GRE Vocabulary

GRE Vocabulary

GRE Vocabulary

The most tedious part in GRE verbal section is to remember GRE Vocabulary. Almost 50% of GRE verbal section depends on GRE Vocabulary. To help you, I’ve compiled 1500 frequently used GRE words list, especially for the people of Pakistan and India for FREE. Some of the words includes desi trick to remember. By going through this, you’ll never forget any word. These words are frequently come in GRE revised General Test since 2011. So you’ll able to get perfect score in GRE verbal reasoning section after knowing all these words.


Important Note: These 1500 words are compiled in form of lists containing 25 words each. You need to spend 2 hour daily on these GRE Vocabulary words, so that you can complete 1500 GRE vocabulary words within 2 months during your GRE Preparation online course.


These GRE Vocabulary words consist of mnemonics (i.e trick to remember word) in each word. These mnemonics are specifically designed for people living in countries like Pakistan and India. Each word contains desi tricks to remember words, so after learning the word through usage, you will never forget that word.


FREE GRE Vocabulary Lists:

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Vocabulary List-01 Vocabulary List-16 Vocabulary List-31 Vocabulary List-46
Vocabulary List-02 Vocabulary List-17 Vocabulary List-32 Vocabulary List-47
Vocabulary List-03 Vocabulary List-18 Vocabulary List-33 Vocabulary List-48
Vocabulary List-04 Vocabulary List-19 Vocabulary List-34 Vocabulary List-49
Vocabulary List-05 Vocabulary List-20 Vocabulary List-35 Vocabulary List-50
Vocabulary List-06 Vocabulary List-21 Vocabulary List-36 Vocabulary List-51
Vocabulary List-07 Vocabulary List-22 Vocabulary List-37 Vocabulary List-52
Vocabulary List-08 Vocabulary List-23 Vocabulary List-38 Vocabulary List-53
Vocabulary List-09 Vocabulary List-24 Vocabulary List-39 Vocabulary List-54
Vocabulary List-10 Vocabulary List-25 Vocabulary List-40 Vocabulary List-55
Vocabulary List-11 Vocabulary List-26 Vocabulary List-41 Vocabulary List-56
Vocabulary List-12 Vocabulary List-27 Vocabulary List-42 Vocabulary List-57
Vocabulary List-13 Vocabulary List-28 Vocabulary List-43 Vocabulary List-58
Vocabulary List-14 Vocabulary List-29 Vocabulary List-44 Vocabulary List-59
Vocabulary List-15 Vocabulary List-30 Vocabulary List-45 Vocabulary List-60

Remaining GRE vocabulary lists are in process, and these will be available very soon… 🙂


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