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GMAT Preparation Online

Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT, stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is required for admissions in MBA and Masters/PhD in Finance or Management in many universities in the world. GMAT does not test your knowledge. It tests your skill that how deeply and quickly can you analyze a situation and make accurate decision from the available alternatives. Present managers and entrepreneurs are required to be quick enough to make Right Decision at the Right Time. Both things are very critical for managers. 1) Right Decision and 2) Right Time. Similarly, in GMAT, well preparation will enable you to acquire these two challenging but essential requisites.


How much time should I spend to GMAT Preparation?

GMAT is a costly exam, and known as the toughest exam in the world. So without a good preparation and hands-on practice, your investment to this exam would return nothing. On average, its complete preparation and practices require 60 to 75 days. After that you will be ready to attempt GMAT and will have hope to get more than 700 score. Usually more than 650 score is considered as a very good score. It ensures your admission in some universities among top 100 universities in the world. But a score of above 700 will enhance your chance to get scholarships from average ranked universities. ‘Whether above 720 score ensures admission in top 30 universities in the world?‘ is a debatable question. Many business schools confirmed that GMAT score has huge weightage in getting scholarships.


How this website would help in GMAT Preparation?

In order to help you, I’ve prepared a comprehensive GMAT 60-Days Study Plan, which includes 30-Days preparation plan and next 30-Days practice session. My five years teaching experience of such exams has shown that why majority of students could not give importance to the word focus. So to conquer this issue, I’ve made a ready-made study plan. This will help students to focus automatically on each concepts and its application in practice. This GMAT Preparation Online is the only best resource available that will enable you get rid of outdated concepts and time consuming materials.

Just as the habit of breathing is the thing which human do not learn but adopt from nature, the habit of giving focus is a thing that human do not learn but adopt from the environment. Note that lectures are in written form so that slower network connection would not make hurdle in your GMAT exam preparation. These written lectures in first 30-Days preparation plan are compiled in such a way that you would learn how to make Right Decision, which is the first essential requisite of successful manager/entrepreneur, as discussed earlier. After this preparation plan, you would be ready to start 30-Days practice session, which is complied in such a way that you would learn how to make the right decision at the Right Time, which is the second essential requisite of successful manager.


About Methodology of Preparation:

Before going to written lectures and practices through this GMAT Preparation Online, I want to let you know about methodology of online preparation, its pros and cons. Many people have asked me that how they would prepare through this online preparation website? Well, if you are interested in this online preparation you must register first by creating your free account through clicking on Register. After that, you’ll get FREE access to first two days study materials. This free access is given so that you would understand how you will prepare for GMAT here. After completing first two days, you need to submit fee for getting complete access of GMAT Preparation that is covered in this 2 months study plan with practice questions of different difficulty levels. The access will be given for 4 months.

In order to know the Fee Structure and Payment Methods, click on Payment Methods. When you click on the lectures of Day Three and onward, a page will open saying that this material is only available to paid users. And you’ll see a link towards a payment methods page there as well. Also you may find the Payment Methods from the Menu of this website on top of every page. Just click there then you’ll see how you can submit fees. After you submit fee, you’ll get 4 months access to your registered account.



There are many advantages of this online preparation. Firstly, you can prepare effectively with your own pace and comfort zone. As many people are different in absorbing or understanding things. On basis of my teaching experience of such exams, I’ve observed that only few people are very quick, majority are average, and some people are slow in understanding concepts and techniques. Secondly, while your preparation you may ask any question if you not able understand any topic or any question, I’ll available to you on WhatsApp (add me: +92 321 4711387). I’ll explain you in audio or video forms if necessary. Every explanation would be in English language. In case you are not available in WhatsApp, you’ll receive audio or video explanation to your email.

Thirdly, this online preparation is very economical as compared to preparation institutes, where you would need to spend too much. Moreover, you can eliminate your traveling cost and time to and from preparation institute. It’ll give you great opportunity to prepare well at home, as if you get help from a professional instructor at your own home. Perhaps the best advantage is, you’ll get a ready-made schedule and that include very good methodology of different scenario based lectures, from easy to hardest difficulty levels. Through this, you will be able to answer any question from any topic with perfect precision and confidence.



While this website is an opportunity for many people, it’s not beneficial for few of you who have no internet facility. Because you’ll not receive material through email etc, you have to login to your account whenever you want to study. So without 24/7 internet service, you cannot study here at all. I don’t have material in a form that I could send you through email etc. Moreover, it’ll provide an individual based study environment. So you’ll not see a class environment where competition can be your best friend. So you need to be self driven and self-motivated. Otherwise, if you want me to teach you with class, which will charge you more in fee, you have to come at my institute that I’ll start soon after finalizing my personal works and my textile business development.


Many people asked me the trick for successful GMAT. My bellow quote is helpful for those who have committed to improve the above two essential requisites:

Decisions are not for waiting and thinking for long, rather they are for making with confidence and proceeding for the next challenge.

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