GAT Vocabulary List-02

NTS GAT Vocabulary List

GAT Vocabulary List-02

GAT Vocabulary List-02

List of Frequently Used Words:

Sr. Word Usage in Sentence Meaning
31. arduous Without someone to help you, without a proper concepts, GAT is too arduous to study for.

Trick to Remember: arduous = read it as “hard to do for us”

(ADJ.) requiring lots of hard work; especially physical effort
32. Ameliorate Zaid’s pain of scoring less on the test was ameliorated when he found out that he still qualified for the admission in Master’s study.

Trick to Remember: Ameli sounds like Imli; Imli improves the taste of food.

(VERB) to make better, to improve
33. entail Scoring above 90th percentile on the test entails studying 5 hours every day for more than one months and learning thousands of new words.

Trick to Remember: Tail is a necessary part of the animal, so necessary.

(VERB) necessitate or require (something as essential)
34. Intransigent The intransigence of both the political parties made it impossible to arrive at a decision.

Trick to Remember: Intransigent = in mean not + transact –> won’t do the transaction i.e. stubborn.

(ADJ.) stubborn, unwilling to change one’s views
35. ingenuous Although he looked like a villain, the movie actor still insisted that he can best cast as an ingenuous sweet young hero.

Trick to Remember: Ingenuous sounds like genuine; genuine people are always straightforward and harmless.

(ADJ.) innocent and straightforward, artless
36. plod After watching the boring 3 hour long film at the cinema, Sarah plodded her way back to the car.

Trick to Remember: Plod sounds like IPOD; those who wear ipod walk slowly and heavily.

(NOUN) the act of walking with a slow heavy style (as in when you are bored or tired)
37. sporadically In the last few decades, Karachi has been subjected to sporadic terrorist bombings and political activism that has caused many people to flee the city.

Trick to Remember: Sporadic sounds like periodic – something that is periodic happens time and again.

(ADJ.) repeating again and again but irregularly and without any predictable pattern
38. scrupulous While preparing for the GRE, Javeria scrupulously wrote all the difficult words on a piece of paper and made their flash cards.
Trick to Remember: Scrupulous sounds like sculpture; while building sculpture the worker has to be very careful and make a great effort to make it look perfect.
(ADJ.) extremely principled, taking great care and effort in doing something
39. cerebral Reading books improves your cerebral activities; hence by reading on a daily basis you are likely to improve your GRE score.

Trick to Remember: It sounds like celebrate; if you get high score in GAT and get scholarship on basis of this score, your family celebrate it. It’s because of your smart brain.

(ADJ.) involving intelligence rather than emotions, something related to brain
40. malfeasance The excise and taxation department in Pakistan discovered the high ranking officials malfeasance only after he had fled the country.

Trick to Remember: Sounds like MAL (bad) + FEES. Bad fee so it is something of a bribe. So malfeasance means officials taking bribe or doing a misconduct.

(NOUN) wrongdoing or an incorrect act by a public official
41. precariously The gusty weather made aeroplane flight precarious; but we reached at Lahore safely.
Trick to Remember: Precarious = pre + car + ious. Pre means before something (like before preparation) So driving a car before preparation is precarious; hich means dangerous.
(ADJ.) dangerous
42. illuminate The methodology in this 30 Days GAT Preparation Plan is so easy and helpful that it illuminate the concepts and ways to solve any question of similar pattern.

Trick to Remember: Derived from the word luminous (means bright), like luminous stars. Please don’t mix it with eliminate(which means ‘to remove completely’).

(VERB) to make brighter, make clear or easier to understand.
43. superficiality Since your report gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, I cannot give you more than a passing grade.

Trick to Remember: Superficial = super (highly) + fictional (imaginative, as fictional movies and stories). So if someone looks very intelligent or smart, but actually he’s not; this means that he is superficial.

(NOUN) lack of depth of knowledge,thought or feeling
44. notoriety The notoriety of Pakistan as a corrupt state is due to its lack of genuine system of accountability.

Trick to Remember: When a person is known as notorious (close to ‘no tolerating’), he is eventually intolerable by others i.e. disrepute by others.

(NOUN) ill-fame, famous but in a negative fashion
45. Orthodox In modern warfare, the orthodox approach to defeat the enemy is no longer useful; now the nuclear weapons are so destructive that it many countries have started to fight proxy wars.

Trick to Remember: Orthodox= Or(Ordinary) + thodox(methodology). So orthodox must be something traditional.

(ADJ.) traditional
46. tedious Learning vocabulary is a tedious exercise – therefore instead of learning these word-list with trick to remember you should start reading from good websites such as Economist or Newyork times.

