In order to get enrollment in Law Practices in Pakistan, One has to pass the GAT LAW to eligible to apply for Bar Council of Pakistan. The test is conducted by National Testing Services of Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for GAT LAW:

Basic Criteria:
A person would be eligible to apply for the LAW GAT test if he/she has passed LL.B, with minimum of Seventeen (17) years of education, from a university recognized by Pakistan Bar Council.

Advanced Criteria:
– Only graduates of LAW can apply.
– Should submit LL.B original Degree in addition to copies of detailed transcripts of First, Second and Third year. If LL.B degree hasn’t issued yet, then applicant can submit detailed transcript of final year.
– Applicant has only Three (3) chances to pass the GAT LAW test conducted Three(3) times in a year.
– Applicants who are waiting for their results cannot apply.
– The minimum passing marks is 50% of the total marks.
– Applicant must meet the other criteria set by Pakistan Bar Council.

Contents of GAT LAW:
Given bellow is the contents and distribution of core areas of LAW-GAT.

Sr. No. Core Area Percentage Section
01. Constitution 20%
02. Jurisprudence 20%
03. Civil Law 20%
04. Criminal Law 20%
05. Law of Evidence 10%
06. English Legal Language 10%
Total 100%

More Specifically

Core Areas Percentage
Constitution 20%
Constitution History
Jurisprudence 20%
Islamic Equity
Civil Law 20%
Contract Limitation
Criminal Law 20%
Law of Evidence 10%
1984 Order
English Legal Language 10%