GMAT Preparation Online Course

GMAT Preparation Online Course

First of all, greeting everyone, and welcome to GMAT Preparation Online course, which is designed for those who need above 90th percentile rank in GMAT to secure admission in top ranked business school. This online course includes comprehensive lessons that include topic-wise concepts and lecture notes in addition to practice exercises and quizzes. These notes are designed by experienced and qualified instructor who has tremendous teaching and skill development background. He knows different types of students and scope of their thinking and reasoning skill. Those who can study 5-6 hours daily can complete this GMAT Preparation course in 2 months, while others who give less time can complete in approx 3 to 4 months. The access to the online course will remain for 4 months. The course is designed in such a way that it will enhance the accuracy and speed of your brain processing. Starting from easiest level, your reasoning and critical thinking skill will improve gradually. The focus of this course is not only to teach, but also improve your scope of thinking and logical reasoning.

GMAT Preparation Online



What’s included in GRE Preparation Course?

GRE Preparation Online course, which covers 60 days study plan, includes three stages of preparation namely:

  1. Beginners Refresher
  2. Preparation Plan
  3. Practice Session

Study plan for beginners covers first three days of the 60 days study plan. Access to the first day is for FREE, so you understand how you can prepare via this online course. After completion of the first day, you can contact us to buy complete access to the course. Once you get the access, you can start to complete beginners study plan. After that, GRE Preparation plan will start from day 4, which includes lessons and strategies with different scenarios. You will be encouraged to brainstorming on those scenarios that will help in boosting your thinking and reasoning process. This preparation plan covers 30 days of the 60 days study plan for GRE. Once you complete that, you will get plenty of question banks in practice session, in addition to 5 full practice tests. So, you will become GRE Guru after completion of this comprehensive GRE Preparation online course.
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GMAT Course Features:

Following are important features of this course:

  • It includes comprehensive lessons containing concepts & strategies covering every possible question scenarios that may come on exam.
  • After each lesson, it provides quality practice questions in form of assignments and timed quizzes from easy to hard difficulty level.
  • Practice assignments will enhance your accuracy, while timed quizzes will enhance your speed to attempt questions.
  • The course offers FREE access to first day lessons and stuff, which is on GMAT basics and helps you understand how you will study here.
  • GMAT course fee is very economical so that people from any background can prepare conveniently and get rid of huge fees of institutes.
  • Gold Members will able to ask questions via WhatsApp, if they need to discuss obscure concept or any question.
  • You do not need to buy any book, as this course already provides plenty of quality question bank in practice session with answers explanation, in addition to practice tests and some good books at end of the preparation.


The best part is that you may discuss problems via WhatsApp during GMAT Preparation Online course. This feature is only available to Gold members. If you don’t know what is GMAT, click on About GMAT.

Important Note: You do not need to buy any book for practice purpose of GMAT exam. This course is very comprehensive and includes our own practice questions that are more than enough, so you will not require to buy any other practice resource.


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In order to know the fee structure and buy the complete course, click on ‘GMAT Course Fee’ button below:


How to get started?

There are three stages of preparation as stated earlier: Beginners Guide (3 days), Preparation Plan (30 days) and Practice Session (27 days). The complete course consists of 60 days study plan. In order to start preparation with free access to first day, click on “60-days study plan for GMAT” button below:


Important Note: For further information, you may contact me on email ( or you may discuss problems via Whatsapp (+923214711387).