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What is GRE

Few people, who don’t know about GRE, have asked me that what is GRE? In this page, you will know about the content, pattern and division of GRE (General) Test. Graduate Record exam also know as GRE is most famous and largely accepted exam in the world. Education Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for conducting this exam. It’s mostly a Computer Adoptive Test (CAT), but Paper Based Test in few areas in the world. ETS has different test centers in different countries to conduct this exam there. You may find your test center and test type (i.e whether Computer Adoptive Test- CAT or Paper Based Test – PBT) specifically required for your country.

The scope of this exam is very large that is applicable to many field of study in Masters, MBA as well as PhD degree programs in the world. Almost all top ranked universities require this test for admissions and scholarship purposes. Furthermore, GRE score is valid for 5 years.


GRE (General) Test Pattern:

In order to know GRE Test Pattern, read the table below which splits into Section type, Number of questions and Time allowed for each section. Before starting GRE Preparation, you should know the structure and pattern of GRE. Because if you know about GRE test pattern, you will able to prepare accordingly… Read More »


GRE Question Types:

There are three different sections in GRE General test and each section includes several types of questions… Read More »


Importance of GRE:

GRE is required for admission in Masters, MBA or Phd programs in many universities. Not only for admission purpose, many fully funded or partially funded scholarships are also given based on GRE score… Read More »


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