GAT 30 Days Study Plan

GAT 30 Days Study Plan

GAT 30 Days Study Plan

Welcome to GAT 30 Days Study Plan, which is an online preparation portal with ready-made schedule and study material. First, let’s discuss about the methodology of this online preparation. Many people have asked me that how they can avail this opportunity of online preparation? and how they will prepare through online?

The answer to the former question is that you’ll first need to register yourself by creating an account by clicking on Register. After that you can start studying GAT Study Plan for Beginners. Remember this beginners level don’t has actual level questions, rather it’s just covering basics. If you feel comfortable and got more than 90% questions correct at end of this plan, you may proceed further to buy GAT level study stuff. You may submit fee by any of the methods mentioned in Payment Methods. After submitting fee, you’ll get complete access automatically within 1 to 4 hours after you submit fee. You’ll be informed through SMS about access for complete online preparation.


What preparation methodology is used?

Every material would be available in written form; no video available because it would mostly stuck for slow internet connections, that makes annoyance. In advance level study plan you’ll see written lectures of GAT Quantitative, GAT Analytical and GAT Verbal. You’ll see written lectures that will guide you in all possible scenarios about specific topic. Each written lecture has some practice exercise at end of that written lecture, so that you get good grip on that topic. After every five lectures, you’ll have mixed topics practice exercises, so all covered topics become in your fingertip. 50% of the material is from past papers that I collocated through my students who appear in GAT every time. Moreover, in Expert level study plan, you’ll have 5 full length timed practice Tests. And after you’ll complete these tests, you would further see analytical practice resource, because many people have huge problem on this section. Finally, you may ask any question on my WhatsApp (+923214711387). I’ll explain you through audio or video recording which ever is required, until you understand the point clearly. There’s how you’ll prepare through online.


Why I should prefer online preparation over on-campus preparation?

There are many reasons that you must opt for online preparation. First, you’ll study at your own pace and comfort zone. On other hand, in huge class you feel shy to ask anything because you don’t want to feel embarrassment and hear laughing remarks from others about you. Through online preparation, you may ask any question whether it’s of minor detail or big question. Moreover, preparing from outdated books may never help you to get high score. Also you cannot ask anybody for help if you cannot understand any concept or question while preparing though books. But in this online preparation, I’ll be available to you where you stuck or not able to solve any question. I’ll clear that topic through explaining through WhatsApp, or Email in case you don’t use WhatsApp.

Second, this online preparation is very economical to your pocket. PKR 2500 fee is very economical than charged by institutions. Additionally, you can save traveling cost and time through this online preparation. Majority of people who want to prepare for GAT belongs to middle class family, who cannot afford huge fees of institutes that charge PKR 15000 on average for GAT preparation. The complete course including 5 full practice tests is charging PKR 2500.

Finally, this preparation has a ready-made schedule that you may follow comfortable. I’ve made this schedule for those who are doing job. So you’ll easily manage your timing for this preparation on daily basis. Additionally this schedule has 50% material from past papers that sometimes repeat. So you’ll get opportunity to practice up-to-date materials here. Some of questions repeatedly came in exams as said by past students who used this platform for their GAT or Local GRE (Commonwealth General Scholarship) preparation.


Little-bit About Me

Few people perhaps know me very well, as I’ve taught such exams like GAT, GMAT and GRE at Brightlink Prep for more than three years. In order to know about me in detail, you may click on About Me

Top scorer student of Commonwealth Scholarship Test 2016 has made outstanding record after this online praparation, For his information click on Top Scorer Students.


After completing Stage 1, you can now start this GAT 30 Days Study Plan preparation. In Stage 1, you became aware about the content and division. So, at this stage, you are ready to start preparation.


Preparation Categories:

Based on the different abilities and knowledge of people, I have categorized the preparation into three levels:

1). Easy Level (FOR BEGINNERS) {7-Days} FREE

2). Medium Level (FOR ADVANCE) {15-Days}

3). Hard Level (FOR EXPERT) {8-Days}


Important Note: The access to first level, which is for beginners is FREE. While the access to remaining two levels, which are much advance and comprehensive, require a fee of (PKR 2500/-).


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Shazia Feroz

I am ready to avail this opportuniy.

Noman Khalid

if i pay then how i can access full study material? would you email me ?

Pardeep Kumar

Sir how can i do this?

Mustafa Ali

how can i buy

yasir israr

what will be timings for the proposed plan? i am busy from 8am to 6:30pm. can you facilitate job holders

Rizwan Ahmad

my test is on sunday…………………too bad i just saw this website today………just have a query that why do we have such tough vocabulary questions i bet even britishers have no clue about those words

Ijaz Ahmad

Sir, I want to go through your online preparation for GAT General test.