the revolution of modern era with highways; so transitory is something of short-life or duration.

(ADJ.) lasting a very short-time.



His lack of quick understanding of the simple concepts shows his foiblesh methodology of learning.

Trick to Remember: foible = feeble which means weakness in mind; e.g, feebleminded.

(NOUN) small weakness of character or mind.



The C.E.O makes just cursory looks to hundreds of files where he require to sign daily basis, its because of his expertise.

Trick to Remember: the arrow sign in the computer or laptop is called cursor; it’s use to just click on something without providing huge details; so it means be quick without detail oriented.

(ADJ.) not paying attention to details.



Laptops has liberated students and workers from their desks; they can work on it even during rid in a car.

Trick to Remember: Liberty market, a famous know place in Lahore; which allows liberty of shoppings and food.

(NOUN) to give freedom; set free.



After being accepted by Commonwealth scholarship, Hamid start revelling with his family and friends.

Trick to Remember: some people have habits of revealing(sounds like revelling) the secretes of others, because they feel enjoyment and pleasure by doing so.

(VERB) gain great pleasure from a situation.



His hope for getting scholarship from university was trampled when he got too low score in GAT to be consider for admission.
Trick to Remember: It sounds like temple; when some religious people worship here, it cause damage in the feelings of people who worship in Masjid or churches.

(ADJ.) to cause damage or pain; to treat other rights, wishes, or feelings as worthless.



Salaries are usually commensurate with education level and experience.

Trick to Remember: commensurate = common + ensure; which ensures that the two things are common by sized or extent.

(ADJ.) equal in extent; of the same size.



The dengue virus has been prevailing in Pakistan; every summer brings large number of deaths due to this virus.

rick to Remember: It derived from privileged, e.g, privileged class; which means high in status, rank or power; also it’s famous speech of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto “Justice must prevail over power”

(VERB) be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance



It is harrowing when Pakistan loss match against India after setting very high target; obviously it’s due to very bad performance by fielders who usually drop many catches and miss winning chances.

Trick to Remember: When Pakistan team ‘harr rhi ho’ against india in cricket, it becomes extremely painful to the whole nation.

(VERB) extremely painful.



Issue of Kashmir is protracted dispute by India, who is playing cards of further delaying this issue in such a way that Pakistan remain stuck in its internal problems of terrorism by BLA, and TTP, and unable to address on the Kashmir issue; in short India doing propaganda against Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: complacency = When you protect yourself from the causes of dengue virus expansion, you will be safe from it in very long run; protracted means relatively long in duration.

(NOUN) relatively long in duration; tediously protracted



It was a politic decision by COAS General Raheel Sharif to start zarb-e-asab operation against all militants wings and terrorist in Pakistan. Although the issue of terrorism was raised from the foolish political decision in Musharraf’s governemnt, now as these people are declared as our enemy, so there must be no distinction between different enemies, if now they are all funded by India (our main enemy).

Trick to Remember: It derived from political; political affairs require sensible and judicious actions.

(ADJ.) actions seeming sensible and judicious in the circumstances.



One should consult about admission & scholarships, with some experts to get ride of timorousness; by doing so, you will be confident to decide what to do.

Trick to Remember: In esams, when you anxious about time (timorousness); that means you are fearful from it.

(NOUN) fear of the unknown or unfamiliar: fear of making decisions.



Rigging by returning officers in general election of Pakistan is ignominious for Imran Khan; he condemn returning officers with sever words.

Trick to Remember: Ignominious = ignore + mini (minus); which signify its meaning of making very shameful.

(ADJ.) deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.



French books of history needs to anglicized in order to make it readable by the general public so that they can understand the history of french.

Trick to Remember: Anglina Jolie is an english heroin, so it means make it english.

(NOUN) make English in appearance.



Even before preparation, Bilal presume that he can get very high score in GAT, but after the preparation; its not the right way to predict your score, one have to prepare well and then do much practice for achieving the result.

Trick to Remember: Presumption = pre + assumption; so it’s assumption before research to get information.

(ADJ.) an assumption that is taken for granted



Some students develop new short-cuts to solve math questions due to their perspicacious strength.

Trick to Remember: It derived from perception; the right perception of things is perspicacious.

(ADJ.) having a ready insight into and understanding of things.



The affluent practice materials are not enough to get high score in GAT; smart work is always better than the hard-work.

Trick to Remember: fluency it speaking increase the chances of getting jobs of high profile, so if someone what’s to be rich, he should be fluent in english; So affluent is something abundant.

(ADJ.) wealth; abundant.



When you awarded Commonwealth scholarship, you will have only modicum expense of visa to bear; all major expenses are covered by the scholarship.

Trick to Remember: It looks like moderate, so it’s something small or less in amount or quantity.

