GAT General

GAT General

GAT General

Firstly, GAT General is the most famous and most demanding test in Pakistan, for higher education or employment scenario. It consists of three sections; Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Sections.

Secondly, now it has become a standardized test for getting admission in Masters/M.Phil programs for some list of universities require GAT in Pakistan. Based on test score some Universities give partial scholarships to the student after admission. Not only this, many Govt. as well as private firms have made this test as prerequisite to apply for a vacant position to select the best suitable candidate for the prescribed job.


Which Universities require GAT score for admission?

The universities that require GAT score are keeps on changing with passage of time. few weeks ago, there were 29 universities were there that require GAT score. But now the list has increased in number. In order to see the complete list of universities at present that require GAT score, click on list of universities require GAT.


What is the next date available to take GAT General?

Every year, GAT test dates and schedule is announced. Around 4 times a year GAT General is scheduled. In order to see the most latest date available for GAT, click on GAT Test Dates Schedule 2017


In order to know what is GAT General, what does it measures, and further about the test, click on About GAT


Finally, if you are interested in online preparation for GAT General with 30-days study plan and practice, click on GAT 30-Days Study Plan