GAT Analogies Practice Question 2

GAT Analogies Practice Question 2

GAT Analogies Practice Question 2

Today’s GAT analogies practice question #2 is a very difficult problem. Try solving it first before you look at the explanation below.

Question: Fish :: Water

(A) sheep:pasture
(B) dog:kennel
(C) bird:tree
(D) beaver:pond
(E) plant:soil

Answer: In this question type, we first need to come up with a relationship or a connection between fish and water. To start off lets say, a fish lives in water.

Now lets check options (A) through (E) and see if any option fits in with our relationship.

Sheep lives in a pasture. Yes.
Dog lives in kennel. Yes
Bird lives in tree. Yes
Beaver lives in pond. Yes
Plant lives in soil. Yes

See here is a big problem. The relationship we made is NOT very specific. Infact (A), (B), (C ), (D) and (E) all hold true for the above relationship. This means we are doing it all wrong and we need to come up with a better and more specific relationship between fish and water.

So let’s try again.

Ok so what else can be true about fish and water? How about fish SURVIVES in water?

Now lets check option (A) through (E) again to see if any option holds true.

Sheep survives in pasture. No, so (A) is incorrect.
Dog survives in kennel. No, (B) is wrong.
Bird survives in a tree. Incorrect
Beaver survives in a pond. Also not true.
Plant survives in soil. This is correct, hence (E) is the right answer choice.

As practice, can you come up with other meaningful relationships between fish and water? Put down your’s in the comment boxes below and see if any option holds true for those. I bet, it will always be (E).

Waiting for your response 🙂


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