(ADJ.) a small or moderate amount.



Mr. Umair has much given to inflexible dogmatism when it came to answer difficult questions of math MCQs.

Trick to Remember: it suggests its meaning ‘like dogs’, a dog who is usually stubborn; in Pakistan, we use words’kutton ki tarha par gya hai pichy’; its stubborn.

(ADJ.) stubborn and narrow-minded



Prudence decision of Mr. Ali to select his future university has revealed his level of knowledge.

Trick to Remember: A prude University is one of the famous university that admit wise students; so prude has something wise.

(ADJ.) wise; judicious.



Allured by the songs of Ashqi movie, many young adults built affairs.

Trick to Remember: alluring = all yours; when you are much attractive, then all beauty around you is yours.

(ADJ.) highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire (mostly immoral)..



There is no connection between these two events; their timing is entirely fortuitous.

Trick to Remember: It has derived from fortune; so it should mean by luck.

(ADJ.) occurring by happy chance; having no cause or apparent cause; having or showing good luck.



A low score in mock test of GAT produce dysphoric state of mind.

Trick to Remember: dys- means abnormal; whenever a word start with dys- is must be of something not good.

(ADJ.) generalised feeling of unhappy.



Fatima sounded ebullient and happy, when she got very high GAT score, for having brighter chance of getting scholarship.

Trick to Remember: It’s very close to boiling; when something is boiling it’s excited highly.

(NOUN) showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm; boiling; joyously unrestrained.



The advent of his son’s first birthday has lead him to spend more than 50 million dollars; its a world record.

Trick to Remember: It derived from adventure; the arrival of new millennium has introduced adventurous movies; now-a-days all adventurous movies are successful, because its the arrival of new era.

(NOUN) arrival



The culpability of Raymond Davis was so sever that he should not free from imprisonment of Pakistan.

Trick to Remember: It derived from culprit; that is a person who is guilty of a crime or offence.

(ADJ.) a state of guilt; blameworthy



The decision to cancel the kerry lugar bill was made over the vociferous objections of media and some political parties.

Trick to Remember: vociferous = voice full; it’s meaning is offensively loud.

(ADJ.) conspicuously and offensively loud.



As a gregarious boy Bilal ran up to every person on the playground and wanted to be their friend.

rick to Remember: gregarious = GRE + groups; many students prefer combine study or study in groups for GRE practice questions.

(NOUN) sociable; tending to form a group.



After the GAT preparation, a very low score in mocks is ominous; it suggests a low score that one will receive in actual GAT exam.
Trick to Remember: According to few Islamic books of Hadith, Dajjal (Devil) will come out from the place of Yaman, near to Oman (close to ominous); so these places are threatening.

(NOUN) threatening; of an evil omen.



A good preparation and practices of mocks of GAT was bracing him; therefore Ahmed got very high score in GAT.

Trick to Remember: when someone embrace Islam, it gives strength and vigour to him.

(VERB) giving strength, vigour, or freshness.



Fatima is a prolific writer who produced as many as three books a year; its very worthcoming for his Phd study.

Trick to Remember: It looks like profit, which is fruitful for a person who earn it; please don’t mix this with profligate ( which means destructive or wasteful); as too much profit by a person is destructive by the other from whom it has earned.

(ADJ.) intellectually productive; fruitfully abundant.



Because of his torpor in nature of habit in avoid reading the passages and English novels, Bilal cannot get high score in GAT.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like tor-phor (depreciate); when something has tor-phor too much, it becomes inactive and not able to be use; torpid also has same in meaning which is an adjective.

(NOUN) lethargic; lazy; inactive.



Verbal score of Bilal in GAT was too low, because he circumscribed his preparation to only quantitative & analytical section.

Trick to Remember: A circumference is the circular line that is the limit of the circle.

(VERB) limit, restrict or confine.



His strong efforts in preparation of GAT has engendered his high score in GAT.

Trick to Remember: engender = enhance in generation (gender); so it means produce as a result.

(VERB) cause or give rise to.



In violation of the Pakistan law, the police grilled the suspect for several hours before reading him his rights.

Trick to Remember: it’s very close to inspect; police inspector inspect those to whom he have doubt of guilty of an offence.

(VERB) believe to be guilty; regard as untrustworthy.



One way to get perfect score in GAT is to make scrupulous look on each questions while attempting it.

Trick to Remember: scrupulous = scotland yard ki pulous (police); it’s famous for diligent through investigation with careful attention to detail.

(ADJ.) diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.



He was of a mercurial temperament and therefore unpredictable.

Trick to Remember: mercury in a thermometer gives different movements under different places of different temperatures; so mercurial is something capricious.

(ADJ.) capricious; quick and changing; fickle.

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