NTS GAT General Test

Firstly, in Pakistan, we all know that with an advanced degree in our hands, we get a lot more career options & opportunities. Better education means better salaries and lower unemployment rates. Furthermore, government jobs require MPhil degree as minimum qualification to apply for at least 16 scale. This means, all you have to do is to attempt GAT test with at least 50 marks.

Moreover, over the years this test has gradually become one of the most widely accepted graduate level admissions exam in Pakistan. It has become so prevalent that many companies have also started to take tests similar to GAT test for shortlisting candidates as their main prospective employee evaluation criterion.

Furthermore, GAT test gives you the possibility of moving a step nearer to achieving your higher education goals. It is a “one” test for all Pakistan Graduate Schools Scholarships.

What does the GAT Test Measure?

It assesses the ability of Pakistani graduates to do the kind of critical thinking and reasoning you are likely to do in professional organizations or graduate universities. It also measures your ability to do graduate-level research or work that is necessary in today’s hyper competitive world.

Why Should I Take this test?

If you are planning to apply to a graduate program in Pakistan or, you are an HEC scholarship applicant, you must take the GAT General exam. Students from various educational backgrounds in Pakistan take the GAT examination which provides a relative and standardized measure for comparing graduate level qualifications.

When and Where Do Pakistani’s Take It?

The GAT test is taken 4 to 5 times in a given year. It is taken by the NTS. It is a paper based test and the good thing is that your GAT result will be valid for 2 years. This means that you can apply with the same score for graduate admissions for a period of 2 years. And this exam is taken in different cities in Pakistan. To see most latest dates and schedule for GAT (General) Test Click Here

However, please make sure that before you take the test you have completed at least 16 years of formal education

The GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) is a standardized test conducted by National Testing Service (NTS) in Pakistan. It aims to assess the Mathematics, English and Analytical abilities of students. Especially, who are applying for admissions to postgraduate programs in Pakistan and fully-funded scholarships .

Additionally, Each year tens of thousands of students in Pakistan appear in the GAT exam. GAT aims to examine candidates from different fields and backgrounds on a standard scale of measurement. Universities and colleges want to admit only the most competitive students to their graduate programs. Students with …….. can be denied admissions. Since low performance implies that a student does not have the aptitude to perform well at the graduate level.

The GAT test in Pakistan also offers all candidates a fair and one more chance to show their skills and knowledge. So for instance a student has a very bad GPA at the undergraduate level. GAT test will offer him another chance to do well on the basis of which the student can be admitted.

GAT Test Types:

There are actually two types of GAT examinations:

  • The GAT General Test
  • The GAT Subject Tests

Usually when one talks about the GAT, one is usually referring to the GAT general exam. This consists of three sections mentioned above. This website has many GAT practice tests and real exam questions for the GAT general test.

Finally, Scholarship committees and the many universities use the GAT scores to evaluate students applying in their programs. Moreover any organization may also take the GAT test as part of their job application criteria. These scores are then supplemented with other relevant information to make decisions. One cannot take a particular section of the GAT. As a student you must take the complete test. The test is completed in one sitting and the exam is offered 4 times per year.

Firstly, GAT General is the most famous and most demanding test in Pakistan, for higher education or employment scenario. It consists of three sections; Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Sections.

Secondly, now it has become a standardized test for getting admission in Masters/M.Phil programs for some list of universities require GAT in Pakistan. Based on test score some Universities give partial scholarships to the student after admission. Not only this, many Govt. as well as private firms have made this test as prerequisite to apply for a vacant position to select the best suitable candidate for the prescribed job.


Which Universities require GAT score for admission?

The universities that require GAT score are keeps on changing with passage of time. few weeks ago, there were 29 universities were there that require GAT score. But now the list has increased in number. In order to see the complete list of universities at present that require GAT score, click on list of universities require GAT.


What is the next date available to take GAT General?

Every year, GAT test dates and schedule is announced. Around 4 times a year GAT General is scheduled. In order to see the most latest date available for GAT, click on GAT Test Dates Schedule.


In order to know what is GAT General, what does it measures, and further about the test, click on About GAT.