GAT Vocabulary

GAT Vocabulary

GAT Vocabulary

When learning new words and developing vocabulary for the GAT test, you need to apply several different approaches and techniques to enhance your word lists. Here I will discuss some ways to improve your GAT vocabulary and then provide GAT aspirants in Pakistan with the most relevant and frequently used words that you will see on the test day.

Learn new words by reading for vocabulary

Many GAT students make long lists of words or flashcards to memorize difficult vocabulary lists that you see on the day of the test. But I personally think that this is the least effective method of learning for new words. Instead as a GAT test taker, you must rely on reading for new words from the context.

The biggest advantage of this technique is that not only you learn new words, but you also become familiar with the context in which these words are used. Many times students may forget the meaning of the word, but may be able to recall the context in which it was used while reading. This will allow you to I learn words relatively easily and improve your reading comprehensions as well.

Use newly learned words frequently

Once you’ve learned several new GAT words for the verbal section, you shouldn’t just leave it there. Instead try to use them actively in your daily communication; whether in your writings, or speaking. This will make sure that you consolidate what you have already learned. Try to randomly recall words that you learned and think of where you can apply them. The more you are able to connect with those words the easier it will be in the long run to build an effective GAT vocabulary.


Suppose there is a really difficult GAT word that you cannot memorize or recall even after you have seen it many times. It is always a good idea to associate such a word with some sort of an image and recall the image when you see that word.

For example, lets take the word ‘dogged’. Dogged means someone who is extremely persistent in his ideology. You can picture this word to a dog. Now a dog is an animal that can run after you with persistence unless it doesn’t catch you. So dogged can be learned by the image of a dog.

Mnemonics can be very silly at times but the point is that as long as it works for you, you should use it. Just make sure that is memorable.

GAT Vocabulary Word Lists

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