Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019

Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019

United States Education Foundation in Pakistan announces this scholarship only for Pakistani people every year. Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019 has announced. This scholarship is rewarded for both Masters and Phd level education. Pakistan is the only country in the world that receives maximum number of Fulbright Scholarships. And this is the only scholarship which covers almost everything in costs and assistance to study in US. The purpose of this scholarship is to develop Pakistan in many important sectors where this country has potential to develop. This is done by importing knowledge and techniques from US with the help of potential applicants who can demonstrate their keenness to effectively use that knowledge and resources to generate good results for their planned objectives.

This is the reason why the decision panel of Fulbright team only shortlist candidates who can demonstrate their potential to contribute in development of Pakistan by possible means and from much solid grounds. The success of your selection for this scholarship is majorly depends on your performance in GRE (General) Test, Personal Statement, Study Objective (i.e Statement of Purpose), Letter of Recommendations, and many other things including relevant work-experience, publications, GPA etc. GRE (General) Test plays most significant role in getting shortlisted for interview. And it is important to note that the decision panel review your each and every component of your application very carefully and precisely. So application process is very important in applying for this scholarship.

It’s not a local school, collage or university where you are applying. It’s a team of well professionals and experienced personnel who just hate the word ignorance and non-professionalism. Because for them, ignoring your little mistakes means wasting $80,000 average that might have spent to other candidate who is much deserving for this scholarship. So it is strongly advised to submit your complete application in a professional manner after very careful and thorough proof-read.


Am I eligible to apply?

If you want to apply for Masters degree program, you must complete 16-years of education. It may be a straight 4-years bachelor’s or a combination of 2-years bachelor’s with 2 years Master’s degree. Moreover, if you are intending to for MS lead to PhD or Mphil leading to PhD, rather than simple MS (Masters) degree, you cannot apply. So you must ensure that you have completed 16-years of education from HEC recognized university in order to be eligible to apply for Master’s level education. For students having MBBS degree, you may apply but not in clinical medicine or for a specialization. And for MBA, minimum 2-years of work-experience is mandatory in addition to 16-years of education…

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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


How to apply for Fulbright Scholarship?

First thing you need register for Fulbright Scholarship by clicking on Register. After you submit the registration form you need to click on Login. Here you need to enter your login info sent to your email address at time of registration. After login, you’ll see a complete online application portal containing different forms. Fill these forms very carefully and review at least three times before submitting the complete application online. Make sure to provide information about all required documents as specified in the application form documentation checklist, which may include but not limited to: Application Form, 3 Letters of Recommendations, Personal Statement, Study Objective, C.V, Copy of GRE (General) Test score report or registration slip…

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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 16th May, 2018. But it is strongly advised to send your complete application package at least 2 days before the deadline. This will make sure your application will be accepted for sure. Although it has been observed that the deadline has extended since past 3 years. But don’t rely on past decisions, because policies and procedures are changing. So don’t always assume that this year the deadline will again extend.


How much chances would I have to get this scholarship?

Majorly, your chances depend on two things. First, a competitive score in GRE (General) Test that will get you shortlisted for the interview. Secondly and more importantly, your ability to convince the decision panel about your achievements, goals, and objectives regarding what you have done and what you intend to achieve both academically and professionally. The bridge that connects your past achievements with your future objectives will tell how well you can convince the decision panel. You have to explain why it is important both for your personal interest and for the interest of Pakistan. Also You should never be extravagant while describing yourself or your plans. Moreover, You have to describe the objectives that you will able to achieve, rather than an impracticable wish. Those objectives must have positive long-run impacts on the development of Pakistan.

The key is that you must first receive a competitive score in GRE (General) Test to ensure being shortlisted for the interview. After Fulbright shortlist you for interview, you have to convince the interview panel that after you return to Pakistan, you will play a leading role in your intended field.

Note: Fulbright gives special preference to applicants from agriculture, water, energy, education, and health. Moreover, some people like women, minorities, disabled persons, and persons who faced difficulties receive more preference than others. So if you feel there are only few people who are from your class or background, you should feel much confident to apply for this scholarship for having preference over others.

Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


How much GRE score do I need to get shortlisted for the interview?

GRE (General) Test competitive score is different for different field of study and different education level. For instance, in MBA, Masters in Management or Economics etc, the competitive score is much high as compared to other fields of study. On other hand, in fields like Museums or Library where competition is very low, the competitive score is lower than other fields of study. Also it is important to note that the GRE score range is from 260 to 340, where 260 score is considered as 0% and 340 considered as 100%…

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How do I prepare effectively to get a competitive GRE score?

There are some institutes in Pakistan where you can prepare for GRE. But this exam is much expensive and its score is validated for 5 years. Therefore you should never compromise on less quality materials provided by many institutes in this country. To help you conquer this issue, I’ve made a comprehensive practice oriented course with GRE 60-Days Study Plan that includes different scenario based written lectures, various difficulty level practice stuff and timed quizzes. This course has designed for those who really need more than competitive score. I’ll soon begin an on campus classes as well, after finalizing my personal works. Those on-campus classes will include only limited seats as I like to have session for skill development oriented classes. The limited class strength would allow me to give full focus to each individual. You’ll see the schedule and timings as soon as it will start. But you may start preparation online now, which is much economical in fee. First two days study course will be for FREE trial…

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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


Would I require to apply for US universities separately?

