NTS GAT General Test Schedule 2023

This page shows GAT Test Schedule 2023 that will help you for GAT test registration and early preparation. GAT General Test is now conducted 6 times every year in Pakistan. Before each test date, the schedule of the upcoming test is advertised at least 20 days before the test in local newspapers. Please do keep in mind that although NTS publicizes the GAT test date, 20 days prior to this test, it is on sole discretion of NTS to change the GAT schedule at a later stage. Although rarely, it can happen in certain circumstances.

You must start your GAT General preparation at least 20 days prior to your GAT test date. Moreover, more than 35 List of Universities requires NTS GAT General for Admissions in MS/Mphil programs. So, it is imperative to find out the admission requirements of the university where you want to get admission. Search the program which you want to enroll in, and make sure whether the university offers that program in your desired field of study.

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NTS GAT General Test Schedule 2023:

Refer to the following table regarding GAT General Test Schedule 2023:

Test Date Advertisement Date Last date to submit registration form Roll number slip date GAT result announcement date
Sunday 15th Jan 2023 Tuesday 20th Dec 2022 Monday 2nd Jan 2023 Monday 9th Jan 2023 Monday 23th Jan 2023
Sunday 12th March 2023 Monday 13th Feb 2023 Monday 27th Feb 2023 Monday 6th Mar 2023 Monday 20th Mar 2023
Sunday 14th May 2023 Monday 10th Apr 2023 Tuesday 2nd May 2023 Monday 8th May 2023 Monday 22th May 2023
Sunday 16th July 2023 Monday 12th June 2023 Monday 26th June 2023 Monday 10th July 2023 Monday 24th Jul 2023
Sunday 10th Sep 2023 Tuesday 15th Aug 2023 Monday 28th Aug 2023 Monday 4th Sep 2023 Monday 18th Sep 2023
Sunday 5th Nov 2023 Monday 9th Oct 2023 Monday 23rd Oct 2023 Monday 30th Oct 2023 Monday 13th Nov 2023

Important Note: GAT Test Schedule 2023 shows latest GAT test dates that you can remember and register for the test before last date of GAT application.

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How to prepare for GAT (General) in 20 days?

You can prepare for GAT (General) in just 20 days by either of the two ways: buy access to GAT Preparation Online Course which consists of 20-days Study Plan, or place online order to buy the book with free home delivery charges throughout Pakistan.

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Make sure you give at least 2 months to prepare for the GAT general test. GAT is a difficult exam and you must strive hard to do well in it.