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Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2020 Announced

Fulbright Scholarship 2020

Just recently, Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2020 has announced. United States Education Foundation in Pakistan announces this scholarship for Pakistani graduates and post graduates every year. This scholarship is rewarded for both Masters and Phd level education. Pakistan is the only country in the world that receives maximum number of Fulbright Scholarships. And this is the only scholarship which covers almost everything in costs and assistance to study in US. The purpose of this scholarship is to develop Pakistan in many important sectors where this country has potential to develop. This can be done through transformation of knowledge and techniques from US with the help of potential applicants. Those applicants demonstrate their keenness to effectively use that knowledge and resources to generate good results for their planned objectives. Those objectives should have positive impact on not only that individual but also on the society as a whole.


Shortlisting & criteria for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2020:

The decision panel of Fulbright team only shortlist candidates who can demonstrate their potential to contribute in development of Pakistan. The success of your selection for this scholarship is majorly depends on your performance in GRE (General) Test, Personal Statement, Study Objective (i.e Statement of Purpose), and Letters of Recommendation. Moreover, many other things includes relevant work-experience, publications, GPA and applicant C.V. etc. GRE (General) Test plays most significant role in getting shortlisted for interview. And it is important to note that the decision panel review your each and every component of your application very carefully and precisely. So application process is very important in applying for this scholarship.


Professionalism matters a lot:

It’s not a local school, collage or university where you are applying. It’s a team of well professionals and experienced personnel who just hate the word ignorance and non-professionalism. Because for them, ignoring your little mistakes means wasting $80,000 per student on average that might have spent to other candidate who could be much deserving for this scholarship. So I strongly advise to submit your complete application in a professional manner after very careful and thorough proof-read. Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan 2020 has announced. So, please start working on your complete application from day one so you have ample time to complete and submit application carefully.

Important Note: Fulbright Scholarship application deadline is: 15th May, 2019.


Important Frequently Asked Questions:

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Queries regarding exam and other requirements:

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