If you want to apply for Fulbright Scholarship, you do NOT need a separate application to apply directly for university in US. After you successfully get the scholarship, Fulbright expert official consultants will see your application and apply to that university where your profile and your objectives best fit. So it is important to completely review the information of your desired universities. In Application Form of Fulbright Scholarship, you would be given an option to provide your desired 3 universities that you think your profile best fit with their requirement. The Fulbright decision panel will see your preference first, and then would decide if it fit with your profile or not. If not, they will not apply to your desired universities, rather they would apply where they think better for accomplishment of your objectives.


Why NOT everybody should apply for this scholarship?

This scholarship is the best scholarship if you have intention to return in Pakistan and have some plan to develop a business, consultancy firm or do some job in more challenging environment for your personal interest as well as Pakistan interest. But if you want to do some jobs in US or somewhere else immediately after graduation, this scholarship is not for you. You’ll get no short-cut after your graduation, and hence immediately have to come back in Pakistan. Moreover, you’ll not able to enter US within 2 years after completion of Masters degree program and within 5 years after completion of PhD degree program from US under the agreement of Fulbright Scholarship.

Moreover, the chances to get admitted in your desired university is very low. Even if you feel quite sure to get admitted to a specific university, Fulbright team is not bound to apply your application to your desired university. The team will see their own expert knowledge and will apply to that university where they think best suits for you. So if you only want to apply to a specific university, you should rather apply separately.


How much whould it cost me to apply for Fulbright Scholarship?

There is no as such cost associated with application process of Fulbright Scholarship, other than the fees required by your university to attest copy of your degree and transcript, GRE (General) Test registration fee, and GRE preparation fee etc. So Fulbright will NOT take any fee for application processing etc. It’s free of cost. 🙂

Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


How much the scholarship would cover?

The scholarship would cover tuition fee, cost of air ticket and visa, text books, living stipend, a computer and other allowances. Many students whom I know, came back with some handsome amount that they saved from stipend and allowances, without doing any part-time work in US. That’s why I’ve said, this is considered as best scholarship in the world.


How important is the Personal Statement & Statement of Purpose/Study Objective?

Both Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose considered as the most important element in Fulbright application. Occasionally it has been observed that some people got this scholarship entirely based on these statements. Moreover, the importance of these statements can also be signified by the admission procedure. As the Fulbright team carefully see each and every aspect of your application, therefore your these two statements would help them to select university that would help you achieve your desired objective in true sense…

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How important is Letter of Recommendations (LORs)?

Fulbright team has started giving huge weightage on Letter of Recommendations since past two years. Many people just ignore the importance of this document while working on their Fulbright application. These three letters help the decision panel to evaluate you more deeply regarding your strengths and weaknesses. The position and status of the referees, who provide your reference are also closely examined…

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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019


What is the selection procedure for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan?

After submission of your complete application, the Fulbright team start reviewing your application that consists of four stages. At first stage, Fulbright team review your application to see completeness of minimum documents requirements as specified in online application checklist. Also Also Fulbright team will check your qualification whether it meets to the minimum requirement that they required. At second stage, they will most likely shortlist you based on the criteria set by Fulbright decision panel that majorly varies according to conditions. At third stage, they might call you for one-on-one interview with a panel of 4 to 5 people that include both Pakistani and US personnel. Fulbright conduct interview usually between month of July to September. At fourth stage, finally, Fulbright inform those applicants who deserve for the scholarship via email and they receive official acceptance letter usually in month of October.


How many scholarships are available in total?

In Fulbright 2016, total of 181 people who applied for Masters and PhD degree programs received scholarship. But in 2017, total 150 people in both Masters and PhD programs received Fulbright scholarship. In 2018, around 140 people received the scholarship. In 2019, approximately 125 people will receive Fulbright Scholarship…

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Would I require TOEFL exam?

TOEFL exam is only required after Fulbright team shortlist you for interview. So when you apply for this scholarship, you may apply without TOEFL exam or its registration. After the team shortlist you for interview, the team will inform you to attempt TOEFL exam within specified time.


Would I also require GRE (Subject) Test?

GRE (Subject) Test is not required while applying for Fulbright scholarship. But when you will receive the scholarship acceptance email and letter, Fulbright will advise you to take GRE (Subject) Test if your field of study is Computer Science or Engineering.


Is GMAT acceptable for MBA in Fulbright Scholarship?

GMAT is acceptable for MBA program, yet GRE (General) Test is required. In other words, GMAT will not acceptable in replacement of GRE (General) Test. But if you have craze to impress the Fulbright decision panel, you may also send your GMAT score report if you have already attempted this exam. But as I said, you will still require GRE (General) Test, because it’s mandatory for complete application. When you will be selected, then Fulbright may ask you to attempt for GMAT. It only depends on the university, where Fulbright apply for you, whether it require only GMAT instead of GRE (General) Test.


Will Fulbright assist me in VISA process after granting scholarship?

Yes. USEFP will assist you for visa processes. Visa rejection has never happen in history of Fulbrighters. USEFP always assist their selected Fulbrighters in all procedure related to their journey to US. Not only that, even whatever cost you will bear regarding visa process, USEFP will bear all costs to you. The cost even include traveling to Islamabad for visa interview and many other costs etc of whatever nature related to your journey to US.


All in all, you need to start preparation for GRE (General) Test which will take minimum 60 days. Now you have opportunity to prepare effectively at your home through GRE Preparation Online Course. We’ll explain you on WhatsApp on any topic, question or stage if you need help during this course.

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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2019