Trick to Remember: Sounds like proud girl; proud girl’s are always wasting their dad’s money.

(ADJ.) lacking in interest; weariness
47. omniscience After reading this 30 Days GAT Preparation plan, Fatima became omniscient on all basic concepts of the exam.

Trick to Remember: We have a way to send money through UBL omni, its a new science & knowledge. So omniscience is something all-knowing power. Omni means universal. Like Omnivorous are those who eat meat as well as herbs. So its all-rounders.

(NOUN) all-knowing
48. eminence In Pakistan, practically, Army Chief is in an eminence position that he is the only person who may take others authority, even the whole government. Because if he see mutiny by the Prime Minster or government, he is bound to take action against him, whether constitutional or not consitutional.
Trick to Remember: It derived from ’eminent’, which means obvious, superior or highlighted.
(ADJ.) an important or distinguished person
49. eloquence In order to get a good score on the TOEFL and IELTS speaking section, one should speak with such eloquence that would convince the listener to give you the highest score.

Trick to Remember: Eloquence= e (efficient) + loquence (language). So efficient language.

(NOUN) expressiveness; persuasive speech
50. polemical When Sarah arrived home in the middle of the night, her parents launched a polemical on her for arriving so late..

Trick to Remember: Polemical = polio; Polio project is under dispute or controversial by terrorist organization (TTP). Because they are in doubt whether it has something that changed the people to western style of living. So Polemical must means controversial or disputable.

(ADJ.) aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious
51. dramatic There was a dramatic increase in prices of some vegetables in Pakistan, and people describe this as govt. failure to administer.

Trick to Remember: drama is full of emotions. So dramatic means emotional.

(ADJ.) emotional; sudden and extreme
52. underscore For Ali, who was the topper of his undergrad, failure to do well on the GAT underscores the difficulty of the exam.

Trick to Remember: When you underline a word or a sentence, it shows its significance. For instance, while writing an application, the subject line is underlined or underscores i.e. it is very important.

(VERB) to emphasize
53. Precariously Taking the exam without prior sleep and a sumptuous meal can have precarious outcomes.

Trick to Remember: precarious = pre + car + ious. Pre means before something (like before preparation) So driving a car before preparation is precarious. Which means dangerous.

(ADJ.) dangerous.
54. tumultuous During the lecture of probability in the Math class, the whole class became tumultuous because no student was able to comprehend the difficult concepts of this topic.

Trick to Remember: It is derived from ‘tum ult ho’ in Pakistan. Which means you lack discipline. So tumultuous must mean unrestrained and disorderly.

(ADJ.) noisy & disorder
55. frantic At the time of the separation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) from West Pakistan (Pakistan), many people became frantic with fear with the words what would happen next?

Trick to Remember: Frantic contains F+Ran+Tic (tic tic time); so if you are getting late for office you will run frantically to reach on time.

(ADJ.) full of fear, anxiety and violent emotions; wild; distraught as from fear or worry
56. disparaged In the issue essay on the GRE exam, disparaging the other side of the argument does not give any credit; its actually waste of precious time & words.

Trick to Remember: disparage= display + rage. When you display rage to others you humiliate or belittle them.

(VERB) express a negative opinion, belittle others.
57. trifling In order to get excellent scores on the GAT, one should practice trivial questions as well, because in GAT nothing is trifling.

Trick to Remember: Tariff is tax imposed by govt. on export, which is almost always very low, to facilitate export. So trifling is something very low in important or not worth considering.
Also a restaurant offering a spicy (sounds like auspicious) food is almost profitable in long-run.

(ADJ.) trivial; unimportant
58. flaccid In GAT, focus more on your flaccid area than strong one, this will help you attain maximum score.

Trick to Remember: It comes from flaw, also the word flabby which means the same thing weakness or flaws.

(ADJ.) lacking firmness; weak
59. supine After the 8 hours long CSS exam, Pakistani test takers lay supine on their bed.

Trick to Remember: When sup(snack) is in the your tent, you always behave like inactive or calm. you offer no resistance, in such a way that the snack will go from here as early as possible. If you tease the sup it will remain there for more time. So supine must means offering no resistance, or do nothing. So inactive is meaning of it.
Also its meaning looks to be something rigid.

(NOUN) inactive
60. courteous Asim’s teachers in university are helpful and courteous; as he requested for recommendation letters, they wrote it for him immediately.

Trick to Remember: It usually prescribed in courts, so which is good manner. A lawyer & judge should be in good manner, which they are specially, in deciding the ordinary cases.

(ADJ.) innocent and straightforward, artless

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