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SAT Math

SAT Math

Redesigned SAT Math

New SAT Math section contributes 50% weightage to SAT score. This section consists of two parts: no-calculator and calculator. Both parts contain different number of questions and timings. Also, both of the parts require different strategies to answer quickly but accurately. In this page, you will learn little about those strategies helpful in SAT Math section. Complete SAT Preparation Online course includes complete training course that will also help in other aspects so you can answer quickly but precisely in a given amount of time.


SAT Math – No Calculator

In this part of SAT Math, you will have ample time to answer 20 questions only if you are quick in arithmetic. For instance, if you multiply 8 with 256, it will take much time unless you plan to resolve this issue. Remember that each second counts in your SAT test. Also keep in mind that your brain is your best friend while doing math. Put less work on your hands, but more on your brain. The human brain is of such nature that you can put infinite work to it and it can think even faster than speed of light. Sensing a pain is so much complex process that your brain takes fraction of a second to give you signals to know about the pain spontaneously. Therefore, SAT Preparation Online course focuses more on training how to thinking logically. And practice of this habit enables to solve a math problem within few seconds.

Thus, your brain can answer calculation of 256 times 8 or 256 divided by 8 as quickly as you want but you need to train it well. As you know each question in SAT Math involves plenty of such operations. So this suggests that you can save 15 to 20 seconds from each question after such online course with training. In short, you can save total 5 to 6 minutes in this part of SAT Math.


SAT Math – Calculator

The second part of SAT math allow you to use calculator, but this part contains little bit harder questions. Although calculator makes this part seems easier, but in fact this part is not. Few questions are even hard to understand. Above all, the time is very strict according to the number of questions and difficulty level. Moreover, the part of this SAT Math section comes at the end of the test. So at this stage, you will feel not as much energetic as in previous sections of SAT test. It is very important to know this because many people fed up at last section and want to end the test to get relieve. So you must think as if it’s your first section of your test. That sort of thinking while practicing couple of tests in SAT Preparation Online will train you to combat the issue of getting deprive.

So smart work is better than hard work. College Board not want to check who is best in SAT Math? rather it seeks students who can think smartly and who can use shortest way to get the complex problem solve quickly. So here the scope of your thinking maters a lot. So to develop this sort of quick thinking, we develop SAT Preparation Online course that enhances thinking in step by step process.


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